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mel d
You might get tired of Stormy now that I have figured out this posting photos thing...I promise not to send too often...it is just that we have formed such a bond in the last 6 months.  I am so thankful Scott and Karen took a chance on an older lady with a 30 year gap in horse ownership and approved my adoption of Storm.Today he stood for the farrier like an old pro and soon I will be mounting up (with a helmet).

Emily Jane
I, for one, will never get tired of photos!!  I am so happy to see both horse and human looking so good!  Thanks for sharing.
No one here will ever get tired of this stuff!  The more the better! 
Boy, I'm feeling a little reflective.  Nothing warms my heart more than hearing about and seeing these horses with their great people.  I'm remembering all the way back when we got the call from the sheriff's department on those two horses, then that whole ordeal, all the way to your appointment Mel.  If I'm remembering right, Stormy (Stoney) wasn't even the horse that you came to look at, but we had him out playing with him while you were here and there was just something that clicked there, and he caught your eye.  Mel, I think he really picked you when we weren't paying attention with the other horse, swayed you his way, and he sure made an excellent choice.  Thank you so much for the update and beautiful picture!  This is a boy who has sure come a long way, and we all truly thank you for that Mel.  :) 
Denise S - WW
What a wonderful picture & update!! I love hearing updates & it sounds like things are  just perfect between you two!! Ohhhhhh, warm fuzzies for sure....Thanks for sharing!!
Wendy W - WI

What a wonderful picture and update.  Ah mel, everytime I think I'm sending too many pictures and updates the wonderful people here remind me that there is never too many, just as Karen stated.  I look forward to many more updates and pictures of your Storm, he's gorgeous!!!!


I can't help but add, I forgot one thing to mention for those forum followers who may not remember Stormy.  He was a rescue who was barely halter broke at 4 years of age when he came to us (and quite the clown), so this is a really big deal with the progress that Mel and Storm have made!  This is just so exciting! 

Denise S - WW
There is NOTHING more rewarding than a 'not so sure horse' approaching you on his/her own, waiting for a good scratch or hug & giving you a little nudge to say "hurry up" because your to slow at feeding time. WAY TO GO MEL!!! Be sure to keep us updated & more pictures are required!!! !!
Tammy Mn

Mel I don't think anyone on this forum will ever get tired of updates, they are so heart warming and inspiring....every one of them!  Stoney looks great and it's nice to know you've bonded, thanks for the update and keep them coming :)

April & Gordon

I'd have to agree with everyone here; I also love to see pictures and hear updates anytime!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like things are moving along.

mel d

I am so happy! Tonight I sat on Stormy's back for the first time as my husband led him around the pen. Even with the pesky flies, he was just as calm as could be - we kept it a short ride, but I am so excited. I was on him bareback and could not feel one muscle tense up. I said whoa and he stopped each time! Storm was an . We couldn't get a photo, but will someday soon. Maybe Scott's prediction will be true and I will be riding by fall...

Denise S - WW
MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news!!!!! You must be on CLOUD 9 right now!!!!! I was picturing you in my mind on the back of that beautiful boy as I read!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! You have made my night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy W - WI

Great news mel!!!  I have to tell you...........you are making a lot of people jealous for not adopting that boy themselves.  He is so "correct".  Good for you and I cannot wait for more updates.


Woohoo! Awesome news Mel!! What a good boy that Stormy is!!! I think you will have a saddle on him in no time!


Oh Congratulations!  That first ride is a great feeling, huh!  Enjoy!

Tammy Mn

Congratulations, that is so exciting and I can't wait to see a picture!

This is GREAT news Mel!!  (and the one time that it was really nice to hear Scott say, "see, I told ya".) ;)  
You and Storm are quite the team!!!!  I knew you'd be doing better than you give yourself credit for too.  Geez, look at all you have accomplished; taking a 4-year-old horse who was barely halter broke and look where you are already.  My hat's off to you!  :)  :)  Congratulations Mel!!! 
mel d
Now wait a minute...the first time I saw Stormy was in November and although he was on my mind constantly it wasn't until I saw what you and Scott accomplished with him in a few short weeks, that I thought I could maybe take this guy home. 

I came back for quite a few hours in January to see if I really was ready to take the leap with Stormy...and he had changed so much! He had learned some "rules of the pasture", nipping was under control, and he was not the nervous boy from the fall( in fact, he fell asleep while I was brushing him). You two started him down the road where he knew people were good and fun to hang around. Thank you!

mel d
I don't know how many of you remember when Stormy was rescued, he was with his mom, Princess. Karen and I have laughed that he is still looking for her... this is his new best friend is Bella.

src="http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2007-4/1256369/resizedbellastormy.JPG"width=600 height=450>

Hope these images come through.
mel d
Oops, only one came through...here's the other one.

See, I told you I would become a pest with photos...now if I could only figure out how to post more than one...
Denise S - WW
Mel, they are beautiful!! Your posts really have a way of warming my heart!! The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing!! 
what nice looking horses. Very obviously cared for with lots and lots of love!!!! Congrats on sitting on his back, too. That is a tremendous step!
Wendy W - WI

He is gorgeous!!!  He reminds me of my Wiley so much.  Bella is beautiful too!!  You are doing such a fabulous job with him and I look forward to your updates!!


Wohoo!!!  Congrats on your 1st ride & best wishes for many more in the future!  Great photos too, Belle does look similar to Princess ;)

TAmmy Mn

What a handsome boy he is!!!!!!!!!!!!

mel d
Thank you for all your encouragement. My friends from the "other world" (no horses) keep asking,"Aren't you riding that horse yet?"
But you keep me going with your understanding. This may sound really Hokey, but if Storm and I have a bad day, I reread this thread to get my head back in the right place.
That said, I will try to send some photos of a recent saddling, bridling, and riding...ok not riding, but sitting calm...hopefully I can get them all one this one post.

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