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Jenni O.
Hopefully it's all over, Donna, whatever it was. We use Easy Boot Back Country and I am so far very happy. Jeremy uses them on his gelding every ride, Pea only needs them when it's a place where shoes are recommended. We used them in SD last year and have used them at Zumbrota, which is rocky, muddy, sometimes a bit slippery, and elsewhere.

Your best bet is to measure the hoof after a trim and go to the various boot brand's websites and see what boot best matches your measurements. Some brands can fit a wider hoof better, etc. It's also my understanding that Renegades and Scoot Boots require a true barefoot trim to fit well. I sent Renegade pictures of Pea's hooves and they didn't think they would be a great fit. Easy Boot was helpful also. Jeremy ordered a fit kit where they send you the size you measured for and a size above and below that. You try the shell on to check before ordering the whole boot, and he sent photos to verify what he needed. I just measured and ordered.

Cavallo is another popular brand that people seem to like. I believe they require a bit of break in time.believe

Good luck!
Donna M
After years of failed trail boot attempts, resisting shoes, but wanting to alleviate Sugar’s discomfort during rides in rocky terrain, I decided to have her shod this year. It has made a night and day difference for her. The lameness she was experiencing early in the spring was immediately resolved. She no longer feels pain and is more confident wherever we ride. Sometimes I let her find her best footing and she seems to do it with much less effort.

We had an event at Tractor Supply where I work and she and Ariel were farrier models. She actually behaved better in the parking lot at work than she does at home. She is normally very good but generally tests us at least once to see if we are paying attention.

Sugar even walked into the store and did a little shopping for equine treats. At one point I was needed to assist a customer so I asked someone I know with a lot of horse experience to hold Sugar for me. When I returned about 5 minutes later I immediately recognized Sugar was distressed. Her head was up high and her eyes were like saucers. The person holding her was jerking the lead rope. What I wanted to say was WTF are you doing to my horse? But I calmly asked her what she was trying to do. Mind you, this is a person I used to ask for advice. She told me she was trying to get Sugar to back up so customers could get around her. I took the rope from her and said “all you have to do is ask her”. I calmly told Sugar to back up and took a step toward her. Just like that with zero drama she took 4 steps back and we averted a potential train wreck. If I’ve learned anything from this sweet, headstrong mare in the last 8 years it that asking nicely and communicating clearly gets desired behavior and there is no way I’m going to force a 1000 lb animal to do anything by threatening her.

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Donna M
Sugar Bear and I had a wonderful weekend at Ukarydee. We sure missed seeing everyone but thoroughly enjoyed a long weekend with wonderful riding time. We were fortunate to meet and ride with Jennifer and Bode and also caught a ride with none other than Karin H. Only one day was wet but not a total washout. The rest of the weekend was beautiful. Trails were a little sloppy in spots but a good test for horses and riders. Most of the time I let Sugar find her footing but I’m sure she must have thought my brain was water logged at times when I asked her to go through some deep puddles which seemed more like gorges to her. She probably did not appreciate me “bumping her sides convincingly a.k.a. Kicking the crap out of her” when she found a perfectly good sandy spot to roll without even asking me to dismount. The nerve of her! 🤪 She wore a “blanket” for the first time in the 8 years we’ve been together and looked rather stunning I might humbly add. I put a rain sheet on her to keep her dry as the showers passed through so she was dry when it was time to ride again.
We look forward to better weather next year and seeing everyone again.

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Oh so good to see your photos and hear you had a great time Donna!  
So sorry we didn't make it this year.  Hope to see you next year.

PS Sugar Bear does look dashing in Blue.  
What the heck was her buddy wearing? looks like a parka.

Glad you all had fun!

LOL BetC  I noticed that as well!  Glad you got to ride and have some fun!
Donna M
Parka? [biggrin][biggrin][biggrin][biggrin]

I took an extra turnout blanket for my friend's horse. She had never been horse camping before and I didn't think she would have a rain sheet. With the forecast calling for rain and no shelter in the corral, I thought it might help him stay somewhat dry. He is quite a bit larger than my mares so it didn't fit well. I does look like a parka. lol
Very nice
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