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It's been fun seeing how well Star is bonding with Jocelyn. She has made her horse treats and Star loves her treats. Star also seems to be possessive of her and doesn't like the other horse's to get her attention out in the pasture. She seems to tell them that she is her owner only. We also enjoy seeing how her coat will change with each season. We have never had an Appy.  She doesn't run away from us anymore but we will see how that goes when Spring coming.  She's been ridden about 3 times this month.

Next month she will start with 4H drill team. This will be a weekly practice and more consistent riding in between practice. We will have more to update once we have riding weather return. 

Sending a photo of Star's Winter coat.  
-Susan B.

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LOL...that is funny how she has "claimed" Joselyn for her own!  Love it!
Looking forward to updates. She looks good in purple.
Jenni O.
Such a pretty girl!
Last week was Star's first week of drill team. Today was her 2nd time. She is fairly calm and very responsive. She is learning how to ride next to other horses and stay in pace with them. She doesn't get upset with the commotion or the whistle but will need work on manners with other horses in her space. It's going to be a good training experience for her. The 4H team will introduce flags in a few weeks. More updates to come. Here are some pictures of her day.

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Scott: MHWF
😉 Love it!
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