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Star Breeze Dee Bar (Breezy) - 7 yrs.



Breezy is a 7 year old QH mare. She stands at 15.1 hands tall, is sound, has had very good care, very sweet, likeable, pretty and has been ridden, but is still a little green, needing some more time under saddle. We are told that in the 15 or so times she has been ridden in the past three years, she has not once offered to buck. She just needs some more rides under her belt. Breezy leads, loads, ties, is good for the vet and farrier and has very good ground manners.

The story on how we ended up with Breezy is a long one that we are happy to share with anyone who inquires about her, but won't bore you with here. The important information we need to share here is that Breezy needs a fairly expensive surgery in her mouth, involving opening up the bridge of her nose, removing a piece of bone and a very deeply impacted tooth which goes up and into her nasal passage with the roots getting very close to her brain. This condition threatens her health and future if we do not get it fixed. To help it drain, Breezy had a small hole drilled into her nose, as you can see in the photo.

This is a very nice mare, young, strong, healthy and good breeding. Her situation was one that we either took her or she was going to have to be put down, being that her owner could not afford the surgery and the board anymore and that every other rescue or adoption program she contacted turned Breezy down. Knowing the quality and hearts of the people we call our supporters, we took Breezy in, hoping for your help and support with her surgery and aftercare. You have always come through for an animal in need and we know you will once again. Please consider making a donation toward Breezy's care today so we can get her surgery done as soon as possible and eventually make her available for adoption to some lucky family or person.

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I knew we were doing all this goofy winter picture stuff for a reason, and I think this is it.
A few of us lost our minds and decided to do something this long winter to help the horses and quite frankly us with our cabin fever.

I am donating $20 for Star, in the name of one of the winter contestants that had the "name your part frozen off" and to had the guts to put it out there this winter.  Who will match me? 

For those that have even received a smirk out of these antics, don't ya think it is worth something?
Come on all, even $5.00 for star?  Please tell me we all didn't (and more to come) freeze are buns off for nothing.

Don't worry Star, you and I will share some beach - some where.

Nichole C.
What a beautiful girl! She looks so much like my first horse, Moriah, who was also a QH. I am sending a donation (my second tonight) and I challenge everyone else here to make a donation too. In fact, if 10 more people donate towards Breezy's surgery before February 28th, I will make a $200 donation in ADDITION to the $50 I donated tonight. C'mon, we can do this!
Okay John, you match for those awesome tasteful "freezing nudies" you guys had me laughing so hard, and I'll match for anyone who says on this post, "hey, I donated!" Simple as that. We can raise money for this sweet girl--with or without extra clothes. Ha ha! It's al for the horses. Thanks so much Karen and Scott for saying yes to this girl. WE will come through for you, right guys?
Anna WI
If there is anyone in the Appleton area, I have an offer for you. I am just getting into bodywork (currently studying Pain Point Release and Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding) on horses and I would like to have some more practice so instead of charging, I will take donation in exchange for a fee to help this mare. Anyone interested can pm me?
If anyone is unsure about whether or not their horse could benefit, these are some things to think about if your horse shows any of these signs: choppy stride, loss of impulsion, jump refusals, back soreness and hollowing out, resistance to lateral flexion and bending, girthing problems, biting or other poor behaviors, being "off" for no reason, improper tracking.
These are some things I have personally experienced with my horses that brought me into this world of alternative methods to help my horses.
-No topline, hunters bump, hoof flare that won't go away, cross-firing, chomping on the bit, mane that falls to different sides, unwilling to hold back legs relaxed for hoof trimmer, ulcers, and spookiness.

Those "things" that you thought were just your horse being naughty or that seemed normal, may actually have a cause to it.  

These are before and after pictures of a horse I worked on. He had facial compression and was very unbalanced prior to working on him.

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Jane Liess
Nichole, hey, I donated!  What a beautiful mare.  Thanks to all who are helping her.
Hey Nichole, I donated! :)

Michelle S.
Breezy is beautiful, so glad you guys are helping her!

Anna I'd be interested, do you come to central WI much?

I started a separate thread for Anna's generous offer.  That way people can feel more open to ask all kinds of questions if they wish on that thread and get a good discussion going there.  
Here is the link:  

If that link doesn't work click here
Lindsey N
Sent $10 for now!  More to come after my bonus comes in a week. How excellent that they got her started, as I'm imagining that can be the most difficult part of starting a horse.  We may have to come for a visit to the farm to see this pretty girl and give her some love :)  I see good things in her future, and how amazing of the person that brought her back from everything to ensure her safety for a long time to come. 
Whoooohoooooo we have 3 donations! Just 7 more to go guys!
Scott: MHWF
Just some quick information on Breezy's surgery. Preliminary estimates have her surgery costing around $2000.00. That is a rough estimate and it will take some time before we know the true cost of her surgery. $2000.00 is probably going to be a fairly conservative estimate, it may be less, but will probably be more.

In the meantime, we have some people to thank for their donations toward Breezy's surgery!

A big heart-felt thank you to:

Jane L.
Lindsey N.
Louise H.
Harriet M.
Nichole C.
Tara B.
Linnae S.
Kristen M.
Lori W.

Thank you!

Heather H
Ah, a girl after my own (marketing) heart. Thanks Nichole C for throwing down a challenge already with a deadline to get this ball rolling! I just did 1 online and noted your challenge in my donation notes.
Wow!! You guys--it looks like, not including me--we have 9 donations. I am true to my word, so if just one more person donates, I'm chipping in $200. So in less than 24 hours of this post, we'll have almost $500 towards Breezy's surgery. Off to a good start!
A very special thank you to Heather H. for her donation toward Breezy's surgery this morning!

Pssttt--hey, Scott & Karen--if you include John's donation, I think we have our 10 . . .  
A very big thank you goes out to Ginny S. and Esther C. for their donations toward Breezy's surgery this afternoon!

Thank you!

Scott: MHWF
Nichole, that's 11 so far, not including yourself, and John mailing his in.
IMPRESSIVE!!! You guys met my challenge in less than 24 hours!!!! WOW!!!! Kuddos to all. Now we just have to keep the momentum going. I wish I could do another large donation this month, but it's not in my budget. Okay guys, what else can we do?
More people to thank for making their donations to Breezy's surgery today! A very heart-felt thank you to: 

Cindy G.
Frank and Mary E.

And also thank you to Nichole C. for yet another donation today and for being very generous in putting out a challenge and making good on it!

Thank you to each of these wonderful people!

We would also like to let everyone, especially her donor know how Breezy is doing now that she has been here for a full 24 hours. She was pretty wild eyed and scared being turned out to pasture with a bunch of new horses last night. Luckily, Bailey got turned out with her and kept a good eye on her last night. Today Breezy seems very comfortable with her new pasture mates and is bellied up to a round bale, eating right alongside her new friends. She is very sweet and when you call her , she comes right up to you, very politely. Once her surgery is done and she has healed up, she is going to make someone an outstanding horse and companion.
chris MI
What a lovely girl - paypal on the way :-)
I am just guessing that Breezy is going to be fine, she will get fixed up and make someone a an incredible friend. 
I realize, and am one of them, that we talk about this-and-that about what our horses can do, or what we trained them to do.  But the one thing no one can train a horse to do is be your friend, that is totally their decision.  I am glad my horse made the decision to be my friend way more then anything else we have together.

Breezy is going to be one awesome friend to someone (should they so deserve)  I think she is going to come out of this with flying colors, I just get that feeling and positive vibe.  When is surgery scheduled?
We would like to thank Christy O. for her donation toward Breezy's surgery last night, thank you Christy!

We would like to thank Diane B. for her donation in honor of the brave souls who have posted their "Freezin' for a Reason" pics, which were done to help Breezzy with her surgery. Thank you Diane!

We would also like to thank Sue J. and Maggie F. for their donations toward Breezy's surgery today as well. 

Thank you!

Mandy Mew
Yes Jim, you are right. You can't train a horse or any equine to be your friend. And a mule will pretend to be your friend just so they can give you a real hard, well placed kick one day. Then again...they really just might be your true friend, but how will you ever know?

I don't know but my guess is the surgery would not be scheduled until all the funds are in to pay for it.
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