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It's been fun seeing how well Star is bonding with Jocelyn. She has made her horse treats and Star loves her treats. Star also seems to be possessive of her and doesn't like the other horse's to get her attention out in the pasture. She seems to tell them that she is her owner only. We also enjoy seeing how her coat will change with each season. We have never had an Appy.  She doesn't run away from us anymore but we will see how that goes when Spring coming.  She's been ridden about 3 times this month.

Next month she will start with 4H drill team. This will be a weekly practice and more consistent riding in between practice. We will have more to update once we have riding weather return. 

Sending a photo of Star's Winter coat.  
-Susan B.

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LOL...that is funny how she has "claimed" Joselyn for her own!  Love it!
Looking forward to updates. She looks good in purple.
Jenni O.
Such a pretty girl!
Last week was Star's first week of drill team. Today was her 2nd time. She is fairly calm and very responsive. She is learning how to ride next to other horses and stay in pace with them. She doesn't get upset with the commotion or the whistle but will need work on manners with other horses in her space. It's going to be a good training experience for her. The 4H team will introduce flags in a few weeks. More updates to come. Here are some pictures of her day.

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Scott: MHWF
😉 Love it!
Susan B.
Star Runner went to her 1st show today. No ribbons as of yet but she was well behaved and was very willing. Looking forward to seeing how well she can do this Summer.
Way to go on your first show!  So impressed with the variety of things you are using her for, and exposing her to!  
Whether you bring home ribbons or not it's an accomplishment just to take your horse and show. Congrats on your first show with her!
Susan B.
Today was desensitization for the 4h drill team.  Here are some pictures of the training stick with a plastic bag.  Star did well with it.  She got to experience loping in between other horses with plastic bags, etc.  She is a very smart horse and really loves her girl.  They are developing a trusting relationship. 

Susan B.

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Awesome update! She is a sharp looking mare.
Such a great journey they are on together!  Keep the updates coming 😉

What a great match and looks like Star Runner has been busy.
Star has been busy! We got her in October and all Winter we have been building the bond and very little riding. She started out as a horse that didn't like to be caught to occasionally coming up to us to be caught and at the worst it takes 10 minutes to catch her. Now that it is riding season she is being slowly challenged and is doing very well.
Jan N
Just a random thought, and maybe you guys do this anyway....but mixing in pasture trips to get Star for "hang-out" time rather than grooming, work/practice, farrier (whatever type of activity horse folks plan for their horses) often gives the horse another way to think about you. Like with your friends or children (parents, too) sometimes you just wanna hang instead of doing some structured/ planned thing. Just sharing some space and breathing or scratching time together is something horses appreciate, maybe more than we know. When you're done, a treat and remove halter and off she goes. After all, it's *us* usually doing the planning... and as far as I can tell most horses do not devote much focused effort to this aspect of their lives.
Yes, because it was so cold we sometimes would just bring out a brush or a treat to the pasture. I think all of the little visits helped take us from her running far from us to now she comes to us. She still will walk away at times but eventually she stops and turns to be caught. Kinda plays hard to get...lol. She has found that grooming is very rewarding too. We just had to earn her trust.
It is really heartwarming to read of Star and Jocelyn and their great progress!  

I just want to comment to let everyone know that Star was a horse that came to us as one of those horses who was extremely hard to catch...not a typical cat and mouse game that is a super ease fix kind of issue.  We deal with a whole lot of different types of horses and personalities around here, and I'd rank Star in the top 10 of all-time horses that have come through this program who didn't want to be caught.  The strides that Jocelyn and Susan have made with Star are incredibly remarkable.  Star was a horse that had some obvious trust issues with humans (could be jumpy at times) and watching them win her over is really quite incredible, along with all of the things they've accomplished in such a short amount of time.  
Jan N
Loving hearing about her progress!
We found a Star blanket to go with her name! This was taken at a show. Star trotted most of the games today as she is learning the patterns.

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Jenni O.
Love the blanket!
Thank you! It was her Christmas present.
Jocelyn caught Star jumping over a barrel in the open pasture so she started having her trot poles, and work up to this. Just for fun she had her work in the arena and Jocelyn only uses a hand to give her directions...no whip. Jocelyn says she is a quick learner, trys hard and isn't afraid anymore (of people). We haven't considered jumping her but it's fun to watch her.

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Kate G
Clearly, professional horse trainer in the making!
She sure is having fun with that horse. I love it.
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