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Stormy has had a few people show interest in her, and the first person to call on her, Patti Jo, set up an appointment to come and meet her today.  Unfortunately, something came up and Patti Jo couldn't make it, but she sent our mutual friend, Priscilla, to come and evaluate Stormy for her.  While Stormy is a bit out of shape, all of her buttons are still in place.  Priscilla did great with Stormy and was able to get some video as well, and Stormy looks to be just what Patti Jo is looking for in a lesson horse!  Patti Jo will be making the trip up in the upcoming week and we can do official adoption day pics, but for now I will share a couple of pics of Stormy with Priscilla.  

Thank you so much Priscilla and Patti Jo, and congratulations!  

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Oh Good For Stormy!

Such a pretty girl. So glad for this news on a Monday morning.

Wonderful news!  Congratulations [smile]  Good things always happen when Priscilla comes to ride!
Jenni O.
Congratulations, and I'm betting you'll enjoy lessons on your new horse!
Both Stormy and Hailey left for their new homes today and we accidentally forgot to do an adoption day photo for Stormy, so Patti Jo, Stormy's adopter, promised to send us one....and here is is!

Thank you and congrats Patti Jo! Thank you to Priscilla for her help in this adoption as well!


Stormy traveled great, unloaded great, settled in right away. I brought her into the indoor and she seemed to just say “Oh Ok, I’m in an arena, good I know all about this.” Totally content.  I walked her around, let her roll, lunged her a bit then put her in her paddock. She is by herself, horses all around her, but alone in the paddock just to get used to being here. I’ll put her in with another tomorrow or Monday. 

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Jenni O.
Congratulations again. Are you taking lessons soon? We'll need a photo!
Patti Jo gives lessons and Stormy will be a lesson horse at her barn.  [smile]  One of Patti Jo's students came with Priscilla and rode Stormy as well and fell in love.  
Patti Jo
Thought you might like an update on Stormy. Who I renamed Cali.

I got her hocks injected about 4 weeks ago and she is doing great. She has
put on some weight/muscle and looking and feeling good.

So far so good, with her being a lesson horse. She is a bit herd bound and
can be a little impatient about things but we are working on things and
hopefully she will improve/ learn. She knows her job when under saddle,
which is really helpful being a lesson horse.  

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Jenni O.
She looks great, and like she enjoys her work. Will anyone be taking her to some shows at some point? Just curious.
You asked if Cali (Stormy) will be going to any shows this year. She probably will. We typically take the students to some WEC shows in Depere. We also do some fun mini events here at the farm and do some shows with the pony clubbers in Sheboygan. Although she is not a jumper, and I do not think we will pursue that with her. She could do some ground pole classes with the kids. I'll try and keep this forum updated but all the shows will be along the lakeshore area.
New pics of Stormy came today!

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Looking great, thanks for the pics!!  
*Stormy* looks gorgeous... Thanks for the photos/updates.
Oh wow!  Beautiful!
Jenni O.
Pretty!  She has long legs.  [smile]  I can't remember how tall she is and I'm too lazy to look right now, but she looks tall in those photos. 
New pics!

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Hi Patti Jo...I just realized who you adopted. She looks great. (Eli aka Rogan says hi)
Such a pretty girl, so great to see an update!  [smile]  

Stormy - 17 yrs.

$400 - Stormy is a 17 year old Anglo Arab mare that has been part of MHWF for a long time now, so we know Stormy pretty well. She is very nice looking, an easy keeper, well-mannered and very well broke. She has done a little of everything, from lessons, to dressage, some shows and trail riding. It is now time for Stormy to get a break from the hard work and live a semi-retired life as a leisure trail horse. Good for the vet and farrier, leads, loads, ties, and a great, reliable trail horse. We have a considerable more amount of info to share about Stormy and will share that with potential adopters.

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Jenni O.
Wow, someone is going to get super lucky! Pretty, talented, well trained...
Such a pretty girl!  


Donna M
She's beautiful and sounds like a horse almost anyone could ride. How tall is she and where does she rank in a herd? 

I don't consider Stormy "a horse almost anyone could ride" really, but we all consider who "almost anyone" is a lot differently.  LOL!   While she is really well trained and knows her stuff, we are asking that she be a trail horse at this point in her life and while she has done great on the trails for a few people, she sure isn't for a beginner out on the trails.  A  beginner fits into the category of "almost anyone" for a lot of people. [wink]  A person with confidence would be great who knows a bit about riding and cues, etc., who could handle a horse possibly getting nervous and/or spooking.  Not a "passenger" horse.  Stormy isn't what we'd call a seasoned trail horse, but will do fantastic with the right person.  I would have to stick Stormy to get an exact height, but my best shot from sitting at my computer at the moment would be probably 15.2.  I will report back later on that guess.  Stormy is still trying to fit in with the herd and hanging with the other newbies, so I really can't say where she fits in a herd right now.  She definitely is not being a bully to anyone or trying to rank out there, and she is also a horse that isn't going to be picked on either.  

Hey Donna, can you please go to a few other threads and ask how tall the horses are for me please?  Stormy came out tonight to get measured and got adopted.  LOL!  

I just got in the house and it's almost 10:00 p.m., so I will share an adoption picture tomorrow.  Stormy is still here with us, but we will post an adopted update very soon.  A very lucky 16-year-old named Kassie got quite the birthday present!  [smile]  
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