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Wow, what a gorgeous horse!  My son wants this horse but I think I may have to check her out instead!
Gloria H

Beautiful ... makes me really want to build on to the barn & add another stall :) :) 

Scott Bayerl : MHWF

Stormy is not a horse for a first time horse owner/adopter or a horse appropriate for kids. Stormy is a lot of horse. Please do not call us to ask us if she will be a good fit for your kids. We will not entertain that option.


Over the weekend we got about 8 or 10 calls asking if Stormy could be adopted for a green rider or first time horse adopter/owner. This is not a horse for a green, timid or beginner rider.


Please do not argue with us when you call and we are hestitant to set up an appointment to show her to a green rider. We have placed over 1000 horses over the years and do know a little something about what horse might be a good match to what rider. There are exceptions to the rule of course, but if you are interested in a horse for your child or friend that is green, do them a favor as well as us, call about horses that are appropriate for the person riding.


Thank you.

I have a couple of pictures from Stormy being ridden this past weekend.  Like Scott said, Stormy is a very well trained horse but she is certainly not for a beginner or green or timid rider. 

Not to sidetrack Stormy's thread here, but I want to thank Chloe and her parents, Susan and Dean, for coming out on Saturday and helping around here, and Chloe worked with a rode Stormy as well.  Some of you may remember the TB horse named Blu that Chloe and her parents adopted, and they are all doing great together and Chloe is showing Blu as well. 

Three people rode Stormy on Saturday; Chloe and then our regular volunteers, Karin H. and Terri also rode her.  Everyone really enjoyed riding Stormy, and Karin even did a few flying lead changes with her out on the lawn in the front yard (we still have no arena here for riding). 

Here are a couple of pictures of Stormy being ridden on Saturday, 6/9/2012.  The first one in the round pen with Stormy and Chloe and the second out in the front with Stormy and Karin. 

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Hi Scott & Karen,
Thanks for the additional information regarding Stormy and the type of owner/rider she will need. She sounds like an amazing horse and can see why so many people have interest in making her their own. 
You're absolutely right in making people aware she isn't for a beginner rider even though she sounds like she would be with the level of training she is at. With dressage horses there are many different subtle cues and a person might not even be aware of what they are asking for with a simple move of their leg and/or slight pressure here or there or even something as simple as the shifting of their weight. She will make a great horse for the right rider.
Kudos to you for all you do!!

Chloe R.
I did get to ride stormy (I'm in the first picture) and she is a great horse! She responds very well off of your leg! She is Really fun to ride! She's not for the green rider but she will go far in dressage or whatever else she is being used for. I look forward to seeing her move on to the right adopter! Somebody's going to get an amazing, loving horse :) 
I still can't believe that she is still here. Isn't there anyone who is in need of this horse? Hopefully she will find someone who is showing dressage and use the talents she obviosly has
I love this horse!! I have grown up with Arabians and have shown Arabians. I now work at a Dressage barn so I could learn with her and maybe show her... I so wish I could have just one more horse...
Well, the darn job gets in the way again.  Karin H. and I were going to take Stormy to a show this Sunday, but we both have to work, and there is no way I can get out of it.  I'm fairly certain we would have come home with a few ribbons and that would have been really fun.  I guess that isn't newsworthy since it isn't going to happen, but I just wanted to pop Stormy's thread back up so people don't forget about her.  Stormy is doing great and has really settled in nicely.  She is a higher energy horse and does have an opinion on things, and anyone who can handle that is going to get themselves a really great horse!  She has much less of an opinion under saddle than she does on the groundwork and she is a really fun horse to ride! 

She looks and sounds awesome! 

Jenni O.
As great as she looks under saddle, I think someone can put up with a little attitude on the ground.  :)  I hope you guys get the chance to take her to a show-although it would be even better if she were adopted soon and her new person took her.
We would have loved to have gotten her to the show this weekend so we could speak first-hand on how she did in that situation, etc.  Also, it would have been nice to have an adoption horse there.  :)  Jenni, I also hope that an adopter comes along soon!  Stormy is really a great horse and someone is really going to love her. 
I am really surprised Stormy is still there. I thought she'd be gone in a week. I have seen this horse in person and she is gorgeous and from what I hear, is very well trained and a great ride. I would rather have a little more "attitude" on the ground than in the saddle. I am sure there are experienced riders out there that don't mind a bit of "opinion" from a horse now and then and can work with it.  
Stormy is a really good girl, she is just not for a green OR timid handler.  Her sweetness and personality has really come out now that she is settled in a good herd and pasture turnout environment.  She has packed on a few pounds though since she is not being worked 5 days a week like she previously was, but she is looking really good.  :)  I will have to get some new pics up soon. 
Wow...this mare is beautiful!  We went on Saturday to meet her and Kenzie did ground work and walk/trot/canter....she's definitely a horse with a lot of go and although Kenzie had a blast riding her she didn't feel that Stormy was the right horse for her.  Stormy is very reactive and is a high energy horse and like Karen has said she is definitely NOT for someone who is green or inexperienced or lacks confidence.  I think that she is an awesome horse that just oozes class but Kenzie is the one looking and she is using her own money so it has to be her decision.  I should explain that Kenzie is ready to move up to a bigger horse and that we will be keeping Raiden as well.  We had fun catching up with Scott and Karen too.  :)
Kenzie will find the right horse and Stormy will find the right adopter. Sometimes it just takes a little time, patience, and waiting. 
Anna WI
I really like this mare and wish I could adopt her. A horse with so much training can be a lot of fun to ride and Stormy just needs someone who knows how to "ride" this kind of horse. She doesn't sound like a horse that a person can just be a passenger on. When I read Jenn's comment about Stormy being "reactive" I just have to say that I don't think it's being reactive, rather Stormy probably just responds to things a lot faster and if someone doesn't know how to ride this kind of horse they could be giving signals that they don't even know they are giving. Stormy sounds like one heck of a horse and someone is going to be VERY lucky to adopt her.
Stormy looks perfect for a few experienced dressage people I know and I have sent them over to the forum to look at this beautiful mare. Perfect age, nice size and gorgeous to boot. What's not to like there?! Plus a big arrow on her head pointing to the spot where you should smooch her! 
Stormy is a blast to ride!  It wasn't that I couldn't handle her or anything it is just that I think she should go to a rider that knows that knows at least some dressage and I don't really know any.  She has a super nice canter it's so smooth.  She will make someone very happy!
Anna WI

The whole point of my previous post is that a person doesn't need to be from a dressage background to ride a horse with lower level "dressage" training because most of the movements are pretty common in other desciplines. The notes below are from the dressage academy website to show that most of the movements are pretty basic in lower level dressage. Now if we were talking Grand Prix that would be a whole other story. 

"1st level: Allowed movements:
Counter canter, zig zag leg yield, leg yield along the wall, lengthen canter on 20m circle, canter serpentine, simple change, walk-canter-walk-canter, halt-canter-halt, all figures - including circles - regardless of size, trot circle (10m or smaller), canter circle (15m or smaller)."  

"Required movements for second level dressage include:
Trot - Medium & Collected
Walk - Medium, Free and Shorten Stride
Canter - Medium & Collected, Counter-Canter & Simple Lead Changes
Halts - trot to halt"

"Second level dressage adds another element to the horse's training by starting collected work. This shows that the horse is able to accept weight on the hind quarter, thus giving him the more "uphill" carriage required for pirouettes in his later training. The elements of previous levels are judged more critically now and transitions between medium and collected gaits are more important. This level sees the addition of Counter Canter, Shoulder In, Travers, Simple Lead Changes and Rein-Back, as well as Collection in Trot and Canter." http://www.dressage-academy.com/index.php

  Kenzie, I sure didn't mean that you couldn't ride her and I am sorry you took it that way.

Scott: MHWF
She is also very good at sidepasses and flying lead changes.
Here is a link to show you what is required of Dressage horses in the different levels: 

If that link doesn't work
click here

Stormy has been to shows and I believe was showing in level 2 Dressage.  She is a very talented mare who has a lot to offer the right person. 
But it's also good AND shows maturity when you can admit that you are not ready to ride a horse that is more advanced than the rider.  If we truly love our horses, we do best to learn all we can and be the best we can for them and than includes not confusing and irritating a well trained horse because vanity keeps us from seeing our current limitations!
I've been riding dressage for my whole life, and competing for the past seven years. The thing about dressage horses is they are trained to be finely tuned to their rider's every movement. Everything is a cue -- when you turn your shoulders one way or another, shift your weight, turn your head, all of these things are signals to a well-trained dressage horse. If you're a trail rider or if you're not that experienced, you could be sending cues to her all the time without even knowing it, and this is where things get cloudy. She's going to react quickly, and the inexperienced rider won't know why. This could be dangerous, depending on the situation...if  you are sending mixed signals, this could really frustrate the horse. I have seen dressage horses get sold to pleasure riders, and if they are young enough it is fine, but the ones with more training usually get passed right along and it's pretty sad. These are well-trained horses, but that doesn't mean they are easy to ride. If I had the means, I'd adopt Stormy in a heartbeat...I truly hope she finds a forever home where her rider understands her needs completely.
The really nice thing about Stormy is that her previous owner tried to keep her a well balanced horse and trail rode her once a week, every week. 
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