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Thanks for the smile - fell in love with this horse long ago
Nanc K.
Hello all. Just a quick update on Breezy. We still get time together a couple times a week. If nothing else but a good brushing and treats. Winter riding is not our favorite! Will be glad when spring comes and I get that trailer so we can go on some adventures!!
Yay for spring!! Breezy got het spring check up and is healthy, fat and sassy! It will be good to get out on trails again. She is a bit barn sour but getting back into a few short rides. Hoping for a bit longer one this Saturday. Breezy sends het love!
Yay Breezy!  Always loved that girl...cant wait to hear more of your summer adventures.
Breezy got a bath!

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Donna R
Nanc, Breezy looks fantastic.  How long did she stay clean???[wink]
Breezy looks great!  Always love seeing updates on her!
Nanc K.
Well, Breezy has a habit of finding her favorite dirt spot to roll in as soon as she gets her halter off and treats. She stayed clean for the 20-30 minutes to dry off.

Went for a nice 2.5 hr trail ride last Sunday morning, nice and early cool no bugs. Kicked up a doe and fawn, couple turkeys strutting their stuff, and a flock of quail. She hardly flinched. But the turtle on the path....that was scary and worth snorting and side stepping for! Such a crazy girl.

My 2 yr old grand daughter loves her. She will in the saddle saying " she's my big friend. I'm riding free " as I lead her around the arena. Think she watches too much "Spirit " horse cartoo!

Hope all are doing well out there!
Love it [smile]
Sounds like she is doing very well.

My 3 year old granddaughter loves Spirit too. You’ll have to get photos of your two “girls” together.
Jenni O.
Laughing at the turtle scare. One can never trust a turtle. I'm sure they move faster than they lead us to believe.
Love the Breezy update!  Turtles...moving rocks...wicked scary!!  LOL
Nanc K.
WE BOUGHT A TRAILER! Now Breezy and i can really set out for some adventures on the trails. Breezy has been excellent on our rides! We will be heading to Tower Ridge and Wissota for some new trails! Lots of fall rides coming! I will send some pictures soon
Here are a couple of pics from back on about Sept. 30th, Breezy giving rides!  

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Lisa B.
She looks so content. What a nice mare!
Good girl, Breezy!!
Laura R
Hey Karen,
Just popping in to check on Breezy. Any recent updates?
Laura, if you scroll up a bit you will see that an update and photos were posted on Breezy fairly recently.
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