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mel d

Old dog...new tricks...still can't seem to attach more than one at a time...how do you do it using village photo? (was that my own hijack?)

mel d
ok, here's the last one...thank you for your viewing patience...I'm really feeling like a non tech dinosaur...

Denise S - WW
Mel, you guys look great!! Stormy looks so relaxed  in all the pics. Never mind the words of your non-horsey friends. You're on your way girl!!!!!!!  Always remember the best things in life are worth waiting for!!
Wendy W - WI

You dinosaur and your beautiful horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Great pictures!!!!!!  What you are doing is sooooooo great!!!  I love the updates and the pictures.  I'm always amazed by how the non-horse people think you can just jump on an horse and it knows what to do.  hehehe   You are doing a wonderful job with that boy!!!  Big smile here!!! 


Oh look at you two!!!!! Good boy Stoney!! You've done wonders with him, Mel! And don't mind those non horse people...they don't know what the heck they're talking about. Love the pictures and update!!

April & Gordon

Great pictures. Stormy has come a long way. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

mel d

This is the guy looking forward to next year's expo and maybe seeing Cricket (Princess)
Wendy W - WI

Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!  Absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denise S - WW
WOWZA! Great pic mel!! What a beautiful boy!!!
WOW!  Look at Stormy!!!  Such a gorgeous boy!!!  Thank you so much for sharing Mel!!  :) 
Boy, it would be interesting to see a Stormy (Stoney) and Cricket (Princess) reunion at the Expo next year.  (I don't want to hijack Stormy here, but for those of you who may not know, Princess a.k.a. Cricket is Stormy's mom and they came in together as rescues.) 

Beautiful!! He looks stunning, Mel!

mel d
Ok, Scott, you know how to call 'em! Karen, I sense another "I told you so" coming up !

I rode Stormy today for the first time. A real ride (although only at a walk) with saddle, reins, cues...  It was a short ride around the arena, going around obstacles, and he was perfectly content...

After I dismounted, I gave him a big hug and got all misty eyed...it hasn't always been perfect, but it has been a wonderful eight and 1/2 months, with so many years ahead in our future...

Ok I'm just babbling and bubbling...so happy!

Scott-MHWF, Inc.

Oh yeah.....told ya so!!! Hehehe.........
that's awesome news, wahooooo.....keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, you made my night!  Thank you Mel!!!  Wow, this is the best "I told you so" out of Scott I've heard in a long time!!  :) 

Wendy W - WI

Great job and congratulations!!!!!!  Awe heck.........I'm all misty too!!!  What a great update!!!

Denise S - WW
WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Great news mel!!!  I can imagine that you must be bursting at the seams!!!!! 

Wooohooo awesome news Mel!!! What a great way to end my night!! Congrats, and give Stormy a hug and tell him good boy for me!


WOHOO!!!  Very cool!  Congrats Mel & Stormy!

Tammy Mn

Thanks for the update Mel, that made my eyes tear up!  He has turned out to be one handsome boy....you've done a great job!!!!!!!!!!!

mel d
Stormy Update:
(sorry, Patti, not one of the ones you were looking for...)

Rode Storm again today and my sweet hubby came down to the barn to snap a couple photos... Can't believe I am in an English saddle, but if you can spy my boots...still a western girl at heart. (notice my beautiful pink sweatshirt ! Of course, Storm looks good in anything...wait til I get him some beads for Christmas!)

Storm is doing well, will trot and canter now with encouragement. I am still just the cool down rider at this point, but enjoying every minute of it.


That is totally wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy for both of you, (and on a side note, glad to see the boots)  he he he.....I just love hearing all the great stories and updates on all the wonderful animals that found another chance because two people cared enough, followed thier hearts and gave us our dreams.....you two look GREAT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Patti B
Hey Mel,
I'll take a Stormy update too. Like I tell my kids, their all my favorites!! Sounds like all is going great, and what a handsome boy (or man)!

Wendy W - WI

How excellent is that!?!?!?!  You look great on him!!!!  He is soooooo beautiful!!!!  Love the updates!!!!

Denise S - WW
Wonderful mel!! You look great! Keep the pictures & updates coming. You are an inspiration to me!!!!!!
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