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$200 - Teddy is one of the six horses rescued in the Clark county case in August 2015. At the time he was rescued, we estimated his age to be around 1 to 3 months. He is at his mother's side (Lady) and will not leave until he is old enough and weaned. When he came to us, he was covered in lice, had ringworm all over and was getting pretty thin. His mother was not producing milk because she was in rough shape herself. Lady is now producing plenty of milk and Teddy is now a healthy, very likeable little guy who has really grown. He looks great now and we are ready to make him available for adoption, with the understanding that his adopter will have to keep him here until he is weaned and ready to go, probably another couple of months. He is adorable, very people-friendly, healthy and has a great future ahead of him. Any potential adopter will be required to sign an additional contract requiring him to be gelded when he is old enough. 

Here is a link to the original story of Teddy's rescue:  


Teddy is now healthy and looking good. He has also grown a great deal in the past couple of months. He is now old enough to wean from his mother and we can start to look for a new home for him. He is a good guy, sweet, easy going, but is still a youngster and has a lot to learn yet, plus whoever does adopt him, will need to have him gelded before he is 2 years old. Other than that, he is growing up to be a great horse, full of potential and an open book for anyone to take in any direction that they see fit. What a great story it will be to see little Teddy go from being a rescue to being a full grown man in a home of his own.

Updated photos to be posted soon!

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Jenni O.
He's still cute! Love this little guy.
I know foals sometimes change color; he looked chestnut at first but do you think he'll turn out bay?

He sure is a cutie.

Thanks for the ringworm, Teddy!  It's almost gone now...
Teddy is bay and always has been.  [wink]  [smile]  

I told you not to touch him!  Too bad that happened before I got outside to say it.  I'm sorry the bleach treatment didn't work for you.  Holy cats, that was months ago....why did it take so long for you to get rid of it?  I was lucky in all the handling I did in treating him and everything else, I never caught it.  None of the other horses you touched that day after touching Teddy before I got out there caught it either, thank goodness.  Sorry you did!  
I had one tiny spot on my upper arm.  How it got there under the sweatshirt I'll never know, and I wasn't even sure at first that was it.  My cats didn't get it, either. I tried topical athlete's foot cream and it didn't work, so I finally saw a doctor in December.  The drugs are working, but it took several doses.
Bonus- no chance of a yeast infection now!

I'm just glad I didn't spread it to anyone else.
Awww BetC, that sucks.  Not that we throw our ailments out to the public often but I would have given you advice on an inexpensive treatment had I known.  Same stuff we use on rain-rot, thrush and other crappy things.  It really seems to work just in case you or others run into that nasty fungus again.

4 of the horses at the barn got rain rot about a month or so ago (with it being so wet n muddy)  A lil picking and using this Silvetrasol spray it was gone in like a week.  According to my farrier, he uses it for tons of things including things for him which he mentioned ringworm on himself and said it was gone in about a week.


I have mentioned this stuff before but it really seems to work, is non toxic, no real order other than kind of an orange peel smell.  No, I am not a salesperson or any affiliation with the product but I just really like how it works.  I 1st started using it on Jett and other horses when they would get a lil thrush which is more common than most people think, ask any farrier.  We even use it for minor wounds.

Glad you are better now though
I took some pictures of Teddy this morning playing with the JollyBall.  I don't have time to post them right now, but this evening I will.  He is such a character and is growing like a weed!  He looks like a beautiful little horse now.  
Wendy W - WI
Ooooo pictures!!
Teddy has such a nice, thick, healthy, shiny and soft coat!  He is so playful and sweet.  I did get a few pics snapped of him playing with the JollyBall before he spotted me and came over, and then he played with Caine for a little bit.  

Here are a few pics from earlier today.  

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Wendy W - WI

I get this feeling; Scott will shot me when he sees me next time, Teddy is not leaving ;-)  He is going to be a certain person's project.  Ducks as Scott tries to round house me in the chops
He is adorable. These are really good pictures
Scott: MHWF
Nope, Karen already has her project. Her horse Diva who is now just a hair over two years old.
He is to die for cute that is for sure but check out Lady's gorgeous, shiny self in the background! Wow!  Scott and Karen you guys are so awesome!!
A couple of more recent pics to share of Teddy.  

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Jenni O.
Stop teasing us! He and Lady are both cute.
Donna R
Stunning photo of the two of them!  That would be so cool if someone adopted them together.  I would love to have a baby around again.  They are so much fun!  But no more equines for us.
Kara B.
He's starting to look so grown up!
Really great pics.  The one of Faith and Teddy is beyond awesome.
Scott: MHWF
Teddy is now somewhere between 7 and 8 months old and up until now, he has not really needed his feet trimmed. Today was his first ever trim and after his initial freaking out, he settled right down and let us trim all 4 feet without any problems. I think he thought we were going to eat him at first, but as soon as he got petted and talked to and scratched, he calmed right down and was a really good boy for all 4 feet. He is a smart little guy and I think he is going to be one of those horses that are quick learners and a lot of fun to work with and train. Getting your first hoof trimming is a big deal with you are just a little guy who has not seen much. We are very pleased with how he did today and are proud of him.
Jenni O.
Yay! What a good boy. [smile]
Lady was another story and her behavior from being separated by 20 feet from Teddy, not able to touch him....I'll update with that a bit later.  Teddy = Rock Star.
Ok I have typed this 10 times and it comes out wrong each time so will just say it:

This is a very unique situation, blind mother of a colt.  Of course our main concern is the health of both - that is a given.  But how the dynamics unfold is quite worthy of seeing.  I mean this is stuff you see on Nature Channel, etc.  This is a huge challenge.  I don't think anyone wrote a book on how to do this.

Like most things with equines and life itself, there is always another great adventure around the corner.
I look forward to reading Teddy's diary as he progresses (along with Lady's)

If you can capture some of the steps with video I really do think this is worthy of being broadcast via TV.  Again please see what I underlined as not to sound insensitive.
I will be better about documenting this process of weaning Teddy and Lady.  (and looking for a support group at the same time, LOL!)  As far as being able to video yesterday, that would have taken a 4th person to be here because the 3 of us had our hands full and would not have been able to take any video.  I will elaborate on Lady's thread of how the situation of separating them by about 20 feet apart went yesterday.  
Although I do have a GoPro, maybe I will have to start strapping that thing to my head again once in a while.  
Great shots, great update on Teddy.  So glad he did so well!!  Yes GO PRO!!  That would be too much fun for all of us....ha ha ha....
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