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Ok Stormy fans, I need help picking out a picture of my daughter and Stormy for my wall.

- Roxanne

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Donna M
Oh my goodness, they are all so beautiful. I keeping going back to 2 and 3.
Carina p.
I like number 3 the best but they are all great pictures.
#1 would be great if you could get the background blurred or changed

Otherwise 2,3 and 5 are all good
2 or 3
2 is my favorite, but 3 would do.  I like these the best because there isn't anything in the background to distract me.  It's just a girl, her horse, and nature. 
Thank you everyone for your input on pictures... looks like picture number 2 is the one we will use
Stormy and her pasture mates, Ghost and Scooter.

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Stormy says Happy New Year!

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Stormy looks gorgeous cavorting in the snow!

Stormy says she is sick if winter.

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My sentiments exactly!
MHWF, Inc.

My birthday girl, a few days late. She is now 21 and thinks she is 10. 😉

- Roxanne M.

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Heike B
Happy birthday Stormy!! Thank for sharing another beautiful picture of her 😉
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