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Kara B.
Just a quick update on Cassie. 
WARNING! (Sorry this is going to be a bit of nasty detail update.)

About 4.5 weeks ago now she caught her left nostril on something somewhere in the pasture (no blood, hair or anything to be found anywhere), and got a pretty good wound from it. 

She pretty much sliced clean through and disconnected about half of her nostril from her upper lip. I guess I should say luckily it was still connected by a small piece of skin/muscle/cartilage from the top part of her nose. Of course she did this after hours so we had to have our vet out for an after hours emergency visit. 

2.5 hours, 7 suture packages, 3 weeks on antibiotics and stall rest to keep her away from the other horses, and $650 in vet bills, we got her healed up pretty good and her nose looking somewhat normal. 

Now the sutures did the job they needed to do and about 75% of the flap did reattach, but She did have about a 1.5 inches of the tip of the flap die off so she will end up having a little bit of a dent on the tip of her nose. Other then a small scar on the inside and outside of her nostril we shouldn't know it ever happened in a few months. 

It always surprises me at how well horses heal. I will post pictures of the progress of the wound in the treating large open wounds form. Mostly because its pretty nasty looking. I took before and after pictures the day the vet was there then 1x a week every week after so far. So as soon as I can I'll update that forum as well. 

Cassie has had no side effects from this and is doing great and is now back with all of her buddies. (I think she may have liked the attention a little bit with the 2x a day feedings needed to get her meds in [wink])

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Oh my - Nasty injury - made my legs go cold.
Looks like healing well though.  Keep us posted please Kara
Jan N
Good job all around--Cassie for being sensible at the necessary separation from buddies for healing management, Kara and others for daily care and other "laid-up horse" duties, her DVM for emergency and followup calls/care/surgery, the phase of the moon (or whatever you choose) that she injured soft tissue where there was plenty to spare, and finally that granulation tissue is often such a good thing for horse healing when large defects and gouges occur [biggrin] .

Seriously, Cassie is blessed to have you, Kara!
Wendy W - WI
Oh holy crap!  Conn snagged his nose on something years ago, but nothing like this.  I am thankful his healed fine without stitches.  I'm so glad she is doing so much better but can't imagine what you went through when you saw her.  Lucky girl.  
Kara B.
Update: Cassie is doing awesome and is healing very well. We are 1.5 weeks away from two months since she cut her nose. You can hardly tell anything happened!
I really have to say thank you to my vet Anne Clary from Pegasus Clinic in Fond du Lac. She did a great job getting Cassie sutured up so she could heal. 

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Cassie, all healed up now....

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I just saw someone post pictures on Facebook of this exact same injury on their horse.  Their horse sustained the injury from a bucket handle...a regular old horse bucket.  Crazy.  It's amazing how horses can hurt themselves and just as amazing how well they can heal.  
Cindy G
I wish I had taken pictures of my daughter's horse when she got injured 3 years ago but I had to much dread that things would turn for the worst....and the vet had the same sinking feelings for the 1st couple weeks. It was a 10 plus inch gash right about where your leg rests on her left ribcage. Bigger than a folded large paper plate.
It was a good thing she was seriously overweight (we had only had her at home for 2 weeks) as their was nothing broken and the fat layer protected her well.

This page just kept giving me hope. I looked at the pics Karen had posted "over and over" as the wound healed, comparing progression pics as time went on.  Plus kept my fingers crossed.

My question, has anyone noticed a scar area to sweat differently? That's the first spot to sweat on my daughters horse when she is exercised.
It's funny you mention that sweat thing Cindy, I did have a horse who had a bad scar from something in his younger years and that spot was always the first to sweat.  I wonder if that has something to do with sweat glands getting disrupted from the injury and whatnot.  There were times that spot on him would sweat and nowhere else on his body.  It was a very bad scar located at the top of his front leg, below the chest.  

Isn't it amazing the things they can heal from?!  I know someone who had their horse suffer an injury similar to what you describe in your daughter's horse, and that horse healed up fine also.  The injury was from getting caught on a latch on a stall door and ripped the horse wide open for quite a length.  
Donna M
I am so happy Cassie has healed from her injury. I bet she did love all the extra care and attention but something tells me you enjoyed the opportunity to give her extra TLC.

I am always amazed at how the smallest things can sometimes spell disaster for such a large animal.
cindy g
Karen, Our horse's cut happened very similar to what you described though it was a bolt thing from a swinging gate, we had the gate taken down while working in the barn.....but the bolt was over my shoulder height. Far above where the cut occurred...she had been jumping out of another horses way that had stumbled. Now when I am in someone's barn I spot all kinds of places where cuts could occur. Our barn has since been even more "horse proofed" thought I know they can get hurt on just about anything.

A retired vet friend thought the sweating might have something to do with nerves being damaged and needing to re-grow but 3 years out Madame still sweats in that place 1st. I am most thankful the scar tissue does not bother her. That was my biggest concern after it was almost done healing: would we ever be able to lay a leg on her?  
The weight of horses makes them so prone to hurting themselves!  We had an incident at our old place where there was a rounded thing outside of one of the stalls that was in the giant lean-to (hard to explain), and we witnessed a horse crash her shoulder into that rounded piece and rip her skin open.  Just from the sheer weight.  We did remove that thing after that.  

That is an interesting theory with the nerve regeneration and the sweat.  My horse that had the scar got that when he was very young before I got him, I had him for about 20 years and that never changed the whole time I had him (lost him at age 32).  I had surgery on my leg (thigh area) and they cut a nerve in the process so I have quite a scar that's about 6 inches long as well as a large area on that leg being numb...thankfully it doesn't sweat!  LOL!
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