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Scott: MHWF
I was thinking it....John said it. So......when?
Jenni O.
You two are so funny. I will be picking him up as soon as I have room, if he is not adopted by then.
Just a little update on Teddy, 5/5/2016:  
Teddy has officially outgrown his second halter.  He also had his feet trimmed on farrier day Tuesday and did pretty darn good.  Teddy has really settled in and is such a good boy and really a lot of fun to have around.  His coat is so nice and shiny too.  Teddy is really turning out to be one hunk of a horse!  I will get more updated pics uploaded soon.  [smile]  
I love Teddy! 
It looks like I forgot to add any new pictures to Teddy's thread for a while, so I will add a few now.  

Teddy continues to do absolutely fantastic.  He is an absolute joy to be around and to work with.  He has the very laid-back and super, super sweet personality of both his sire and dam (Lady and Phoenix).  He is the type that loves his people, loves hanging out with people and really aims to please.  As far as "bringing up baby", I don't think they get any easier than this guy.  Someone is going to have themselves one heck of a horse here.  You cannot train the personality into a horse, and this guy has a personality that we all dream of for a horse.  Teddy is a very well adjusted youngster who is learning everything he needs to know at his age.  

Teddy is still living in the paddock situation and not out to the big pasture yet.  Our plan was to turn him out with Bambi (his buddy) after Hubert left, but since Hubert didn't leave we will keep Teddy up here until he does.  We just aren't sure how Hubert would handle himself with Teddy and aren't ready to test any theories on that.  Teddy is having a good time with his mini's, and Teddy and Bambi sleep next to each other and groom each other quite regularly.  

So, here are a few pictures of Teddy from the beginning of May up until just 2 days ago.  

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Name: teddy5-may23-IMG_8233-copy.jpg, Views: 840, Size: 341.12 KB

Emily H
I love Teddy
What a nice boy Teddy is growing up to be.
Denise H.
Thanks Karen...Teddy is just gorgeous. His before and after pictures are unbelievable.thanks for the updates.
I just love him!
Jenni O.
Everybody loves Teddy!!!
Teddy is a dream to work with.  He aims to please and adores people.  Teddy's dam was Lady and his sire was Phoenix, both from the Clark County rescue situation.  The personality on both of those horses are absolutely remarkable, two of the most loving horses I've ever met (and Phoenix was loving and a complete gentleman even before he was gelded).  Teddy definitely has the same personality.  Someone is truly going to be very lucky to have Teddy.  
This whole event, while expensive and time consuming, must make your heart feel really warm, it does mine [angel]  Thanks to all that made these life changing contributions.

It is going to be so wonderful watching how Teddy develops with Jenni O.
Jenni Oh No You Didn't
Teddy continues to do extremely well.  He has his feet trimmed again the other day and he is better and better all the time.  Such a good boy.  He really has the sweet personality of Lady and Phoenix both.  

Yesterday was a really big day for Teddy!  It was time for him to learn about pasture and electric fencing and truly being a big boy and part of a herd in a regular pasture setting.  Teddy and Bambi got to be turned out in the pasture with Cherokee, Faith and Sheba!  Teddy is sticking real close to Bambi, who he was bonded with up in the paddock situation.  The older girls are very kind, so there is no issue out there, but Teddy realizes they are his elders and needs to respect them and their space.  

Here are a few pictures from yesterday, 6/12/2016, of Teddy and Bambi finally getting to go out to pasture.  Thank you for your help yesterday, Terri!!!  

Teddy is manly enough to wear pink.  [wink]  (that is the only halter that fits him well at the moment)

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Name: teddy-bambi-butts-june12-IMG_8790-copy.jpg, Views: 562, Size: 338.04 KB

Name: teddy-bambi-faith-cherokee-sheba-june12-IMG_8871-copy.jpg, Views: 563, Size: 267.68 KB

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Name: teddy-bambi-terri-scott-june12-IMG_8873-copy.jpg, Views: 554, Size: 386.37 KB

Name: teddy-pasture-june12-IMG_8858-copy.jpg, Views: 556, Size: 372.85 KB

Jenni O.
Is Scott doing yoga in that picture?

Those pictures of Teddy and Bambi together are really cute! Glad they both get to enjoy life out in the pasture. I'm sure the ladies will take great care of Teddy.
Scott is doing his neck yoga in that picture.  [smile]  

I could tell Teddy had a little bit of a stressful moment yesterday with the change to pasture and everything so new (after getting a zap from the electric fence).  Bambi is very happy to be back out and not living in a paddock situation any more, she has wanted that for a long time now.  Bambi is Teddy's steady eddy, confident partner out there.  Even though Teddy didn't look or really act stressed, I saw him stick his head down by Bambi and go through the motions of almost trying to nurse on her.  That is the first time he has done something like that.  He didn't seem to really miss his mom at all once she left and never tried to nurse on another horse before like that.  When he was still with Lady before weaning, whenever he felt there was something a little stressful, he would always go and nurse right away.   Little guy seems very well adjusted out there today.  Teddy has lived with Faith on two different occasions here at the farm, and Faith was who he was with when he was going through the weaning process, so it's nice that they know each other already too.
Yay, Teddy!  And so nice that Bambi is feeling better, too.
Wow, kind of like sending your kid to school for his 1st day - bitter sweet.  You know you need to, proud but yet sad.  He is doing amazing and somehow I get the feeling all his experiences are going to make someone a very lucky owner because of them.
Yay for Teddy and Bambi.
Teddy just wants to say hi!  

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haha! Well hello handsome!  We can't call you cute anymore cuz you are just too grown up for that but you sure are a handsome fellow!
Jenni O.
Aww, love this picture.
Lisa B.
My he is a handsome boy...just like his daddy!
Denise H.
Hard to believe that this is the same Teddy who came to you in such poor condition...he is absolutely gorgeous.
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