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Donna R
Breezy sure is a beauty!
Thank you for following up on Breezy. <3 Please give her a kiss from me. I will be sending some cookies for her and your other furkids.

Laura R.
*Breezy* sure is a beautiful mare. I hope that she finds her FOREVER family really soon. She sure deserves one.
She sure is a cutie with her winter coat on!  

Karen, is it safe for me to start falling in love with her?
She is a strikingly beautiful mare.  
Beautiful Breezy...
Jenni O.
While I do admit to falling in love with Luna's photos, and of being a freak about Arabs, if I could adopt right now I'd have to check this girl out. I like her expression in the photo where she is looking back. I have no idea what she might be thinking, but I love the photo.
Breezy is doing very well!  Patiently waiting for the right person.  [smile]  

I just thought I'd share an updated picture of her from 2/7/2015.  

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Name: breezy-feb7-IMG_3907-copy.jpg, Views: 1101, Size: 192.42 KB

Such a sweet and beautiful mare!  She will find her person(s) very soon I am sure!
Laura R
Hi Karen and Scott. Just wondered how Breezy is doing? What's the latest with her? Thanks. I want to come for a visit, not next month probably May. Of course I will call and make an appointment. Thanks for everything.

Hi Laura, we really look forward to your visit, and I'm sure Breezy does too!!  Breezy is doing wonderful, she fit right back in the herd just like she had never left, no adjustment period at all for her.  Breezy picked up a couple of bad habits in her previous adoptive home that we are working on now, and she is going to make someone a wonderful equine partner for some lucky person.  
[cool]  Thanks Karen.
I didn't mention above, Breezy is back in a training program and doing well.  Priscilla came up to help us out, which we appreciate more than we can express!  I have some pics from a really great session that I will share below.  (Sorry for the delay in getting these pics up, I am very behind on computer work, my regular job has been so demanding lately.)  

Here are some pics of Breezy having some fun with Priscilla.  

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Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5099-copy.jpg, Views: 848, Size: 345.17 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5109-copy.jpg, Views: 847, Size: 365.54 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5116-copy.jpg, Views: 842, Size: 339.92 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5118-copy.jpg, Views: 839, Size: 408.47 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5142-copy.jpg, Views: 832, Size: 331.47 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5148-copy.jpg, Views: 833, Size: 383.44 KB

Name: breezy-priscilla-march15-IMG_5153-copy.jpg, Views: 827, Size: 340.76 KB

Donna R
Breezy is such a beautiful mare!  She is one I would pick if I needed a horse.
Jenni O.
She looks really good under saddle. I'm sure Priscilla will make great progress with her. I'd be checking her out if I were ready to look right now. I doubt she will be around that long, but I hope her next home is the right one for her.
*Breezy* looks sooooo content with Priscilla...It is wonderful when these horse people come to ride/work with these horses... and the horses get the ATTENTION that they like, and I don't know about anyone else, but the instructor has to feel very good after the fun is over. Time well managed with a 4 hoofer.
Glad to see these pics. Priscilla works really well with Breezy. Breezy looks so much more relaxed, and she's put on a few pounds, which she needed. Also, Karen, I was wondering if I could use one of the pics of Breezy that you took. I'd like to use it in an essay that I'm writing, I have pics of Breezy that I've taken, but your's are so much better. Will not use without your permission. Thanks. Give Breezy a kiss for me [biggrin]

Breezy does work well with Priscilla, and she has been a perfect angel for us as well for all of her handling, trimming, etc.  She has put on a few pounds since she arrived back to us, and needs to get back into a regular work schedule too.  [smile]  Laura, sure, go ahead and use any of the photos I've taken of Breezy to include in your essay on the condition that you share it with me when it's completed.  [smile]  
As you can see from some of the other updates, Priscilla came to help us out this weekend and of course Breezy came out for some extra attention.  Unfortunately, Breezy had a local reaction to her vaccines (some swelling at the vaccine site), so we opted not to ride her in case that was bothering her.  But Breezy very much enjoyed some one-on-one with a good grooming and some round pen work.  Here are some pics from 4/26/2015.  Thank you Priscilla!  

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Name: breezy1-april26-IMG_6983-copy.jpg, Views: 611, Size: 288.02 KB

Name: breezy2-april26-IMG_6985-copy.jpg, Views: 611, Size: 352.63 KB

Name: breezy3-april26-IMG_6994-copy.jpg, Views: 604, Size: 370.90 KB

Name: breezy4-april26-IMG_6996-copy.jpg, Views: 598, Size: 369.97 KB

Thanks Karen, sure, I'll send you a copy of my essay when it's done. This essay is a contest to win a horse farm in Virginia. I don't know if you've heard about it or not. I don't expect to win, but nothing ventured nothing gained right?

Thanks again for letting me use your pic. I think I want to use the one of Breezy you used for her fundraising, it says " Breezy says Thank you"

Laura, can I ask you what the essay is about? The life of *Breezy* or the life of the horse, care, love etc. It sure does sound like a entailed subject, and there sure is plenty on this forum that one learns.. 
Laura, I did see that essay contest and thought about entering it, but that was quite a hefty fee to enter.  Best of luck to you on that!  I look forward to reading your entry.
I haven't determined how I'm going to approach this essay. ?? It's a writing contest and will be judged as such, composition, grammar etc. It's pretty difficult because if you send it in early you have a 2000 word limit, if it's later than earlier, it's only 1000 words.

For me, I think I'm going to write more about my life and how horses have helped me, I have PTSD. I want to use Breezy's pic because she is my <3 horse.

Hope I answered your question.


Wow, that sounds like a very well thought out project... how *Breezie* is influencing you. Almost like she is your doctor but she doesn't know it, and she is HELPING you get through plenty of down times, and bringing you right back to feeling good about yourself...like she gives you piece of mind...

Give yourself plenty of time so that you make the 2000.
When I write something sometimes the words just flow, and sometimes it is those quiet times when things really bounce... So, I sure wish you, LOTS OF GOOD LUCK!!

Hey, she is doing more for you than a shrink did for me?  SERIOUSLY.
Thanks Char,

I understand Breezy and she me. Being a flight animal, horses are very similar to someone with PTSD. Then on top of that, if a horse has a history of abuse, which Breezy has, and I have...it just created a bond. I love her and I know she loves me.

Thanks for the kind words.

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