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mel d
Stormy Update...
Rode Stormy in the big outdoor arena today. Our first time riding outdoors. He loved it, I loved it! I even TROTTED him for the first time!! And he always walked over the little wooden bridge everytime I asked him to! So exciting! Gave him lots of hugs!

Hoping to ride him on the dirt road near the barn this week...a "baby trail" experience...with a friend along on a very experienced trail horse.

He is going to be an awesome trail horse, not spooky, but very interested in new sights.

Scott is standing behind me and said tell her she is ready to move up to Janie now.  :)  Joanie said "spectacular"!  This is simply awesome Mel, and thank you so much for sharing. 

Thank you so much for making our day here Mel, and everyone.  We've been working outside all day, even had Chris out with the bulldozer today finally cleaning up that area in the back, and what a heart-warming thing to come in and see these great updates.  Sorry, I don't mean to take away from Storm's thread, but wanted to catch up with everyone and say thanks for sharing! 
April & Gordon

Wonderful news!! Keep up the good work.

Wendy W - WI

Way to go Mel!!!!!!!  Once again the right match.  Woman I need to see pictures!!!!  God I am so happy for you!!!  Well, all of us who follow your story so closely.  Excellent job!!!  

Scott-MHWF, Inc.
Excellent Mel!!

To think where Stoney (Stormy) came from and to see him come full circle......absolutely wonderful.....good work!!

this is way too cool.....the baby trail ride, love it :-)  I don't know your horses entire story, but it must have been one of those "never" horses :-)  way to go MEL

Denise S - WW
Another great update mel!!!! I am so happy for you & Stormy!!!! All I can say is WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo! More great news from Stormy and Mel. You guys are doing great!!!


Holy cow!  The great work everyone is doing with their horses!!!  What a terrific update!


Way to go, VHWT!!!  Keep up the good work

mel d
Stormy "Trail" update:

Stormy's baby trail ride ended up being 1 1/2 hours long because he was such a great trail horse!

Christi (trainer friend) rode Storm, I rode another veteran trail horse, and a friend came along on her horse. Our plan was to go up the trail for about 10 minutes just to introduce him to it...but...he walked out so interested, calm, friendly to the other horses...we just kept going. He only spooked once, all of them did, but understood the cue and stopped immediately, walking calmly the rest of the way home. (Even the idiot driver pulling a rattly snowmobile trailer, who didn't slow down when passing us on the dirt road by the barn, didn't cause Storm more than a couple tense muscles.)

No photos yet. Hopefully we will get some decent days after deer season is over to try the trails again...with me riding Storm.


You have got to just LOVE IT, yep only going out for a few minutes and it ends up MUCH longer, lol....that's really cool...dang people on the roads, sometimes they can be so freakin rude and uncaring....but i guess it still is good training to have LOTS of distractions while still in training, makes for a bomb proof ride in the end.....so good to hear how great he's going...KUDOS


Woohoo!  The maiden voyage!  Good boy Storm, and way to go Mel!!!!  We're so excited with you and for you!! 


Happy, happy day!!! Congrats on all your work! What a good feeling, huh? Looks like you guys are going to have many trail rides to enjoy each others company in the near future.

Scott Bayerl-MHWF, Inc.
Congrats Mel!!!

Way to go Mel and Stormy (Stoney)!!!

What a great story to follow.........with more to come.
Wendy W - WI

Excellent!!!!  What a treasure you have!!!  I'm so happy for you!!!

Denise S - WW
Oh, mel!! What awesome news & what a great day for trail riding!!! Great mom = Great horse  =  Great mom = Great horse.... WOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
mel d
Aw, back to my childhood rides on my ol Lucky ...

...riding Stormy with the bareback pad today felt just like old times...

'cept I was wearing a helmet

Denise S - WW
Just a bareback pad!!!! That is awesome mel!!! I can see the 'smiles' in your words! You rock woman!!!
mel d
Santa was very good to Stormy...new saddle, and yes, it is English! (Still have my western boots however and won't give those up. I like the feel of the English saddle, more like bareback I guess.) The saddle pad goes perfectly with Storm's rhythm beads! Santa (aka Jeff) is so smart!

We had a great day today. I love my horse, too!!!!!

WOW Mel, you must have been a VERY good girl this year huh?  Stormy looks GREAT, love the pad and matching beads, did you pick out your saddle?  looks great....


Stormy looks fabulous!  Learning English is a goal of mine this year, but I'm with you on the boots. ;)

mel d

Karrie, I had a saddle in mind, but thought I would be saving for it...Jeff talked to the gals at the barn and they helped him order everything including the blue pad to match his beads...all in secret. I didn't have a clue, I thought the big box was the blanket Jeff and I ordered for Stormy for Christmas. Jeff said he wrapped it and put it under the tree. (He is one sneaky elf!)

Wendy W - WI

He looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!  Very handsome in his new saddle too!!!  Jeff sounds very special.


Wow Mel, he looks great! And what a man you've got! can you have Jeff hold a seminar on what to buy your horse woman for Christmas? I'd send Ralphie for sure!

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