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Hi Karen and Scott,

Just wondered how Breezy is doing?? I had a dream about her last night.


Hi Laura, 
Breezy is doing fantastic!!!  We are anxiously awaiting her scheduled surgery coming up on the 2nd of April, and have even been to the clinic ourselves where she is having her surgery done about a week ago.  Breezy is completely at home, relaxed here and in a great routine with lots of buddies, getting along well in the herd and looking gorgeous as always.  
I hope it was a good dream.  :)  
Thanks Karen. I miss Breezy a lot. I would like to come visit her after she gets home from her surgery. I'll be in touch. Thanks again.

Tomorrow (4/2/2014) is the big day!  Breezy goes in for her surgery, so please everyone send some good and healing thoughts Breezy's way.  :)  
Good luck sweet Breezy! You'll be feeling great in no time. I'm sending you some love and good wishes for your big day tomorrow.
Jane Liess
Hope everything goes well for you tomorrow, Breezy.  You're such a beautiful girl!
Looking forward to hearing about how this girl comes through with flying colors.

Any news on Breezy yet? Hopefully everything went good. I just got home from work and this is the first thing I had to check.

I want to let you all know that Breezy did fabulous today, we are home safe and sound and things went really, really well, better than even expected.  I have to get back outside right now, but later on when we have some computer time we will post a full, detailed and complete update.  Thank you all for your support and well wishes!!!  
Brad T
Glad to hear that everything went great!
First of all, we want to thank each and every person who sent in their donations and best wishes for Breezy. Without your help and support, Breezy would have been euthanized and we are happy to have gotten to know her and her bright spirit, good looks and sweet personality. 

I will do my best to explain what went on with Breezy today...forgive me if I get a little long winded. We want to share the full story and how we ended up where we are today with Breezy.

About three years ago, Breezy was having an issue with a tooth and her sinuses. There was a live infection that was giving her problems even after several rounds of antibiotics. Her donor had her teeth looked at and had x-rays done of the problem area. This was done by a very capable and reputable vet. At that time it was recommended that Breezy get the problem tooth removed to make sure they she did not have recurring issues. In the meantime, a small hole was drilled through the bone, near the root of the problem tooth so it could drain. Once the infection was knocked out, Breezy could get her surgery.

The problem was that while her owner loved her, she could not afford to pay for the surgery and because of health problems, was also having trouble keeping up with board etc. So her donor started looking for help. Absolutely everyone that was contacted turned Breezy down. After many months looking for a solution and a place that was willing to help Breezy out, still there were no takers and the choice was made to have her put down. The procedure was scheduled and was about to happen.

That's when we heard about Breezy and her situation. This was a young, otherwise healthy horse and knowing the quality of supporters MHWF has, we knew that we could help Breezy and her donor. We knew you would come through for us and her and you did.

So, several days after Breezy arrived at MHWF we got copies of her vet records, talked with her previous vet and got copies of the original x-rays and sent all that information over to the vet we hoped would do her surgery. The vets looked over her old x-rays and records and a plan was set up to do the surgery and get that problem tooth removed by opening up a skin and bone flap on her nose, get to the problem tooth from the backside, forcing it forward and out, then putting the skin and bone flap back in place, get her on antibiotics, give her aftercare and time to heal and make her a sound, completely healthy horse, that would be put up for adoption.

We arrived the vet's this morning and Breezy was sedated and got a very extensive dental exam by two different vets. She then got a new set of current x-rays to see how or if things have changed since her original x-rays three years prior.

We sat in the waiting room until the vet came to get us to show us the results of the x-rays and give their recommendation.

It turns out that yes, three years ago the smart and obvious thing to do would be to get the surgery done and put Breezy's problems behind her, but with a three years of time and a lot of luck, the tooth no longer needs to be extracted. If fact, not only does it not need to be extracted, but there is no longer any reason to extract it.

I am not a vet, but I will do my best to explain why.....

While Breezy had a live infection in that sinus/tooth area, it did eat away a little bit at the tips of the tooth root. Once the infection was killed and over time, Breezy healed on her own and the area that was giving her problems eventually had some new bone growth and filled in the area that was giving her problems. Not only that, but the hole drilled into the bone on her nose also filled in with new bone growth. In the end, her not getting the surgery right away three years ago was a stroke of luck and a blessing. Her tooth and the area around it in her sinuses, is now completely solid, healthy and no longer an issue for her and should not every be an issue for her again.

It was recommended that Breezy go through some pretty extensive dental work to ensure that not only are her teeth properly floated, but that the tooth that had previously given her problems could have some special adjustments done on it. Basically, what needed to be done was that the tooth needed to be a hair shorter than the teeth on either side of it to ease a little pressure from it when she chews, then the sides of the tooth needed to be beveled down and drilled out to give it a little space on each side.

In the end what we ended up with is a sound, healthy, happy horse with now perfectly normal teeth, but with a little bit of a sore mouth and some special floating instructions for the future. In 2 to 3 days we will be able to make Breezy available for adoption as a horse with no special needs.

We also came in around $1000 under budget! That never happens, at least not to us.

So, to make up the difference in the budget and to ensure that Breezy has no future issues with that tooth concerning the special instructions for floating we were given today, we will be paying for Breezy's dental care for the duration of her 5 year contract with her adopter. That means whoever adopts her will have her dental floating's covered for the full 5 years of the adoption contract.

I truly hope I explained this all correctly and in an easy to understand way. We have an extensive write up from the vet, but did not want to simply post a bunch of information that would sound pretty Greek. 

What we can say is that with your support, a life was saved, and now with a lot of luck, we can say that Breezy is a sound, healthy and happy horse, ready for her new home and will even have her dental work covered for the next five years!

When we all pitch in together we can do wonderful things for wonderful people and wonderful horses!

Thank you for all your support!

Thanks for letting us know, she is so pretty, good news is so nice to hear, she is one pretty lady!

UPDATE: 4-3-2014

Breezy is now a sound, healthy and happy horse and can now be made available for adoption. For detailed information, please read the post above this one.

Thank you to everyone who showed MHWF and Breezy their support!

Lindsey N
How amazing!!  I don't think I saw any updates regarding a test ride at all, but has anyone got a chance to get up on her yet?  I know she's still green and can probably go just about any direction, just curious if she has a natural disposition for a specific discipline?  She sure looks like a sweet, sweet girl!!  I hope to meet her during my next visit :)  Just have to figure out when that will be...

John hit on the head, so rarely with horses do things turn out to be less severe than expected!  Someone definitely has big plans for her.  And how amazing for you guys to use the funds raised to pay for 5 years of floating! 
With the weather, ice and snow, etc., making it nearly impossible to ride any of the horses (only able to do that outside of the round pen on only a couple of horses on a very limited safety availability) and with Breezy needing surgery, not knowing exactly what was going on inside of her mouth, etc., there was no reason at all for us to try and test ride her before her surgery.  The recovery period on her surgery that she would have had would have been quite some time as well.  We will move forward with figuring her out now and how to best represent her.  Breezy has had a lot of "Parelli" ground work and has had a rider on her a few times, but she is green as far as riding.  An open book.
Lindsey N

I figured as much about the riding, just curious!  It sounds like she has had some excellent handling and everything you mentioned about her sounds like she has a great head on her.  It will be amazing to see how she progresses and hopefully will find a home very quickly.  So happy to hear about the good news! 

Fantastic news for Breezy and her future adopter!  I was wondering if the hole in her nose was permanent or expected to close over eventually?
The hole in her nose originally went through the bone and allowed the sinus to drain.  That bone has now completely healed over, and the reason there was a residual "hole"-type thing there is because that healed with a small indentation and the skin healed more around the edges of that indentation.  After the vet having messed with it and irrigated that and kind of opened it up a bit the other day, the thoughts are that this just may help the skin come closer together and heal over completely now.  If not, no big deal, it will be just like having a small little "zit-like" spot there as she had before that caused no issues.  
MHWF, Inc.

UPDATE: 4-6-2014

Breezy got ridden for the first time today. It had been at least a couple of years since anyone rode her, she has had very few rides, but she picked up like she was ridden yesterday. She did not question a single cue, did everything asked and did it quietly and calmly and very confidently. What a stunning mare! We cannot brag this girl up enough. She is put together really nice, has a really carefree and likable personality and now we also know she has had some excellent training. Because of the mud and water we never got her above a walk, but were all very impressed with the way she carries herself and has that special something that cannot be described. If you want that once in a lifetime horse that will do anything for you and do it well, Breezy is the perfect candidate.  


Sue J
Bumping this pretty girl!
I just love her! I wish I was in a position to adopt right now because she would be mine, mine, mine!
Breezy is beautiful! She is my dream horse and im trying to get my parents attention with her...do you think she would enjoy jumping small fences and english riding?
You bet! All she wants to do is please.
Donna M
Elysa ~ parents love it when their kids do extra chores around the house. just sayin' ....
Just had to bump this lovely lady back up to page 1.  The photos of her being ridden on Saturday were just so great...I had to look and look and look again.  Love how she moves.

UPDATE: 6/4/2014

Still as sweet as pie, really nice looking and one of the favorites of the volunteers here at MHWF, Breezy is still looking for a new home. She is sound, healthy, polite, easy going and has a ton of personality. She is still a little green and needs more time under saddle, but she is getting ridden from time to time while she is here and always does well. She might not yet be a horse for a brand new rider, but she is easy going, mellow and wants to please. Put a few more hours on her and she will be that anyone can ride horse. It won't take long either. She just wants to make her rider/handler happy and will do anything to please you. She loves people and attention too!   

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