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Star Runner - 5 yrs.

$500 - Star Runner is a 5 year old Appy mare that is sound, healthy, current on her trims, shots, de-wormers and Coggins. She stands at 14.1 hands tall. Star came to us from Missouri and has a lot of very good training, including 5 months professional training in Oregon. She leads, loads, ties, stands for the farrier, all the things a good horse should be able to do. She is also a pretty laid back gal who likes people, but prefers to get to know you a little bit first. Once she does, she is a hard worker, smart and reliable. Even though she has a lot of good training, she is a 5 year old, so she is not a horse for a green or timid rider and not for kids....adults with some riding experience only. Star has always had great care and she is a nice little horse with the true Appy mane and tail.

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Lisa B.
Dang! She is a cutie! Makes me wish I was looking to add to my here.
OMG she is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  Love appys.
Star is a stunner!
What a cutie!
Star Runner,you got such a cool name!LOVE IT!!
She has such a sweet face. Someone is going to get a NICE appy. 
Jenni O.
She looks like she carries herself very nicely. Beautiful Appy!
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