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Kate G
I still think he is cute. Heck, everybody is so cute!
Teddy is really doing great and such a good boy.  He keeps growing and is about the same height as Faith now.  He had his feet trimmed the day before yesterday again and did very well.  

Here are a couple of pics from last night, 8/18/2016.  

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Denise H
Karen..I was thinking about Teddy and was wondering if any recent pictures and wow I am just amazed how beautiful he has become..your pics say it all. You guys rock!
Jenni O.
He looks so grown up...almost!
He is gorgeous!
Well, Teddy had his 1-year anniversary with us from the date of his rescue on 8/17/2015, and now today on 8/19/2016 (I am getting this posted before midnight) he had his adoption day!  Yes, you read that right; Teddy got adopted today!!  

We are so excited for Teddy and his adopter, Heather along with her husband Jeremy.  They own a nice facility where they do some boarding and training and it sounds like Teddy is going to fit in very well.  Heather has a lot of the same philosophies on training that we do and we look forward to hearing of Teddy's new life with Heather.  While it was hard seeing the little man leave, we are extremely happy for him and very grateful to Heather for taking him under her wing.  

It got late and dark, so I had to resort to some crappy cell phone pics, but we couldn't go without sharing a few pictures of Teddy's adoption day.  (Teddy has his little head bumper on already for travel in the pics)

A very big thank you and congratulations to Heather and Jeremy!  Way to go Teddy!

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Am I reading this correctly...adopted?! That is wonderful!
Heather R.
Teddy loaded into the trailer to head to his new home, Grandview Farm, relatively well. He danced around a bit on the way to the barn, but was better than I expected. He unloaded like a pro, but it took some convincing to get him to walk into his new barn. At 12:15 Am Teddy happily settled into his stall for the night. Munching on the hay and going to town on the salt block. We brought Streak our trusty older gelding in to stall next to him for the night, Streak never turns down a chance to sleep in his stall. They will be fast friends and eventually be pasture mates. We look forward to watch Teddy grow and learn and can not wait to get to know him better.

IMG_2324.JPG IMG_2327.JPG IMG_2328.JPG  Here are some pics of him from tonight, on one of the
stops we did on the way home to make sure he was ok in the trailer. (not sure how to make pic not be on its side)  Him eating hay in his stall. Then the close up of his head is when he found the salt block, he was very happy with that.

Wow - what a challenge this year has been with these rescued horses and once again big smiles prevail [smile]  Congrats and please keep us all updated with pictures and updates Heather and Jeremy on your adventures together.
Kara B.
This makes me sooo Happy!!!
Don and Marianna
Good for Teddy !!!  Can't wait to hear about his new and loving adventure.  
Wendy W - WI
Congratulations Heather!  You sound like the right person for him.  Karen, I gotta say that 3rd picture choked me up with him looking at the trailer.  He does look very comfy in his new home.  Congrats again.  
Wow! Can't believe how big he's gotten. And how almost grown up he's starting to look. What a great opportunity for him in his new home. Can't wait to hear how he progresses. He is a lucky boy!!!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! It's going to be very cool to watch Teddy grow with you. You're going to have so much fun together!
Teddy looks so good. I think maybe this adoption is kind of bittersweet for Karen because she was getting attached to Teddy but looks like they found him a great home. Congrats to Teddy and his new family!
Scott: MHWF
Actually, it was me that was getting attached to Teddy. I always kind of had it in the back of my mind that Teddy might stay here and be the last horse in my life. The right home came along though, so as much as we both liked him, it was the right move to let him go.

Congratulations to Teddy & Heather! 


Wow!  Congratulations to Teddy and his adopter!  I really hope you keep us posted on his journey!!

Yay for Teddy!

Scott, I think there will be way more than one more horse in your life!
"Last horse", phooey!
Heather R.

Well Teddy's first few days at Grandview Farm have been a learning experience for everyone.  Teddy was a gentleman in the stall, he loves to roll in his shavings.  He got to explore the outdoor arena which has our jumps set up, he was not sure they were not going to eat him so he snorted and ran around kicking his heels up.  He was introduced to the girls pasture, it went better than I expected, a Morgan quarter horse named Abby has taken Teddy under her wing.  Jeremy and I discovered Teddy does not know what fly spray is and he has no plans to let us put it on him, so we will be working on that.  We have been working on walking, turning, picking up his feet, backing, and stopping in hand.  He improves skills and manners each day.

Thanks for the update Heather, it's great to hear from you.  Glad to hear Teddy has a horse taking him under his wing.  Teddy definitely knows what fly spray is, and hates it.  LOL!  I had resorted to just wiping him down with a mitten-type thing with fly spray on it.  He actually learned that from Sheba, the old gray mare in the pasture with him here.  It's funny, little Chilly, his old pasture mate here his same age took to fly spray right away, but Teddy took quite the dislike to the stuff and we did not put any work into that at all at this point, as you know [smile]  I could fly spray him if I put a halter and lead rope on him, but not if he was loose/at liberty.  (it was quicker and easier for me to wipe it on him with some of the time constraints we get at times).  I'm sure you'll get him accepting that in no time as he gets to trust you.
Wow, Teddy got a new home, that's great!!!  Sure was wonderful to see him blossom into the handsome fella he was meant to be from where he came from, only one year ago.  Congratulations Heather, you got a sweetie!  Will be looking forward to reading about him as he matures.  I'm so happy for you both!!!!!
Heather R.
Not much has gone on.  We have been busy with family health, student teaching starting, and Jeremy starting a new job.  We have taken a few walks around the barn with Teddy who is loving all the grass and new friends.  The farrier came last week and Teddy was very good for 3 feet.  Foot # 3 out of 4 he thought about challenging our farrier.  But after a little battle of who is stronger, the farrier won and he stood great.   
Teddy has bonded very well with a older mare name Abby. 

Thank you so much for the update, Heather!  We appreciate hearing any little thing and we are happy to hear from you.  It's funny, we were just talking about Teddy last night and wondering how he was doing.  It's great to hear from you.  [smile]  
Heather R.
We have been working a lot with walking, trotting, standing in the cross ties, and picking his feet up. Teddy has graduated to the level of “normal horse” at the barn. Meaning that anyone can take him out and walk him in for feedings, appointments, and some kids like to take him out and brush him. This is because he has been such a good boy. This past weekend we practiced putting a saddle pad and then a winter blanket on and we worked on walking and trotting with it. He kept terming and smelling what was on him. We walked over the blanket (it makes a bag like sound) a piece of plywood, pice of Styrofoam, I pulled the saddle pad over his head and made him walk. For all this torture, I mean training, he was a very good boy. We also walked over the trail bridge in the indoor arena. I then let him explore the indoor arena by himself with a few of my students standing guard by things we did not want his baby's curiosity to lead him to (tractor, round bales, and mowers), Teddy was trotting around, smelling the sand and the walls. Then it happened!! He caught the glimpse of a very handsome yearling running at the same time as he was. He turned around and called, but no answer, he trotted again past this yearling, again he called, but the other horse's would not call back. So he walked up to the other horse nose to nose, he gently nickered at him, the other horse just kept copying every move he made with his head. I then had to explain to Teddy, it was a reflection of himself in the mirror. He keeps going back to the mirrors and talking to that horse in the minor. He is so cute and such a quick and gentle learner.

Teddy is starting to fill out a bit.  I would have liked to see him a little bigger by now, but he was not happy with the baby growth grain, so he is now on senior feed for the protein content.   

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