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Josselyn B.
Hi! I will be looking for two horses this summer 😉. I would be looking for a very family friendly bombproof horse and then more of a project horse for my second . I have a 5 year old that has been taking lessons and absolutely loves it. How do you think Spirit would be with young kids? I also have a 3.5 year old that will eventually want to ride too!
Hello Josselyn, thank you for thinking of adoption and your question about Spirit.  

Spirit is not a horse that we'd consider a kid's horse.  She has a lot of energy and can test her people a bit now and again - not a deadhead of a horse at all.  We do get plenty of kid-safe horses in though, so don't let that dampen your spirit.  [wink]  😉  
Josselyn B.
Thanks for the reply 😉! Would you mind sending sending me an email when you have any kid safe horses come through?!
Hi Josselyn, I'd love to think that I'd be able to remember to email you, but that may not happen so it would be best if you keep an eye on our website and watch the horses as they come in.  
Do you know if they ever tried giving Spirit Lasix shots and anti-hist before giving her vaccinations?  I had a mustang we adopted 30 yrs ago and she would swell up and couldn't move when we vaccinated her.  She had severe reactions.  A vet found if we gave her Lasix and anti hist several days before and after it helped.  Spirit looks like an amazing horse.  I might need to submit an application.  Our 1st mustang died at the age of 32 and we adopted a 2 yr old mustang 3 yrs ago.  we just lost her a week ago and are devastated.  she was the easiest and most loveable mustang or horse you could ever meet.  After doctoring with a vet for 2 weeks and thinking she was over her sickness she went down and we had to have her put down. Spirit looks like a loveable horse.   
Hello! I called over the weekend to inquire about Spirit... I have a current herd of 3 and we do trail rides often with just my herd. They are out 24/7 on pasture and their huge open shelter. I pressure wash it every other month because my draft cross struggles with dust, just like Spirit. Their hay is always carefully chosen. Since they are at home I don't need to do vaccines, so she would be able to forgo vaccinations. I believe I have the perfect home for her and am looking to adopt her! I already have an approved application. 
Scott: MHWF
Hello Megan, 

We return every call that come in a leaves a message. Did you leave a message? I do not recall hearing one from someone named Megan. Please give us a call after 4 pm and we will be happy to answer your questions and if we do not answer, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Hey there! Yes I left a message, last Saturday. I'll try again today :)
Nice talking to you today Megan!  Talk again very soon.  😉  

Update: 5-10-2020

Spirit went all winter with no breathing issues at all. This spring her issues with breathing popped back up. She is now in the middle of some agressive treatment for those issues and we will not make her available until her treatments are complete and we have had an extra week or two to see how she comes out of it all.

hang in there sweet girl ... hope you feel better soon
Jan N
Congrats to you Spirit! Springtime breathing stuff is no fun, but I am thinking your Tentatively adopted label must mean you are improving and also found someone who can provide you with an appropriate home. Happy! I hope it all works out for you, and if not... well, MHWF is the totally best place to hang out and find "the right fit" for you. Good luck!!

As mentioned above, Spirit did fine all fall and winter and then came into spring and had some major breathing issues.  She also lost weight due to the distress.  

Spirit got a nebulizer treatment on her vet day back on April 25th and she was also started on a long course of dexamethasone in a tapering fashion.  At this point on this date, we are down to 2 ml per day (each reduction is 3 days long), and she will be finished with the whole course on Wednesday, 5/27/2020.  Spirit has been doing fantastic and has not had any backwards motion of her progress.  Megan has been interested in Spirit for the past couple of months and has been watching her for even longer.  It was decided that Megan would come to meet Spirit last weekend to see how they got along and all of that good stuff, since Spirit is doing so well, and then if they were a good match an adoption could happen.  The only thing with this is that we are keeping Spirit here until her course of dex is completely done and she has no issues come up.  So far so good!  This small dose of dex is really nothing that would do much if a horse was having problems, so we are very hopeful that this whole episode is behind us.  Fingers crossed that all goes well and Spirit can head to her new home at the end of the month!  

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That's such great news! I have never seen a nebulizer treatment on a horse, how cool is that?! So glad she's doing well 😍

Not only did Spirit do fantastic through her treatment for her bout with the problem with heaves, but she also had someone watching her for a very long time and patiently waited for Spirit to get through this.  Megan is not only Spirit's hero but our hero as well, being so patient and wanting to be Spirit's person as soon as we knew it was safe to say that she made it through the bout with heaves and weight loss.  Spirit has been feeling great and gained some weight and still needs more and we know Megan is going to do a great job with Spirit. 

There is another really fun part about the day that Megan came to meet Spirit a few weeks back.  Her friend, Sam, came with and absolutely fell in love with Henry and he was just the type of horse she was looking for.  Sam spent a lot of time with Henry and rode him and they did great together.  So while Spirit and Henry are going to separate homes, they got adopted by these two great friends and left on the same trailer together.  

When Megan and Sam came to pick up Spirit and Henry yesterday, they had shirts on that Megan made with Spirit and Henry's names on them, so cute!!  I did get a picture of them together, but you can't see the names very well on the big picture.  

Thank you both Megan and Sam for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to you both!  

Here are a couple of cute official adoption day pictures.  

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Now this is an adoption that is really lovely! Big congratulations to you both ❤️
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