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Star Runner - 5 yrs.

$500 - Star Runner is a 5 year old Appy mare that is sound, healthy, current on her trims, shots, de-wormers and Coggins. She stands at 14.1 hands tall. Star came to us from Missouri and has a lot of very good training, including 5 months professional training in Oregon. She leads, loads, ties, stands for the farrier, all the things a good horse should be able to do. She is also a pretty laid back gal who likes people, but prefers to get to know you a little bit first. Once she does, she is a hard worker, smart and reliable. Even though she has a lot of good training, she is a 5 year old, so she is not a horse for a green or timid rider and not for kids....adults with some riding experience only. Star has always had great care and she is a nice little horse with the true Appy mane and tail.

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Lisa B.
Dang! She is a cutie! Makes me wish I was looking to add to my here.
OMG she is beautiful, absolutely beautiful.  Love appys.
Star is a stunner!
What a cutie!
Star Runner,you got such a cool name!LOVE IT!!
She has such a sweet face. Someone is going to get a NICE appy. 
Jenni O.
She looks like she carries herself very nicely. Beautiful Appy!
This cutie really wants someone to call her own!  Star is a really sweet horse and has some great training on her.  Anyone with some experience would have an absolute blast with Star! 
Star is doing just great here in the herd and a happy girl.  

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Could you see a jumping career for her?
Love that nose!
Deborah N.
I know Star Runner quite well and believe that with the right person she could be a jumper or field hunter.
She's so so beautiful!♡
Someone is going to be very lucky to get this horse.
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