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When we bought our place it had barbed wire.  The weekend we moved in we took down all the barbed wire and replaced it with electric fence.  It was easy to do and took about half a day.  I hate barbed wire.  Evil evil stuff.
mel d
Yes, especially if you have good fence posts already there - it is very easy to switch over to electric -
Nicki S.
Well, we have 40 acres fenced... so it's a bit of a project!
Nicki S.
Still trying to find a good barn in my area to board her so I can apply for her... I found a good one but it's an hour away so I'm trying to find something closer.
Lindsey N
What area are you looking for?  Maybe some people out there can give you some good suggestions :D  Stormy's "followers" would LOVE to see her go to a great home!
Nicki S.

I'm up in the Superior, WI/Duluth, MN area (South Range, WI, to be exact).  I'm on the waiting list for Kateri Farms (a really nice dressage barn).  Most of the barns in the area are just too far!

I'm working on looking into Credence Farms (though it seems to be for sale so it makes me a bit nervous (what if I get in there only to find out I have to move in a hurry?).  There's also a "Stone Road Farm" that I can't find a whole lot of info about, but apparently it's a "co-op" type barn that relies on boarders to care for the horses... not too sure how well that type of arrangement generally works out.

First off this is one beautiful mare! WOW  My step-daughter Jessica is really super interested in Stormy.  She has an application sent in and hopefully will be approved :-)  Stormy would be kept at my place.  Would love to see this mare in the field everyday for sure!

Good luck Jess!  And Hopefully if everything works out Stormy will have a home and Medora will have another mare to help keep all the boys in line :-)
Tah-dah!  :) 
Well, guess what?  It worked out perfectly with Jessica, and Stormy finally found herself a great home!  JoAnn and Jess made the long trip over and as soon as Jess rode Stormy for a few minutes she knew that she was the one.  She spent a good amount of time with her and closely watched her reactions to ground work and Jess and JoAnn both rode Stormy also and really liked what they saw.  Stormy did beautifully with both of them.  Medora will be so happy to have another girl around to help her run things now! 

Jessica will be sending in lots of updates, so it will really be a lot of fun for us all to watch them progress together and have fun together. 

Thank you so much for choosing adoption, Jessica and JoAnn!  There is another horse who thanks you as well, and I will be sure to share pics with you as soon as she gets here. 

Well, once again I cannot choose just one adoption picture, so here are two of Stormy and Jessica on adoption day, 9/4/2012.  We had left Stormy in the round pen for a while after riding and she took a good roll in the sand, so she isn't the cleanest, but still as beauiful as ever.  These two look great together! 

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OHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy for Jessica and Stormy.  Congrats to you both and I can't wait to see some awesome pictures of the two of you in the future.  Keep us posted.
Congratulations to Stormy and her new family!   That is such great news!!  Another beautiful match!
Yay! Congrats to Stormy and Jessica!! What a beautiful, talented girl she is! Can't wait for updates on this new partnership. :)
Congratulations!!  Stormy is a fantastic horse.  I am so excited for you, and also for Stormy.
Jenni O.
Congratulations!  Looking forward to many updates.  Enjoy your lovely horse!
A little too jealous to be happy but congratulations ;)
linda b.
Whew!  Had I been a decade younger and wanting the adventure of such a well tuned horse, I would have been tempted to ride her the day i chose Dream!  Then I would have had to bring two home!!!  Life is a journey, Jessica - Enjoy the ride!!
Yeah! Congrats on a great horse.
Yeah! Congratulations! Since I have seen this horse, the same as many others,when am I going to win the lottery? Happy riding and can't wait for updates. You two look great together.
congratulations to Stormy and her new family!!  HIP HIP HOORAY!!!
Kim M.
Congratulations! Have a fantastic time!
Jessica B.
Though it has only been a week I must say it's been amazing.  I have been doing some groundwork with her and discovered that she needs a challenge. She is very smart and not spooky. And riding her is like a dream.  Since I am not used to her cues all the way I overdid it and fell off but it was all good lol.  She was worth every penny.  I feel very lucky. I can't wait to try her in English Pleasure next Saturday.  I will keep you all posted.  Thanks for reading
I am so glad Stormy found a home with you. She is such a nice horse. 
Jenni O.
Good luck this weekend!  Photos, photos, photos!  :)
Jessica B.
Yesterday, I was so proud of my girl! I took Stormy out for a trail ride and she did wonderful. She was a little nervous in the beginning but I stayed calm and relaxed and let her know everything was going to be ok and she slowly eased into and soon enough, she was off:)  Though she was very alert, she just trotted along and did a little canter, and really seemed to take right into it and enjoy it.  I can't wait to take her on another one again Thursday.  We are also working on a little desensitizing over a tarp and through the "car wash" (noodles hanging from a PVC pipe). 
That's awesome Jessica!  I knew with the right person she would do just fine out on the trails.  :)  I'm also really happy to see that the adjustment period for Stormy in a new home went so well too! 
Jessica B.
Yes she is doing well with the adjustment, but is still a little leary of the herd, they have all finally excepted her but we are waiting for her to feel comfortable enough to stand by them completely. She is getting closer and closer though:) Actually its really cute becuase now my baby and her have been eating together more than anything.
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