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MHWF would like to thank Linda B. and Diane B. for their donations toward Breezy's surgery this morning, thank you!

This is a very nice mare, young, strong, healthy and good breeding. Her situation was one that we either took her or she was going to have to be put down, being that her owner could not afford the surgery and the board anymore and that every other rescue or adoption program she contacted turned Breezy down. Knowing the quality and hearts of the people we call our supporters, we took Breezy in, hoping for your help and support with her surgery and aftercare. You have always come through for an animal in need and we know you will once again. Please consider making a donation toward Breezy's care today so we can get her surgery done as soon as possible and eventually make her available for adoption to some lucky family or person.

Just some quick information on Breezy's surgery. Preliminary estimates have her surgery costing around $2000.00. That is a rough estimate and it will take some time before we know the true cost of her surgery. $2000.00 is probably going to be a fairly conservative estimate, it may be less, but will probably be more.

We would like to thank Kim B. for her donation toward Breezy's surgery last night. Thank you Kim! We appreciate it a great deal and we are sure Breezy would thank you as well.

$800.00 raised so far, that is great progress!!!  We are so close to getting to the half way point, so Nick and I wanted to offer a challenge.  

We will match the next $100 raised, getting us to the $1,000.00 mark.  I know we can get this done pretty darn quick! This challenge will end at 8 pm Monday night.
Scott: MHWF
We have our first response to Christine and Nick's challenge. Thank you Leanne G. from Stable Hands for your donation and for getting this thing started!
Laura R.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to Karen and Scott for agreeing to take Breezy in and thank you to everyone who has donated to help Breezy get the surgery she needs. I'm Breezy's former owner.

Laura R.
Thank you Laura!

We already really like Breezy. She is a very well-behaved and very sweet gal.

We would also like to thank Heather H.Dan & Marisa D. and Carol R. for their donations toward Nick and Christine's $100 challenge and toward Breezy's surgery fund.

Thank you!

We have met and exceeded Nick and Christine's challenge!!!

I very big thank you to Jennifer O., Kathy K. and Kathryn S.

Thank you to each and every person who has contributed to Breezy's surgery so far! Thank you to Nick & Christine A. for their challenge and donation as well!

We would like to thank long time supporter, Kellie B. for her donation toward Breezy's surgery this morning. Thank you Kellie!

We would like to thank a very special person for a very generous donation toward Breezy's surgery that arrived in the mail today!

A giant thank you to Ginny A. who made a $1000.00 to Breezy today!

Ginny, I know I spoke with you on the phone, but if you are reading this, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and your support for Breezy. What a wonderful thing. Thank you!!!

That goes for everyone who pitched in and helped us with the cost of Breezy's surgery. We want each and every one of you to know how much we appreciate your kindness and generosity. To share the info about Breezy on  Tuesday and have collected every penny we asked for by the following Monday is nothing short of amazing and we owe that to all of you.

We will start to make the arrangements to set up her evaluation and surgery and will update you all as soon as we know more. The number we put out for her surgery is just a rough estimate that we have gotten from other vets, and we will update that number as soon as we can. With a little luck, we hope that the $2000 we have already collected will cover it, but we will update as soon as we know.

In the meantime, we will not be asking for more donations for Breezy's surgery until and unless that number goes up once we get some solid numbers from the vet who will be doing the surgery.

Thank you all again for your support for Breezy. We have some truly awe inspiring supporters!

Heather H
Wow! Thank you Ginny for your generosity.  Kudos to everyone for pitching in what they could and to those who did challenges to incentivize others to donate what they could. Every little bit adds up!
chris MI
Well done everyone!
Sue J

WOW, what an amazing thing to do Ginny A. I don't know about everyone else but tears of happiness here.
Thank you to everyone who donated.

Star - the Robin
Ginny, what can I say - that is an amazing donation and I so hope that Breezy's beak will feel so much better from your generosity and others.  I am so happy that I am going to fly north and stand by Breezy this spring.

It is so incredibly exciting to be making the phone calls that we are making today to get this surgery scheduled!  :)  
Thank you all so much!!!!!!
Laura R
Doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Along with tears of joy!!!!  So very happy! Thank you everyone! :-)
Anna WI

This is so wonderful!! I also want to mention that although the amount for Breezy has been reached, my offer is still out there if anyone would like some bodywork done on their horse in exchange for a donation.

This is such wonderful news! Thank you Ginny for your generosity!
I knew it! I knew the supporters of this organization would get this done! What I didn't know is how quickly it would get done. This is amazing. Thank you to everyone that helped.

John B.
I am not sure where to post this but I think this is as good as anywhere...

People, equines, K9's and others need assistance here n there.  This group always seems to find a way and I am proud to be apart of this group.  When I adopted my horse over 5 years ago, I did not realize it came with a whole family, but it did, one that gives advice, cares and I am proud to be apart of.

I have to say that I am so happy for Breezy and those reading this are the ones that made it happen.
Jan N
Thank you big time for your caring and generosity, Ginny!  Right now I am picturing a flock of equine protector angels, all hovering around Breezy & Scott & Karen as she/they get prepared for Breezy's next step. I echo John's feelings about family here. Anyone whose compassion and action on behalf of horses/others translates so directly into benefit for someone like Breezy is someone I want to share a
"family connection" with! 

We have a few more people we would like to thank for sending in a donation for Breezy. Thank you to Cynthia D, Brooke P, John B.Sherri N. and Carol V. for their donations and support!

Preliminary goal: $2000.00

Collected to date: $2310.00
Just a quick update on Breezy...  Breezy is doing GREAT and has integrated into the herd like she has always lived here.  She is such a good girl and a very fun horse to have around.  We now have all of Breezy's records together and just waiting on one more thing that should be in the mail tomorrow and we will start moving forward with scheduling her surgery.  

You really are all the best, and Breezy thanks each and every one of you along with us!  

Here is a quick pic of Breezy from today, March 1, 2014.  

Attached Images
Name: breezy-march1-030-webready.jpg, Views: 1048, Size: 119.92 KB

We finally have a date set for Breezy's surgery. The vet hospital is a little under-staffed right now due to one of the vets being out on maternity leave, so the earliest they could get her in is April 2 at 10am.

Her x-rays turned out to be 3 years old, so we will start off by getting new x-rays, having the vet look them over, then getting her into surgery right away that same day. Depending on how things go, Breezy will have to stay at the clinic for at least one day, possibly up to three days, then she can come back here for her aftercare. 

Once she is healed from her surgery, she will be a sound, healthy horse, ready to go to her new home. She is a fantastic horse and anyone who sees her in person is bound to be impressed. Once her surgery is over, she is good to go and ready for her new home, sometime around the end of April.

A huge thank you to everyone who sent in their donations to help Breezy with this surgery. We will keep you updated!
Breezy is a pretty gal and looks much like our adopted one.  Breezy I hope your beak is as good as new soon.
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