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Tristan - 11 yrs.

$600 - Tristan is an 11 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. He is a big, bulky boy and stands at 15 hands tall. He is a beautiful dappled palomino, sound, healthy, well broke and good mannered. Tristan is current on all his shots, wormers, trimming and recently had his teeth floated, so he is good to go. He is a seasoned trail horse who has been ridden on roads with traffic, bikes, joggers, you name it. As nice of a horse as he is, he likes to go, and he is strong, so he is not a horse for someone who likes to just plod along. Someone is going to have a blast with this big beautiful boy....absolutely someone's dream horse.

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Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

He checks all MY boxes, that's for sure......
Look away John - Look away [eek]

Jan H
What a beautiful horse!!  Wish I had a place for him.
Leslie V
Oh Tristan!  Would love to be your Isolde....  LOL!  What a handsome boy who sounds like a blast to ride!
Mine! He's my dream horse! Only thing is I have too many dream horses!! What's a girl to do?! Too many horses, not enough time or money. I love the gaited horses. Took me a long time to switch over from my Quarter Horses and half Arab-whom I still love-but gotta say I LOVE the smoothness and energy of some of the gaited horses. In my older age, it has brought a whole new joy to my riding.
NO, NO NO!!   groan....
I just said to someone, it'll be my luck that MHWF gets a good TWH to entice me. 
We just had to say Good bye to our amazing 31 year old TWH and it's left a hole in our heart and pasture.

IF my daughter was living closer, this would happen.   What a lovely, incredible horse.
Nice! Does he have smooth gait? I know someone who may be interested....endurance potential??? Love my MWHF adopted horses!
Wow!!  What a nice boy!
Donna R
Wow! I love Palominos and he is gorgeous!  And a TWH!

Debr, I think this is a sign. 
Barb S
I agree! Debr it's a sign😉
Get him, Deb, and I'll help keep him exercised.

We do have an appointment to show him on Sunday, but after that, he is wide open if he is not adopted.
I would like to look at him if he doesn't sell tomorrow. Please let me know so we can make an appointment. Thanks!
Tristan definitely isn't going to sell because this is an adoption program.  [wink]  [smile]  If Tristan happens to get adopted today, we will mark him as adopted right away so everyone knows.  
Donna M
This beautiful boy isn't going to be there long. He is going to grace his new pasture very soon! Be still my heart. 


UPDATE: 8-14-2017

Tristan got pulled out of the pasture on Sunday for his first test ride since coming to MHWF last week. He is a big, strong, very healthy boy and is a lot of horse. He was a little fired up at the very beginning, but had three different people ride him and he did well. This is a horse that likes to go, go, go and whoever inquiries about him should be a confident rider who likes a horse with some fire in his soul....no kids or beginner riders please. 

Thank you Chloe!!!  

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