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Jessica B
Update from the show: I was so proud of my little girl Stormy yesterday. She did beautiful and looked beautiful the entire day with her presence. We placed first in English Pleasure, Second in English Equitation, fourth in egg and spoon and placed in all speed events except for Jumping figure Eight. The jump was about 2 feet high and because of my hesitating thinking that she wouldn't go over the jump, it took some effort on the way in but she jumped and on the way out i jumped it lol. Stormy refused it and i went over landing on the jump but got up and got into the saddle and tried it again and she went over willingly. Good news is even though we took everything slow, like i said before, we placed in all events and even beat Medora in Speed dash with a 11 second run. The reason we placed only second in English Equitation is because of my "posting". i haven't quite figured that whole thing out yet and making sure i have a proper seat, but with the help of stormy and me working together, i am going to work on my seat and she is going to work on her jumps:) Over all she did good. And as far as pictures, we are working on it. so hopefully soon.
linda b.
That is terrific.  Stormy finally found her match in you!  Great news
Jenni O.
Good job!  That is very impressive, especially considering that you two haven't been together all that long.  By next year you'll be hogging all the ribbons.
 Congratulations Jessica!  What a wonderful partnership you and Stormy have already!
mel d
Congratulations on a great day :)
Yes, a wonderful day!  
Congratulations on such accomplishments with so little time to work together...you two will be an unbeatable team in no time!

Here is a picture of Jess on Stormy and Me on Medora from this weekends show showing off all the ribbons we won!
That is just all kinds of awesome!  Love it!!!  The videos are great and it is just a thrill to see how well Stormy and Jess are doing together already!!!! 
mel d
Enjoyed your videos ALOT!!!! Stormy has found her match for certain :)
A quick pic of Stormy out on the trails this past weekend!

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Hi, I just wanted to post my own update about Stormy.  She has settled in wonderfully with the rest of the herd finding her spot about in the middle. 

I hosted an obstacle course show couple of weekends ago and Jess rode stormy through it and they did very well together!  I think they placed 3rd in their class. 

Stormy is teaching Jess tons about riding and refining her aids and cues!  It is almost kinda fun to watch as Jess struggles with a que and Stormy wont get it and do something else or nothing them BAM Jess will get it right and Stormy will do what she is asking!  Stormy is also learning that not everything is scary and has gained tons of confidence with Jess and new stuff and environments!

Stormy is super smart and a great horse for Jess.  She is thinking of taking lessons maybe this fall but for sure next year because she realizes that she kinda frustrates Stormy sometimes.  But its good because it is forcing Jess to expand her level of riding making her better!


Stormy - 13 yrs.

$400- Stormy is a 13 year old Anglo-Arabian mare. She stands at 15.1 hands tall. Stormy is sound, healthy and well trained. She leads, loads, ties, is great for the vet and farrier and has good ground manners. Stormy is registered with the United States Dressage Federation and has been trained to someplace between 1st and 2nd level. The past few years Stormy has been used for some local shows and has been ridden out on the trails. She is a sane, well rounded mare, good manners, good looks and very good training.

What an adorable face she has!

Whoa.  striking hunk of-a-qualified horse.  Someone is going to be very lucky.
Does Stormy do western and English riding? Or just English?
If I understand the previous forum posts correctly, Stormy was adopted and is back up for adoption. Would you tell me more? I am curious as to those circumstances.
Yes, you are correct Shannon, Stormy was adopted in September of 2012 and just returned to us from her adopter.  While I do not want to give out a lot of personal information regarding Stormy's adopter, Stormy had to come back due to financial reasons and life changes.  Her adopter did take very good care of Stormy and we are thankful for that.  When an adopter cannot keep their adopted horse for any reason, the adopted horse needs to be returned to MHWF, not able to be sold or given away.  

On an unrelated note, I want to apologize for the ad pop-ups on this thread.  If there wasn't so much great information shared in this whole thread, I would just delete the whole thing and start a new thread for Stormy, since it looks like when some of the videos from her adoptive home were posted there was some sort of advertising thing that got posted along with that stuff.  I cannot seem to figure out how to get rid of it without deleting this whole thread, but I sure hate to do that because there is so much good information about Stormy within the older posts.
Stormy is a dream cross for Endurance and her dressage background would make her a joy to ride.  Her original description indicated she was not be used as a trail horse, however, her last adopter did.  Would you feel she would enjoy a life as an endurance horse?  Essentially, does she like going down the trail with a job to do, will she be happy going away and camping on the weekends all summer long, and is she confident enough to be okay alone or in a group of horses?   Thanks!
Scott: MHWF
Hello Deb, 

I wish we could answer all those questions for you, but if I were to give any answers to them, they would only be guesses. Stormy has been in her adoptive home for the past couple of years and to be honest, we do not know all that much about what she was doing during those couple of years, other than what was posted here on Stormy's thread. 

What we can say for sure is that she is pretty easy going, still seems to be very sound and her ground manners are very good. Since leaving here a couple of years ago, she has been used as a trail horse primarily, or at least as far as we know. We would like to see her go back out as a trail horse again, or for some low level dressage. 

Would she hold up to some endurance riding.....my first thought is why not, but with her only being back for a few short days, we cannot say that for sure as of yet.
If I was looking for another horse I would be making an appointment for this one!
Oh, *Stormy* is a gorgeous boy. Jurita how many are in your HERD?
Char..Stormy is a mare. And to answer your question..I have twice as many as I promised my husband I would have.
[love] Sooo beautiful.... I wish I could get a horse....[love]
I see that I forgot to add current photos of Stormy in her winter woolies, so here is a current picture of Stormy from the day she came in.  [smile]  

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What a special horse.  Her facial marking is unique and cute.
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