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*bump!* Sending adoption vibes for Stormy!
Could you tell me what Anglo-Arabian means?
Scott Bayerl : MHWF
1/2 Arab - 1/2 TB
I know someone looking for a horse for her 14 yr old daughter. They have the farm where I board Sugar Bear and the daughter has been riding since she was able to wear boots! The older sister just graduated high school and has been showing for years. They've traveled around the midwest doing this and mom recently told me she is looking for a horse for the younger daughter now. They also have a trainer on staff. Could be a great match. Fingers crossed.
Thank you Donna, I do hope they send in their application and consider Stormy.  Stormy is a really great horse with some wonderful training on her who is really fun to ride. 
Received a disheartening reply: "She is pretty, Arabs sometimes have a tendency to be a bit high strung."

I am the first to admit I know very little about horses, but isn't this like saying Pit Bull sometimes have a tendency to bite?

Yes Donna, that is a correct assessment you made.  That is a rather narrow-minded statement, and you can't make a correct assessment of a horse just based on their breed. 

I wanted to bump Stormy's thread back up and talk about her a bit anyway.  Is the fact that someone came and met Stormy and didn't take her deterring people from calling and inquiring about her?  Believe me people, this is a great horse with some really good training under her belt.  Just because someone came and met her and they were not a match surely doesn't mean it was the horse's fault by any means.  Not every person is a match with every horse.  I sure hope someone gives her a chance.  No, she is not for a completely green preson, but she is a very sensible and intelligent horse and anyone who knows a little bit about riding would do very well with her.  I could see some lucky kid completely kicking butt and taking all the ribbons in 4-H with Stormy, or some lucky adult in almost any scenario! 

Paige G
Isn't there some poem about if wishes were horses? She sounds like a fantastic mare, I am surprised she is still here. As far as Arabians being high-strung, as Karen said that is a narrow-minded statement. It really depends on the individual horse. :) 
Jenni O.
I'd be interested, actually, but I say that about nearly every Arabian that comes through here.  We just don't have room/time for a 4th horse.  Is she maybe still here because trail riders are looking for something different, and the right show person hasn't found her yet?  I certainly wouldn't be scared away because people checked her out and passed.  I'm pretty sure most horses for sale get looked at by various people before the right buyer comes along.

And anyone who doesn't look at a horse of this caliber for this price because it's an Arab (and they automatically think it will be high strung) is a fool.  When we were looking I mentioned that I like Arabs to someone.  His reply was, "You don't want an Arab for trail riding.  They aren't good for that."  Hellloooo, I think thousands of endurance riders can prove you wrong. 

The person that ends up adopting Stormy is going to be very happy that nobody else snatched her up.
Even though I'm 4 hours away I may just make the drive one of these days to see her.  I would love to ride a dressage horse again.  I was looking for an all around horse that could do dressage, jump, and even be mellow on a trail.  Not sure how mellow she'd be with the Arab/TB cross, but I keep checking her out.  You may get a call from me, Scott.  If you guys were closer I would have been up there a while ago!  Darn John B for getting me hooked on your site!  :)
I agree with you completely Jenni O. I personally own a pure bred Arabian and he is not your typical Arab he is so calm and very dependable, not hot tempered or hard to handle.  It really depends on the individual horse.

Lindsey N
As for the Arab part and trail rides, while mine usually has the most energy, he is far from spooky.  He is the one I will ride when I want to be confident he won't run away with me and he won't hurt me because he's scared of something.  While they do have energy, with trust you can do really well on trails.  Same with Thoroughbreds.  Energy doesn't equate to spooky, and often times Arabs (or any horse potentially, but I love my Arabs!!) have such amazing work ethics that they may be antsy on their own but once they have someone on their back and they have a job they are the most focused and driven horses you will find.  That's all :P
Tricia - No. WI
We have a 25-year-old Arab that we have used exclusively for trail riding the past 12 years.  He is absolutely wonderful on the trails, and he will go forever.  And the ride...OMG!  It is so comfortable!

There is some serious over-looking going on with this horse.  Stormy is a really fantastic horse and I hope that there is nothing in her description that has scared people off.  She has settled in very, very well since being here and we have truly gotten to know Stormy very well now.  

We already know that Stormy rides fantastic and has some great trainining behind her, but we took her out on Saturday for the purpose of getting some video of her being ridden to share with everyone.  We will post that video as soon as it is rendered and uploaded. 

This horse has a fantastic work ethic.  She has not been ridden on a regular basis here and she takes to everything immediately and like you just left off yesterday with her.  She has such a solid foundation of training on her, I really want to compliment her previous owner on that. 

We also had three different riders ride Stormy, all three different backgrounds of riding and different level of riders.  Stormy did just as well with each and every one of them.  We were even able to instruct from the ground the cues to get Stormy to side pass and have the rider side pass on Stormy. 

We look forward to sharing the video very soon. 

Thank you Jurita, Karin and Terri! 

Here is a quick snapshot of Stormy being ridden on 8/11/2012: 

Attached Images
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Very calm, very lovely, and very versatile from the sounds of it!
This is a great horse!  I was given a "mini lesson" on her and she was such a good girl!  Some one out there is going to get a real gem!
still can't believe this girl is still waiting for her forever home! lookin' good Jurita!
Jenni O.
Jurita, you look really good on her!  Hmmm...  I won't say anything out loud... don't want to be an instigator.   ;)  Wish I lived closer.  I'd take a mini-lesson on her.
Well, I must say she's at the top of my list and if I could afford ANY horse, I'd have looked at her the first week she was at MHWF.  She ticks every box on my wish list except gender, but that doesn't seem to matter much.

Argh, argh, argh.  Anybody in Madison want to share?
Scott: MHWF



Stormy has been here with us for some time now and we have really gotten to know her well. This is one fantastic horse and someone out there is missing out for sure. Her training and manners are excellent, she is sound, healthy and very well behaved. Don't overlook this mare and think that there is a reason she has not yet been adopted...this is an excellent horse and her adopter is out there somewhere.

I'm missing out :( Stupid NY
mel d
Am stymied at why Stormy has not found a perfect home yet. She'd look awesome next to my Storms :) That lottery is really up there this week, plenty for a horse and an indoor for MHWF... :) Then, of course, I'd need lessons on her :)

A couple of short videos of Stormy being ridden at MHWF. The first video shows her at walk, trot, canter and back down. The second video is her practicing some lateral movements.

Stormy Ride:



Good Lord.  It would be hard to find a nicer ride than that.  Pretty, agreeable and knows her stuff.  If I needed a horse, this would be one I would want.  Nice nice horse for a qualified rider.  Don't wait folks.
Nicki S.
I'm very interested in Stormy... but unfortunately I keep my horses at my parents' currently and they have barbed wire fencing, and that's against MHWF regulations (for good reason, of course).  I've been working with/training horses for over 20 years and my current two geldings (an Arab and a QH) are enjoying their well deserved retirement.   I have ridden Western my whole life but am looking to switch disciplines to dressage.

I'm looking into the cost of boarding at a local dressage barn and if it's within my means, I will definitely be inquiring about Stormy.  She is a beautiful horse and sounds like she'd be right up my alley.  
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