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mel d
What a big sweetheart! Thank you for the update and photos :)
Wendy W - WI
Love the pictures!  I also have a "pussy footed" pony....  hehehe  I know Mel was/is in love with Titan so she'll be happy with any and all updates.  :)  Congrats!!

Just another update on Titan, he is doing great! . :-)

Karen, he is getting better and better at separating with my daughter's mare. He still likes to keep tabs on her, but listens and behaves just fine. I take him out of the pasture and he will follow me without a lead rope, most of the time he chooses to stay with me and I have to get out of the paddock so he knows he can go back and be with his horsey friend!

Last week we rode at Rock Cut, he was a bit nervous when we got there, but settled right down when we got out on the trails. Then on Saturday we went to Palmyra and rode to Eagle for lunch and he stood at the hitching post like a doll and didn't mind other horses or the dozens of motorcycles that pulled in about 20 feet from him and parked. For the most part he did fabulous! The only two exceptions were when we came up on a large group of riders and he got a little nervous, and he was a little "protective" of my daughter's mare on the trail, but other than that he was a dream! I don't think either of those things will take long to work through, and I just LOVE him! 

It is sweltering here again this week, so it is daily cool downs with the hose and he seems to enjoy those.

This weekend we are hoping the weather will be better and will be going back to Eagle to ride the obstacle course loop.

I don't have any new pics but hope to get some this weekend.

Stay cool out there everyone! :-)

Val, all I can think of is *WOWZA*. *Titan*sounds like he is really enjoying you and your daughter and that mare. That is what family is all about. could you please send a few photos of your prize and well behaved gelding? It would be very appreciated. Thanx!
We have other wonderful adopters and friends who ride at Rock Cut too, and in the other areas you mention (Len and Donna and John and Cindy I know ride there).  If you ever want trail partners, I bet they would love to hook up and go for a ride with you guys. 

Sounds like things are going great!  The small herd of 2 is more of what Titan is used to and he doesn't have to guard "his mare" in that setting, so that is a great thing!  I'm glad the separating of the two is going well so far too! 

It's supposed to cool down nicely this weekend around here, I hope it does for you too.  Thanks for the update Val, all great to hear and I hope things keep going great for you all!  We look forward to pics too.  :) 
Jenni O.
Great update, glad things are going so well. No major issues to work on, so that's a huge plus. Now if the weather would cooperate! I'm hoping today is the last bad day. Hope you get out this weekend for a nice ride.
Titan 6-14-2015

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Holy smokes he's gorgeous.
Titan's favorite pose is with his nose in the grass. :-) It's been a long winter and he is so ready to be back on grass and looking forward to his apple tree, which had many blossoms on it this spring.
Titan is doing great and has quite the personality.
Have a wonderful summer!
Val (and Titan)

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Donna R
Titan is a beautiful horse with a lovely pasture!  We have apple trees too.  Hoping for a good yield this year for the horses.
We went camping at Southern Kettle Moraine for Memorial Day weekend and I have attached a few pics from that trip.
Titan is doing well and enjoying the easy life! He is great with the water and is always willing to lead.
I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to adopt from you guys, you do a great job! Thanks for all you do!
Val and Titan

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Jenni O.
Fun! If you ever come further north to camp, let me know. Looks like Titan is a pro at it.
What a great update!!
Nice shots!  Looks like a great trip.
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