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Jenn WI

Stormy looks very handsome in his English wardrobe!  You are a lucky lady!!


Stormy looks BEAUTIFUL!  And such a talented guy too.  He wrote us a really nice letter and even signed it next to his picture.  We love you too Storm! 

Lori W

Stormy looks all ready to go. What a great gift.

mel d
Stormy Bucked!!!
He must've known I wasn't quite with it on Saturday (got the flu that night) and he decided a little bucking and snorting going into a canter was a good "wake up and ride" call. Nothing serious, no hitting the ground or such, but a good reminder to "pay attention" as he is still plenty green and full of spunk!
I can hardly wait to get over this stuff and get back to riding with FULL energy!
STORMY, behave so we can stall next to each other at the expo....

Wendy W - WI

Someone was feeling full of himself while mom wasn't!!!  Good job staying on and sticking with it!!!! 

Denise S- WW
Yeah, they're gonna do that every once in a while aren't they..heehee! Glad you didn't take the plunge!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
mel d
Stormy update:
Great lesson today! I take English lessons on Stormy and he was in great form. He is learning faster than I am (I blame it on the fact his brain cells are younger than mine )
Jeff was at the barn with his new camera and took some shots after I had warmed up Storm on the line. I love this one! (Jeff said he will take photos of us in action once he figures that out...not TOO much action I hope! )

The light is from the window in the arena.
Denise S - WW
Love the picture mel! Looks like some true love going on there!! Sounds like your riding is going wonderfully!!! You are so LUCKY to have access to an indoor arena!! Thanks for another great update!

look at that, you two are SMOKIN HOT...that's a really neat photo....looking good mel....thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!

mel d
Here's the shot right before the one I just posted...put them in the wrong order.

Wow, awesome pics Mel!!!!!  (ah, as I dream of an indoor too)
Thanks for sharing Mel!  :) 
Wendy W - WI

Super cool pictures Mel!!!!!  I can't wait to see the action shots!!! Yes we can see you love your horse.  Totally see it. 

Jenn WI

WOW Mel!  What an awesome job you have done.  That Stormy's a lucky dude!!


Great pictures and a beautiful horse!

Lori W

Those are awesome pictures. Stormy is a beautiful horse.


Wow, cool pictures Mel!! I love them, thanks for sharing!! Stormy is one lucky horse to have you.

I think mom screwed up when she sent the photos...here is the one I like best.

 And today she put a new kind of bridle on me...bitless. I was kinda a pain with it on, thought I could turn my head and bite mom's foot...she was too smart for me though. I knew she wouldn't let me get away with it, and she didn't.
I just felt somewhat free and easy with it on, I guess. I better be good next time we use it.

(PS Kelly, I know I love my mom, but you still rock my world...that photo of you shaking off the snow gave me the whinnies!)

AWESOME PIC!  Stormy, tell your dad that his work with his new camera rocks! 
Wow, you can feel this one, huh?  Love it! 
Wendy W - WI

Oh that is an awesome picture for sure!!!!!!  I can't wait for the updates on the new bridle training.  Please take us though it with you.  I'm still considering one for Wiley.


I love this picture. It almost looks like a "GREATER POWER" is in that arena with you and "Stormy". Good lookin and very CLASSY guy, huh? hmmm He seems to POSE very nicely to a CAMERA... "Hello" Mr. HOLLYWOOD"

that shot is SO COOL...i absolutly LOVE IT.....
psst hey storm, i snuck on here real quick while mom's not looking and i have to say i am a bit jealous of your mom, can't wait to meet you in september:-)  luv n hugs Kelly
".....gives me the whinnies" 

I'm gonna be giggling about that one for a while !!  Huh, I'm over 30 years old and still learning new words......and from horses !
Denise S - WW
Super great picture mel!! I can feel the luv between you two!!! And yeah, it sure does look like a Higher Power is looking down on you guys!! Awesome shot!!!
mel d
Stormy update:
We are using the indoor as much as we can before we move back to our home base. Stormy is doing so well, and puts up with me trying to learn English...
Here's one picture:

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