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Scott & Karen: MHWF
Absolutely LOVE the update...thank you! We were just talking about him this morning [smile]

Major bummer that the photos did not come through though.....go ahead and email them to me and I will get them posted: scott@equineadoption.com

Jenni O.
I can't wait to see pictures! I bet that was funny, watching him with the mirror. So happy for Teddy and glad he is doing so well.
Scott: MHWF
Got em'.....[smile]

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Debbie M.
Teddy is growing up so fast! He sure is handsome, just like his daddy Phoenix. They even look alot alike! Thankyou for the update and pictures. I love him looking at himself in the mirror, he knows he is good looking!
Sue J
Teddy is growing up so fast and is really filling out! Keep the updates coming it will be fun to watch his progress.
Love the update and the pictures.  The mirror one is so cute.  Wow does he look great! 
Heather R.
Well Teddy was back at making trouble again! This time he was running around like a fool and slipped and fell on the ice. A few days of stall rest and a Chiropractic adjustment and he was back outside playing. We learn new things about Teddy all of the time, like he loves to lay on the round bail hay pile when they get low to the ground. At Grandview Farm we use big round bail nets to keep the hay together, so there is less waste. Well baby Teddy was rolling and got his leg and head stuck under the net/hay. Luckily my dad was driving past and saved the day. He cut him out (there went my hay net) and Teddy got up and gave him some thankful, loving snuggles and walked away like nothing happened. Teddy will have a repeat chiropractor adjustment in Feb. to make sure all is well. His hips/pelvis were a bit tilted, which is common for young guys. Teddy has moved to a new pasture, he is in with the big boys now. He was getting a little too clingy to Abby one of the mares that seemed to adopt him on day one. Which was causing problems for Abby's little girl to take her out as Teddy would just follow Abby out and when left behind he would call non stop for her, and she would call back making riding not so fun. The boys are doing great together. Teddy has stopped calling for Abby and now can be alone without feeling sad or scared. He is improving greatly with the farrier. I look forward to a bit of warmer weather to start playing in the round pen and going for walks on the trails. On bad weather nights the horses come into their stalls, when we start walking in and Teddy sees his stall, he starts to call for it and gets a little excited, so we often have to go back and walk a few times to our stall. We have been working on leading cues on the ground. Teddy can now trot off when the handler starts to run, we have to work on our stopping, and Teddy needs to remember his manners and not run ahead of the person leading him. I put a jolly ball in with Teddy, boy he sure loves that.
Jenni O.
Somehow I had missed the pictures. Love them! And great new update.
Yes great pics and great update.  The youngsters seem to have a wonderful talent for getting into all kinds of stuff!
Runs with scissors?
Heather R.

The vet came to do spring checkups and coggins and dentals on a few of our horses.  Teddy was a champ for his coggins draw, shots will be given over the next few weeks, we like to split them up so they do not overwhelm the horse immune.  Teddy got his teeth floated and got his wolf teeth removed.  

We started sacking (desensitizing) Teddy with bags, saddle blankets, whips, and wraps on his legs.  As well as learning to walk on the lunge line and stop when asked.  

Teddy has been enjoying the warmer weather, sun bathing, running with the other boys.

I look forward to going to some of the Mid West Horse Fair clinics about working with young horses. 

Jenni O.
Ooh, did you go to Ray Ainsworth? I watched one of his clinics on Saturday. I probably have mentioned this before, but Buck Brannaman's 7 Clinics DVDs are worth every penny and will give you a ton of information. And we need Teddy pictures, cough cough.
Heather R.
I did go to Ray Ainsworth, he gave me some great ideas.  I will send some pics.  
Little Teddy, who was rescued by MHWF as a very young colt, is all grown up!

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Jenni O.
Aww, Teddy! He looks great.
Lisa B.
Wow...he is really stocky...how fun he's going to be to ride.
Debbie M.
It is amazing how much Teddy looks like his daddy Phoenix!

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Teddy has really grown up nicely!
Heather R.
Sorry it’s been so long for an update on Teddy life is unpredictable!!!!
Teddy is doing great. He is sleeping inside the heater barn tonight with his buddy Old man DC as both boys desided it would be supper fun the shreds their nice warm winter blankets.
We will be having a trainer come in to work with him more in spring. I have had to step back from training himself like I originally planed, as I’m pregnet with triplets. So we just groom and live on him. He is growing like a weed. My son Lucas sits on him and walks around all the time when on his back. He loves to groom him and Teddy loves to follow him around the pasture and smell his head. He likes to be the first horse out of the gait and if you have other plans Teddy shows you how strong and fast he can be and pushes past the gait. He is easy to catch he runs and stands by the girls gait. [smile] We are working on gait manners again. He loves to take naps in the round bale and scare all the new Barn family’s when they drive in as he is laying dead flat and when they walk up to him he does not move to get up [smile]
Jenni O.
Oh, naughty beautiful Teddy! I'm sure you'll get those gate manners shaped up in no time. My public service announcement for anyone reading-I have a friend who ended up in the hospital with a collapsed lung after getting bashed into a gate by her pony who was trying to get out of the way of a more dominant horse. Be careful in confined spaces!

Teddy looks great-I had missed the last photos again. It sounds like he and your son are buddies. Awww. Love it. Congratulations on triplets! I can see why you're getting a trainer instead.
Teddy sounds like a complete character!  My sister in law had triplets...your life will be very full in so many ways!!
Great to see news about Teddy, and congratulations for the triplets.  You will need to invent a new word for busy.
Heather R.

Teddy update

Long time no update Life is so busy.  I have started doing an update so many times and never get to finish it, sorry its a long one. 

Well we found out last fall we were expecting triplets, sadly we lost our baby B in January 2018.  It was a very hard and high risk pregnancy, which prevented me from working with Teddy. In April our baby A and Baby C were born emergency c-section at 31 weeks gestation.  After spending 37 and 54 days in the NICU, we welcomed Morgan and Riley home and we started our new crazy life as a family of 5 plus all our 4 legged kids.  

Due to the demanding and unexpected schedule of extra doctor and therapy appointments for the girls, my husband and I decided it was not fair to let Teddy sit until I had the time to commit to breaking him out.  So we found a trainer we thought would work great to work with Teddy's personality.  I dropped him off at Jen Bender who lives 10 min from our farm.  He now has 60 days of professional training on him.  

So far so Good at training.  Trailering him for the 1st time sense he got to our barn (3rd time in life) was a breeze took 15 mins to load.  I did not ask him for anything just let him smell and look around.  When he found out there was hay in the trailer he walked in.  He is a bit food oriented.  Unloading was a also a breeze, I unclipped him, my dad opened the butt bar and Teddy waited for me to walk around the trailer clime in and then tell him what to do. His trailering skills passes some of my old horses who should "know" what to do.  

The first night Jen said he was a bit nervous, but he settled in very nice.  I got reports on how training was going via Facebook messaged, I went out to see him several times.  Jen said he is one of the easiest horses she has broke out this year.  He is a little dumb when it comes to being tied up, he likes to get the rope around his leg or neck, but then he just waits for someone to come undo what he did, no panicking at all.  No bucks or rears when being ground driven or under saddle.  Trailering home in the sleet I thought would be a challenge, but Teddy nearly let us get the door open before jumping in. We have noticed during training he moves funny in the back end, but he is in no pain.  He is a bit lazy. We have been doing monthly chiropractic adjustments and weekly stretches.  This has improved the funny looking movements, Dr. Sarah said he is growing fast and this can cause misalignment, but each apt there is great improvement on holding the adjustment.  Back at Grandview Farm we have worked on the lunge line and under saddle.  He is AMAZING so smart, kinda lazy, but one very nice mount.  He likes to talk to the horse in the mirror still.  We are focusing on the basics still; walk, trot, canter, turning and backing.  I cant wait to see the opportunities that the warm weather will bring.  I’m hoping to go to a few shows and travel to some barns and trails around the area to get Teddy out and about.  

Teddy is growing and changing like a weed.  He gets in trouble with his curious cat syndrome and playful personality.  He got a cough that we treated with the SMZ tabs from the vet.  Two weeks after he finished them, I found a scab that was kinda gross so I was cleaning it and the thing ripped open.  This was of course 2 minuets after the vet office closed, so an emergency call and vet visit latter. Teddy got his first set of stitches on his neck.  The Vet was very impressed with his manners and even asked if I sedated him my self, which I did not.  He only needed some local numbing meds for the stitches. Went back on some more SMZ tabs and got a booster tetanus shot just incase.  He was a true Champ through it all.  This past tuesday Dr. Sarah checked up on it and said it was closed and healed really nice so she removed the stitches, which he just stood very nice for.  

We have increased his feed now that he is a working boy!! He has lost some weight due to working.  He has been enjoying his stall on bad weather nights and is always full of shavings in the morning.  He doest even get up when I do night check and find him laying in his stall sleeping, I can walk in and give him some love and he just stays laying down enjoying his stall.  He does still LOVE to run and play outside.  After the really cold -50 days the horses stayed in 24/7  the next time they got to be turned out it had snowed and when I was walking him to the pasture he got a little fresh and started hopping around like a Hooligan.  We had a talk and he was much better.  
His new best friend is his brother from another mother Charlie.  It can be very hard to tell who is who at times, as they look very similar.  

I'm sorry to read of your loss, and hope everything continues to go well in your family. Thanks so much for finding time to send an update on Teddy.  
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