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Times Up (Ty) - 13 yrs.

$500 - Times Up, or Ty as he is know by, is a 13 year old TB gelding. He stands at 15.1 hands tall and a well trained Hunter/Jumper/Dressage horse. Always ridden English of course, Times Up is well behaved and likes people and loves to work. He is a horse just about anyone with a little time in the saddle can ride and enjoy. While he has not been out on the trails, he takes things in stride and there is little doubt he would excel at that as well. Beautiful horse who has always had good care and training...Ty won't be here long and will make someone a wonderful partner. 

*Update:  Ty was trimmed on 6/18/2019 at MHWF, so he is up-to-date on his trims as well, and he has very nice feet!  

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He's a handsome fellow!  Love that big head! 
Leslie V
What a handsome guy he is!  The TB's get me every time!

I wish.... [love]
Lisa B.
Whoa! Drop dead gorgeous!
Jan N
He so, soooo reminds me of my very first horse. She was half TB half Morgan but only her slightly rounded butt made you think Morgan. Strong, self-sufficient, smart but not a smarty-pants, head and expression so much like Ty it got me teared up just a little bit. Such fond memories - she was 3 y.o and green when I got her @ age 14 and I was her second and last owner. She lived to age 29. Ty you are a fortunate fellow to land with MHWF!
Barb S
Whoa 🤤what a show stopper!

We can say that Ty finally left the building!  Ty is officially adopted and left for his new home today!  Ty has been adopted for some time now, but arranging transportation on a 6+ hour drive from MHWF took a bit of Time for Ty but his time here was up (see what I did there).  [wink]  

Long-time supporter and adopter, Linda B., has a niece named Michelle who just finished her PhD Nurse Practitioner degree and now is going to have time to get back into Dressage and Ty was the perfect fit for her and the family!  So happy that everyone is helping out to make this new journey happen.  A few weeks ago Michelle came and met Ty and fell in love, and they were the perfect fit together.  Today, Linda and her sister came and picked up Ty today, and they are on their journey home.  Linda has adopted a few equines from MHWF over the years, going way, way back to the very beginning of MHWF, and right up to more recently with her adoption of Fuzzy and Billy donkeys and Glory (Flirtini) the appy mare!  We are always so happy to see these great experiences expand out through family and friends, and whenever people choose the route of adoption!  Welcome to the MHWF adoption family, Michelle and family!  

While Michelle couldn't be here today, her mom and aunt were so very kind to pose for an adoption day photo with the beautify Mr. Ty.  

We look forward to hearing of Ty's new adventures in his new home, a big thank you to all, and congratulations!  

(Linda, you're going to be appearing in another MHWF adoption video!)  

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Awesome! Congratulations 😍
Barb S
Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing your adventures!
We made the trip in good order. Ty (now known as Turk -Michelle’s oldest son is Ty!) was just great. He enjoyed the stops along the way and met two young ladies at a gas station for a quick pat on the nose in the trailer.

When I put him in the paddock he was all about eating! This am it was obvious he had made friends over the fence.

- Linda B.

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Congratulations!  Glad to see him settling in so well!!
Ty (Turk) on his first trail ride with Linda.

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Turk (Ty) is settling in beautifully. His work ethic has come through and his conditioning is starting to show! Love this “pony”!  Michelle is riding very often and the days she can’t her mom Ginny rides out on the trails.

- Linda

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Jenni O.
Looks awesome!
Looking great!!
Turk (Ty) is starting to show his true calling. Loves to jump stuff on the trails. No walking over or around!

This is Ginny riding!

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Beautiful photo!
Ty (Turk) is doing so well! Lots of new experiences taken in stride! Michelle lovers her “pony”.

- Linda B.

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Love the updates on this guy!
Ty (Times Up) 😉

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Heike B
Ty looks great!
Ty does look good!
This months handsome calendar model 😍 and he's still handsome!!
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