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Donna M
Thanks for the suggestions. There is so much to learn but I'm trying to "file" all these helpful techniques.

Yes John ~ it's very cool to have someone from France seeking information from this forum! It's a very small world. :D
Kara W.
Well I've been treating my own wound on Cassie for almost 4 weeks now. 
I gave Cassie her vaccinations in March. She ended up getting an abscess on the right side of her neck from the Potomac Horse Fever vaccination. We don't know why. There are MANY different reasons why this happens to a horse. The first picture of her is a week before the abscess came to the surface  The rest are from the day it started to come up on 4/23/2013 to now when its almost healed up 5/15/2013.
I did the cold water flushed 2x a day for the first 2 weeks with antibiotics. Now I'm still cleaning it out good and for the most part just letting it heal by picking the scab off and to let it bleed and clean itself out. The vet did have to come out on 4/25/13 to open it in two places so it could be flushed. It was about 1.5 to 2 inches deep (about up to my 2nd knuckle on my pointer finger). You will be able to see the size difference compared to my hand during the process. 

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Wow.  Sorry you had to deal with that, but you did a great job.  That looks so much better now!
Heather H
Love your nails Kara btw! Great color....matches Cassie.

Ew. Wow. That is a crazy wound there. I'm happy I wasn't eating when I scrolled to that close up of the open wound after draining it. (I would be an epic fail as a nurse.....I have an office job. haha). Glad you were able to treat it (and have a vet help you out with it). It is crazy to see the injuries and how nicely they end up healing.

Love this forum! I've been around horses my entire life (now 33 yrs old) and I am still learning something new every.single.day. It is so nice to have a place to go for advice & learning from other people's real life experiences!
Michelle S.
That looks so cool! (<--Inner vet tech talking....sadly working an office job)

Looks like it is healing very well!  Crazy how some of that stuff happens huh
Kara W.
I have a TON more pictures of this on a closed album on my Facebook page... I tracked it every day for the first 1.5 2 weeks. Before and after each cleaning. Its very interesting to see the difference in each day. Its a little nasty to. (I've seen way worse wounds and this kinda stuff doesn't bother me a bit) It was kinda cool to go out 2 times everyday and see it change every time. I don't want to have to do it again but it was a good learning experience.
Wow, nasty looking Kara, thanks for sharing, I think...  All that from a vac. shot?

As nasty as this subject is I am sure many of us will go through this one time or another and great advice from all.  I have it "booked marked" in case my or friend's horses have an issue.

Since all our horses get boo-boo's n more I think this is a great place to post treatment and pictures.  I wish I had the thinking to capture Jett's nasty jowel infection 3 years ago (um it was gross) Also broke a finger treating that one, my fault as I got a ring caught in the halter and was lifted off the ground by it using a hot compress...
Jenni O.
That was gross!  Which doesn't mean I didn't stare at it for quite some time.  I'm used to gross things.  I won't even tell you about my day yesterday.  You did a great job.  Now I'm going to be keeping a close eye on the horses as we just gave them West Nile vaccs last night.
Kara W.
Update for Cassie this is on 5/21/2013. Not to shabby :) and pretty much all of the hair is growing back!

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Jane Liess
Great work, Kara.  It's incredible how fast that has healed!
Wow, that looks great, good work Kara!!  I bet it won't even leave a scar (eventually).  :) 
have you ever used vetrycin for wounds,
Nancy, yes, I use Vetericyn for a lot of things.  With a big wound like the ones shown in this thread, I wouldn't trust Vetericyn alone though.  I actually did rinse Clancy's wound (the first horse shown) with Vetericyn as well, but we also used the Dry Cow.  Vetericyn is basically bleach, and the Dry Cow has antibacterials and antifungals in it, as well as being in an oily base to keep it in the wound for some time (that is why that type is called "Tomorrow" because it lasts for a day).   
Janice - WI
My mare got an abscess from her vaccination this spring too - although not nearly as large as poor Cassie's abscess, thank goodness.  I flushed the abscess myself and then sprayed on Vetricyn twice a day, and it just didn't seem to be improving as quickly as I thought it should be.  After using the Vetricyn for about 2 1/2 weeks I switched to a different wound care lotion I have (Equine Elite Anti-microbial Wound Lotion), and within 1 day I noticed improvement in the wound.  By the 5th day it was healed enough I didn't need to treat it anymore.  She has just a small scar/nodule where the abscess was - I think it's from some skin that probably should have been cut away, but I never had the vet out to treat it - just emailed pictures of it to her and got antibiotics from the office.

Kara W.
I finally got some current pics of Cassie :)
She has healed up really really well and I think by next summer you wont even be able to see the spot where the abscess was anymore :)621774_601063323735_722498646_o.jpg 1102555_601063473435_1537210115_o.jpg 

That looks awesome, Kara.  You did a fantastic job!
Kara W.
 Cassie's neck 7/8/2014... She has a small scar from the abscess but other then that you can hardly tell its there.

I wish I had read this 2 weeks ago. My 5 year old thoughbred race horse rolled into barbed wire fence and was horrifically cut on his rump aswell. I called a vet immediately as I didn't know the extent of the damage as there was just so much blood. We waited 2 hours for her to arrive. Annoyance of living in South Africa. She stitched him and he was in on penicillin for 5 days. I kept him separate so he couldn't run and tear himself open. This wound has still not healed. It's been 10 days and it's still seeping. The stitches need to come out in 2 days time so if it has not healed by then I am going to follow what was done in this post. Cold wash. Unfortunately this is Africa so I wouldn't be able to use the cow stuff advised. We have Negro spray, gensin violet in a spray can.
Have you heard about B and W Salve?  It was made by the Amish and is available at Henes Supply on Hwy. X,  Withee, WI., Countryside Foods on Oak Road, and Bruce Mound Rd., Thorp, WI. and at Pine Hollow Variety on County Hwy. N and Fernwall Ave, Stanley, WI.

Can be used on humans and beasts of all kinds.  "B"= Burns and "W"= Wounds.  I personally witnessed a dressing change done on an Amish boy from Holcomb area that was burned on his abdomen and legs from scalding water from a tea kettle a few years ago.  His mother put the salve and Burdock leaves on right away and 3 days later they agreed to bring him down to Ruthann Brubacher's, Thorp, WI. house to show all who attended the Burn meeting to see.  I took care of many burned veterans while working at the V.A. Medical Center near Milwaukee, WI. using the medication Thermazene (Silver Sulfadiazine) Cream.  But never seen anything like this before.  When they peeled off the dressings the skin was already starting to heal.  The amount of healing was equivalent to three weeks of the medication.  As a nurse this had my attention now!  The boy was completely healed in 2 months without any scaring.  

Over the recent years "B and W" Salve has been used in Neillsville, Hospital and St. Joe's Hosp. Marshfield, WI. Most recently on an Amish boy who was dragged by a team of horses while using a hay rake.  He was at St. Joe's, his doctor allowed the family to use the salve and stated, "If this stuff works, I'll become Amish".  It worked!  Don't know if the Dr. kept his promise.

Directions:  Clean the wound/burn.  Apply the "B and W" Salve, cover with Burdock leaves and apply a dressing of 4 x 4's and kerlix.  If skin reacts to Burdock leaves then use Plantain leaves.  Change twice daily.  

Most recently, a Mennonite neighbor of mine cut his lips with a grinder wheel while working on a combine, the grinded kicked back and sliced a vertical wound from the bottom of his nose to the upper part of his chin.  After having his lips stitched up by the ER Dr., his wife applied the "B and W" Salve.  Yesterday he was at an auction in Eau Claire and only taking Ibruproin for pain.  He has to "drink" all his meals through a straw for the time being.

My horse has a large wound on his backside, about eight inches long and five inches wide. It happened 24 days ago. I live in Mexico, about 1 and a half hours away from any vet, I don't own a trailer, and so it costs a lot for a vet to come. He came and stitched it up, gave him some antibiotics and gave us instructions to inject antibiotics the next day and two days after that. I haven't cleaned it at all since then, because he is very protective of his backside now. I don't know exactly what I should do. Should I still try? I read the comment that said after a few days he'd realize that I was trying to help him, but I don't know if he'll even let me approach him with a hose once he realizes what I want to do. The top part, which is the worst of the wound, opened a few days after treatment, and now, the whole wound is open again. Its mostly covered in black, with cracks of red and yellow in between. Is this normal? It looks like it is healing, even if its going very slow.

By the way, he's a 20yr old QH.

I'd really appreciate any advice anyone could give me.
Hi Priscilla,

Sounds like your gelding got in the wrong place at the wrong time.   I have high regards for a herbal solution called Schreiners.   It is hard to find at local stores but Schreiners do have a website to order it. The solution is not cheap but it does work.   I have seen some pretty bad cuts and slashes on horses and I have seen results from this solution - it does work.    In fact I use it all the time on any type cut big or little, skin problems, etc.   The solution will first sting a little when first applied because of the ingredients that is in it.   It is well worth the money to have.    Good Luck.
cindy g
I feel for you. My daughters horse got a nasty gash 2 years ago. Somewhere on here I found pictures Karen had taken of a puncture wound healing. I checked those pictures daily.

As for cleaning the area, we just had a couple buckets of warm water. One I did put Epsom salts in and used that one first. I am not sure it helped but my personal thought was how the warm Epson salt water makes my irritated skin feel.
I also had a pile of wash clothes that I was constantly cleaning. My daughter was out of town initially so I was alone for most of the cleanings. Several times I had my pockets full of treats and bribed my way thru carefully cleaning. For the most part I did not touch the stitched area but cleaned up mostly below and around the wound. Only if she rolled or got the cut dirty did I softly and with wash cloth try to clean.

We also used a mixture of honey and sugar, made into a paste and put that on the wound. It worked best to put the mixture just above the wound and let it melt into it from the body heat. I did this several times a day.

Good luck. Phone calls to the vet for advice should be free and they could recommend products available in your area.

Will your treatment work the same if its a long and deep cut on the horse's chaste? My horse has a cut about 8inchs long going from about the bottom of his neck to front of his front legs ( this is a 1and half year old colt ). Help him...
Bill, all you need to do for that wound is to cold hose it for about 5 minutes (until it granulates) twice a day until is is all healed up. We also use Dry Cow which is a topical antibiotic in wounds like the one you are describing.
I have a horse with an open wound and every treatment I have tried starts to work and then he get itchy rub it and tears it open again. It's in an area that can't be bandaged on his shoulder. Any ideas? I'm going to try to find the dry cow and see if it helps I think Tractor Supply might carry it. will that help stop the itch?  
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