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Stormy - 11 yrs. (see newest updates by scrolling through the pages, this first post is from 2012 and more current information follows)
This will be Stormy's thread where we will keep any updates and/or new photos. 
Date of arrival to MHWF:  06/01/2012
$500 -

Stormy is an 11 year old Anglo-Arabian mare. She stands at 15.1 hands tall. Stormy is registered with the United States Dressage Federation and has been trained to a level somewhere between 1st and second level. She is ridden 5 to six times per week. Stormy leads, loads, ties, is good for the vet and farrier and does all the things a well cared for, well trained horse should do. She has all of her shots done for the year and recently had her teeth floated, so she is all set to go for the 2012 season. We have much more info on Stormy and will make that available to anyone who inquires about her. Stormy's adopter should be someone with some experience who would like to do some dressage and/or English showing. We will not adopt her out as a trail horse, jumper or gaming horse. 


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I just want to mention that I will be getting current photos here at the farm today of Stormy and sharing those here as soon as I am done working.  New photos coming soon!  :) 

Julie P
OMG  I think I just drooled all over my keyboard here at work.  Oops! 
I can't wait to see some updated photos, Karen! :)

Oh my...another beauty with training to boot!  Holy wow!! 


Oooooohhhhh lord... Now SHE is tempting... Oofta. I may just have to have a little chat with my mom... :) The perfect horse... Well rounded and well trained... :)

Kara W.



I can't stop looking....need more pictures.


Jenn, me either! I literally have butterflies when I look at her!!! I agree, I can't wait for more pictures!!




Seriously LOL Jurita! 


I was just wondering if she was sound for jumping and how her personality is. Is she a personable horse who likes to be around people a lot?


Stormy just got here today and I haven't even met her yet, so I cannot comment on her personality yet (although she's an Arab, I can't imagine her not being very personable).  I am not sure about the jumping, we will look into that. 

As promised, some pictures of Stormy from today, 6/1/2012: 


Does she have papers with AHA? 



Oh my goodness...what a gorgeous horse!  I must be completely blinded by her initial beauty as I can not see another pic anywhere...LOL

Donna R

What a beauty!  She won't last long.  I have a 19 yr. old Anglo-Arab mare.  Just love the breed!

Very pretty mare! I'm not seeing the pics either.
mel d
Oh man, your phone must be going crazy again...still...
I apologize, the forum was having some technical difficulties yesterday and I couldn't get back in to post the pics.  Here they are finally! 

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Worth waiting for...smile...isnt she lovely!

Lindsey N
I thought it HAD to be that she is so amazing that she must not actually exist and is, in fact, a ghost...or worse, a vampire horse, which is the reason the pictures did not show up.  (All in good fun Karen :P)  I have been thinking about this lady ALL day yesterday and think I will regret not going to see this one for a long time....GAH.  It's VERY rare you see one this well-rounded...someone is going to be extremely lucky to get their hands on this girl and I wouldn't be surprised if she's gone by this weekend already :P

I.... Julia and I are wondering about this horse????? Endurane Prospect?

mel d
HMMMM...maybe we need a mare named Stormy ;-) Oh wait, that might get confusing? What a spectacular horse!

Darn...I looked...again. 



*drool just shorted out my keyboard*
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