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Ya know I love Breezy and I cannot believe that she has not been adopted.....
she is just gorgeous! i wish i could have her so bad! nothing seems to be working with the parents…board is so expensive in southeast wisconsin:(
Elysa- where are you in southeast wisconsin? I know of a couple places that are decent prices for board depending on where you are.
Jenni O.
I want her, and I'm not a QH person. I actually like the fact that she's young and green, but does so well with everyone riding her. She should be easy to finish for whatever you want to do, and seems like a horse that would be happy to try whatever you wanted to try. And she hasn't had several owners' worth of bad habits instilled in her, since she is young and hasn't been ridden a ton.
Breezy got some more saddle time this weekend.  She always does really great, she is a very green horse but she has a really good foundation on her start.  She always stands perfectly for tacking up and mounting, no dancing, very calm.  She was even actually falling asleep after she got saddled up and we were standing there talking for a few minutes before heading to the round pen.  

Breezy is not a high energy horse at all, extremely laid back and happier just plodding around for the most part.  We do not see Breezy as a horse who would enjoy gaming or anything like that.  Breezy  has a very naturally low headset and sure would rock some Western Pleasure, and trail riding for sure.  She is a sweet, sweet mare and with some quality time put on her and getting the green worn off she is going to make someone a fantastic partner!!  

Thank you, Lindsey, for spending the time and riding Breezy this weekend!  Here are a couple of pics of Breezy and Lindsey from Saturday, 6/14/2014.  

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Lindsey N
Breezy is pretty freaking amazing.  She was such a joy to just hang out with.  She's the kind of horse you want to pull out of the pasture and just walk around your yard with.  She LOVES being with people, she is not even a little bit pushy and is so incredibly sweet.  I think this is a unique trait for a mare, since many of them are little more selective, but she certainly was raised right. 

She does have the natural WP headset, which I don't think is common either.  But she took everything in stride, including Kane and Bria zooming around, and so much going on. 

I think the only thing she really needs to learn yet is understanding leg pressure.  She did so well with everything though!  I worked on flexion and keeping her walking in a straight line, but flexing her next to the inside and out and she did wonderfully.  She doesn't quite understand that when 2 legs squeeze, that means she needs to add energy or move forward, but she seems to be getting the idea (obviously, I was able to make her walk and trot SOMEhow lol).  She did give me the chance to canter, but I did not take it.  You don't have to beg her to go once her mind is moving forward, which I definitley like in a horse. 

If I could afford any horse, I would get this one to be a partner for Lily.  She has the makings of those one-of-a-kind, worth their weight in gold types.  After meeting her, I'm quite shocked she is still there.  The ONLY thing she needs is a few hours and she will steal the show wherever she goes.  She is one chestnut I'd love to have in my pasture  **Dreaming**
Canter was brought up and I see we did not address that previously.  Breezy has been cantered each time we have ridden her now, with the exception of this past Saturday....  She does well with canter as well (needs the urging to get there but does well with it and has good balance with a rider on her already).  Like I said, Breezy is very green, but the training she has had has been very good quality training.  

Here is a picture of Breezy at a canter with Priscilla from a couple weeks ago.  :)  

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Just north of milwaukee

I am thinking that we may need to take a trip to see this girl. She has been in the back of my mind for sometime now!

Laura R.
Hi Karen and Scott,

Please keep me posted, re:Breezy's tentative adoption. My heart is in my throat. Please give Breezy a kiss from me and tell her, Laura loves and misses her, and wants her to have a family to love her like I do.

Thanks very much for all you have done for Breezy, and me. :-)

Laura R.
Brie and Lisa
Breezy aka Freya settled in nicely and even "smiled" for the picture

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Heather H
I see the status went from "tentatively adopted" to "adopted." Congratulations!
Jenni O.
Yay! Congratulations! She's a nose contortionist. Wow. :)
Congratulations to Breezy/Freya and her new family!!
Lisa, thank you so much for posting and for letting us know that things are going well.  I apologize for being so late in getting the adoption day pics up here, getting back into the swing of things....  

As you all know, Breezy got herself a great family and we are so happy for all involved.  Thank you so much for choosing the adoption option, it has been wonderful working with you and we are happy that you finally found a match in Breezy girl (Freya).  

The people in the picture from left to right: Lisa, Kelly, Kevin, Jeanine and Miss Daisy the dog. Thank you again!  

Here are a few cute pics from official adoption day, 7/13/2014.

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Looks like a great match!  Enjoy your new family member and know that adoption has been such a wonderful experience for so many of us.  Welcome to the club!!
Beautiful pictures..congrats on your adoption!  By the way, your dog is freaking gorgeous!  We have a GSD too and love him so much (except for all of the hair that he leaves all over the house).  :)
Lisa P.
Checking out her new barn and meeting the neighbors through the paddock fence. No drama, no kicking out by anyone, a few squeals from both mares and that's been it!

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Donna R
Congratulations on your adoption!  She is a great mare. Love the photos.
Laura S Riggs
Thanks for the pics Lisa. 

Laura S. Riggs
Jenni O.
Ooh, an Arab! Sorry, it's my form of ADD! Breezy looks to be right at home. So happy she found a new home. And it's always nice when the transition goes smoothly.
The people in the picture from left to right: Lisa, Kelly, Kevin, Jeanine and Miss Daisy the dog.  Breezy is settled in and doing just great!
Laura R.
Hi Karen and Scott,

I lost Lisa's phone number, will you please post this message to Lisa. 

Lisa, I'd love to chat with you about Breezy.  Karen and Scott have my contact information.  

If and when you are comfortable, please contact me, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.[wave]

Hi Laura, 

I just sent an email to you and Lisa both that has both of your phone numbers and email addresses in it.  

Breezy is back and settled in very well.  

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