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Heather R
Pics of teddy

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All I can say is WOW.  So happy for him.
Sue J
Teddy has grown up to be a fine looking lad!
Wow! He's all grown up! What a handsome boy!
I'm so sorry for your loss and wish you and your family all the best! Teddy looks amazing and love hearing your update 🙂 He certainly reflects his father's incredible personality as well... That apple did not fall far from the tree!
I had not seen your written update when replying before. Sorry for your loss.
Bet your little ones are keeping you busy. I remember those days.
Scott: MHWF
Very sorry to hear of your loss, our condolences. Teddy looks great though and thank you for the update!
Sue J
I am so sorry for your loss, I only saw Teddy's pictures when I replied and your post was on the previous page. My condolences to you and your family.
I just found the updates. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Teddy is so much like his daddy Phoenix, sounds like he is very laid back and a good guy. They almost look alike, other then Phoenix's blaze which is longer. It gives me an idea of what Phoenix could have looked like in his younger years. Phoenix still likes to play in the snow, like on here. Mama Sadie (Lady is on here too.)30714862_1899025463441072_5792909252980899840_n.jpg 15589770_1387155157961441_2063909133772938282_n.jpg 

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It's so wonderful to see the updates on Teddy and see him growing and in such a loving home!  Some of you might not realize, but the trainer that Teddy went to is the same trainer that Semper from the Lucky 13 herd went to, and then went on to be adopted.  Thank you Jen Bender for all of your great work with horses!!  
Heather R.

It has been a roller coaster ride sense March 7, 2019. Teddy was seen for his routine vet apt, vet did a physical exam and other than being a little thin do to his new work load and a hard winter was in great health, his teeth were floated and a baby cap even came out.  The vet gave a vaccination that was the Core EQ Innovator from Zoetiz which has West Nile, Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, and rabies. Unfortunately Teddy had a bad reaction to the vaccination.  The vet came out 3 times in 12 hours due to high fevers and Teddy needing IV fluids, and meds.  Teddy was spiking a fever when the meds wore off.  Teddy developed a large hard abscess at the injection site.  After trying to help Teddy get better at home with the help and supervision of our vet who was in contact daily with UW Madison vets, vets in other states, and the vaccination company for 15 days, with no improvement.  Teddy’s knee and hock joints swelled really bad, the abscess in his neck started to soften and needed to be biopsy and then drained.  The care Teddy needed was too much for me to do with three small children at home.  My husband Jeremy and I drove Teddy to UW Madison Vet school for the care and help he needed.  On March 22, we arrived, Teddy was a gentlemen trailering and amazing when he arrived at the Hospital.  


At the hospital Teddy was first weighed and then checked in.  After the students and vets did an examination they came to talk with us about the plan of action.  During the exam they found teddy had weakness in his hind end, sever swelling in knee and hock joints, large abscess on neck, and Teddy seemed lethargic.  They decided doing an ultrasound and x-rays would be the first step, they allowed us to watch/help with everything, but they x-rays.  The ultrasound and x-rays did confirm Teddy did have a large abscess in his neck, the x-ray showed it was pushing on the spinal cord and cervical vertebras.  The next treatment plan was to biopsy the abscess and then drain it.  By doing a biopsy of the abscess it was supposed to tell which antibiotic would work the best to help Teddy fight off the infection.  Teddy needed some sedation for the clipping of his hair for a better ultrasound pic, but did not need anything but a local to numb the abscess area for the biopsy and draining. 


We left Teddy at the UW Hospital for 8 days, we got daily updates.  Teddy was a favorite among the students, he loved taking naps in his stall after he was hand walked.  As the days when on he got a little more spirited about the flushing of the abscess and all of the IV meds.  Repeat ultrasound and x-rays were done and it was decided that his antibiotics needed to be changed to one that would penetrate the bone better.  The new med is an oral med that allowed us to take Teddy home.  We picked our pony up and brought him home.  


Now at home Teddy will be given his oral meds 3 x a day 8 hours apart for 22 days (just a fun fact just his new antibiotics that we had to buy after we got home was $789 for the 22 days).  Teddy also has his temp monitored a minimum of 2 times per day, and his abscess site flushed out 3 times a day.  He handles all of this like a champ, once I can catch him 😋 


April 9th, our local vet comes for a recheck on Teddy.  Around April 22nd we have to bring Teddy back to UW Madison to repeat the ultrasound and X-rays to make sure the infection is gone, and there is no damage we need to be concerned with.  


Due to all this “fun” we have had to stop Training/riding Teddy.  After our recheck with our local vet I'm hoping to have a better idea on when we can get back to training/riding.  Before this our goal was to go to our first show in May, we will see how that goes.  I will post pics but Warning they are not all that appetizing. 

Heather R.
Here are some pics of the treatment of Teddy getting fluids at home.

First “bath” which was very cold water to get his temp of 104.8 down.

Icing his legs with bags then pants to prevent founder.

Swelling of his knees and hocks

Ultrasound of abscess

Size of abscess

X-ray of the cervical spine

Draining of the abscess

Teddy looking sad In his stall

Teddy on the way home

Abscess opening after being home

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I'm sorry you and Teddy  are having such a hard time.  I hope his recovery is complete and soon.
Oh my! I am so sorry to hear about what happened 🥺 I certainly hope he makes a full recovery!
Wow! what a scary ride that must have been.  Prayers he keeps improving for you guys.
Scott & Karen: MHWF
Even though we have not said much because we have been so busy, we have been keeping up with Teddy's situation and have been watching all his updates on Facebook, as well as the emails from his adopter.

We want to send out all our best wishes to Teddy and his family and also want to applaud the time, money and effort they put into nursing him back to health. Thank you for going though this with Teddy and know that we hope for only the best in this tough situation.
Wow! That is frightening!  Thanks for sharing what's going on.  Wishing Teddy a swift recovery.
I too am so sorry that you are going through this.  Wishing you and Teddy all the best.  
Teddy is feeling much better!

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Heike B
So glad to see that Teddy is feeling better.  He looks great now!  
so glad for you and Teddy!!
Jenni O.
Teddy looks great! Here's to no more drama for a long time.
Heather R
So a girl named Ava fell in Love with Teddy and he feels the same way about her. She is now doing a “practice lease” which is her practicing taking care of a horse, no riding (he is not ready for a young riders) they enjoy long walks in the sand, snuggling in the stall, and grooming with treats.
He still very curious and that gets him in trouble sometimes. He likes to jump the fence or roll under it to go visit the ladies.

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How great to see news of Teddy.  He makes life interesting for sure.
Best Christmas present-a girl of his own to love
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