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mel d
Looks like a couple of very happy girls!
Janice - Wi
Congratulations on bringing your girls home!  I know exactly how you feel - nothing beats being able to go outside or look out your house window to see your horses.  Your girls look as happy as you sound!
Donna M
1971 ... A young girl falls in love with horses
1981 ... A new mom puts her childhood dream on the back burner
1991 ... A career woman becomes "super mom" juggling demanding career with raising a family
2001 ... Empty nester begins to revisit childhood dream
October 27,2011 ... Little girl all grown up, realizes childhood dream and adopts Sugar Bear
October 27, 2013 happy anniversary to my sweet girl who has taught me so much and filled my heart with joy. You will never know how you have completed my life.
Happy anniversary Donna and Sugar Bear!!  What a great summary, it really says it all :)
Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Sometimes our dreams have to be put on hold for awhile but maybe that makes them extra special when they come true.
Happy anniversary Donna and Sugar Bear!!!! 
Donna R
Happy Anniversary Donna and Sugar Bear! 
Jenni O.
Happy Anniversary, and glad you finally got to make your dream a reality. Twice!
Always new, day one I saw the adoption, this was one of those matches made forever

Big Congrats Donna
Donna M
Rode Sugar Bear bareback and with just a rope halter today. How amazing!! The thing that became most apparent to me was posture and balance! Holy smokes, I've been doing this all wrong!

Sugar was a trooper. She gave me a little buck when I managed to clumsily hoist all my blubber on her, but she quickly settled down. We rode for a few minutes and she was very relaxed. I dismounted, walked her around, gave her lots of affection, and tried it again. The second time I was much more relaxed but still focused on posture and balance. We rode for about 30 minutes. What an awesome experience. 
Riding bareback really does challenge your balance and posture!  It also can really increase your horse's sensitivity to your cues.  Even just a little goes a long ways.  Glad you had fun!
Lindsey N
How awesome!!! Bareback is my favorite!!!
Donna R
Happy Anniversary Donna and Sugar Bear!  The time passes by so quickly doesn't it?  I'm so happy for you that your dreams have come true.  Your posts have been enjoyable to read.  It was a pleasure to finally meet you at the MWHF. 
Great job Donna. Yep..riding bareback will certainly help to improve your balance. It is also a good way to feel if your horse is ever "off" in some way since you can feel things bareback you cannot in the saddle sometimes.
Jenni O.
Good job, Donna. It's something I used to do more and should do now and then. Hope you get the horses home soon.
Donna R
Duh.  Sorry about the happy anniversary wishes again when the post should have been about your awesome bareback ride :).  It is another six month anniversary with Sugar Bear though and the time does go by so fast.  I applaud you for riding bareback.  I used to do it more when I was a kid.  I'm not as comfortable now.  I will take Copenhagen out bareback but only on a very short ride around our property.  You should be so proud of how far you have come along in your journey.
Awesome Donna and congrats.  We tend to hop on bareback a lot in winter n early spring for a few reasons; we are too lazy to drag the saddles out for a short ride, it does amplify the need to be balanced and right posture, esc. if you change up the speeds, and the number one reason we like bareback in the winter, keeps the bum and legs warm
Donna M
Hard to believe it's been almost 3 years since I was adopted into this family. On adoption day Sugar was "just" a beautiful animal. Today she is my soul. 

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Happy Anniversary Donna and Sugar Bear!!!! Isn't it amazing how quickly they steal our hearts? Here's to many more happy years with your girl!
Donna, thanks for the posts and photos. I want to be where you are by next spring. Your joy is contagious!
Donna M
Thanks Krissy. She has definitely stolen my heart and a few cookies from time to time. ;-)

Today I hauled Sugar to a friend's house and it was the first time she and I have ridden since our last two unsuccessful attempts on the trails here at home. She loaded like a dream and was a good girl the entire time. I really needed this today as I've been a bit reluctant to get back on her. She gave me no resistance or indication she was going to. Her farrier came this morning and I was gauging her behavior during her trim to see if I wanted to take her or not. The horses all seem to be settling in and she is back to her sweet, calm nature. It's nice to have my girl back. 

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Jenni O.
Happy Anniversary! You two are a great pair!
Scott: MHWF
All good news! Thanks for sharing Donna!
Big congratulations all the way around, and I do have to say I think you look younger every year...what is your secret??!!!  
So good to hear Donna! Happy anniversary [smile]
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