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Sue J
What a great story. So happy Amy that you can heal with the help from Tristin (Sunny). We look forward to your updates!
A very special adoption and partnership indeed! All the best to you both 💜
Kerry M.
Thank You Amy for adopting Tristan. I am Tristans previous owner and I loved having him for the past six years but he was just to much horse for us. I am so happy and grateful he has a home where he will be loved and appreciated for his energy and spirit!!! Thank you also,  Scott and Karen for all you do and for matching the right horse with the right adopter!!!
Donna R
What a beautiful, heartwarming message, Amy.  Congratulations on your perfect adoption.  I'm glad you chose to make room in your life and heart for another.  It is the best therapy for a broken heart.  Wishing you, Tristan/Sunny, and your donkey a wonderful life together.
What a beautiful letter!!! And a beautiful beginning! Blessings on all!
Greeting to all at MHWF!

I continue to be so grateful for this beautiful big boy who has become my SUNSHINE! (We call him Sunny for short). I trimmed his hooves last week and he did great. As much as I wanted to get on him and ride (and ride and ride), it didn’t seem like he was enjoying being ridden.  So I decided to start from the ground... and we started playing the Parelli games almost daily for about a month. In that time, I think he is as attached to me as I am him. He now whinnies at me as soon as I come out of the house and follows me everywhere. I am hopeful that over the next few weeks we will BOTH enjoy many long beautiful fall trail rides. (And I have him going with just a halter!)

I think of you often... how you have helped me and so many others... not to mention what you do for all the horses....

On a rainy day like today... please remember Tristan... and how much SUNSHINE he has brought into my life!



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Tristan with his pasture buddy, Sunny and the neighbor girl [smile]

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Jenni O.
So adorable!
Is that a BLM burro? If so, thank you for adopting from the BLM!! My daughter has a mustang and he is awesome!!! Breaks my heart all the mustangs and burros sitting in holding pens waiting for a very uncertain fate.
Sandy K
Great to read Amy's updates on Tristan aka Sunny - I like that name . To me it fits him with those gorgeous dapples . I hope you got some autumn riding in before this cold snap .
Doing a lot of reflection today... 2017 was a year of heart break. But it was also a year where new beginnings brought healing.

I cannot thank you enough for all you do. I am so grateful that you brought this big boy (Tristan) into my life. It was what allowed us to turn the corner from the complete blackness of grief and loss into the light and joy of a new relationship. And what a bright light he is. I read the comment on the forum and yes, his pasture mate is a BLM burro named Irene. Irene was so grief stricken from the loss of our mare that she tried to dig up the grave. She was angry and went from being overly friendly to charging... until Sunny (Tristan) came home. The very next day everything in her demeanor went back to what it had been before.

Sunny (Tristan) and I have been going for rides nearly every day and having a ball. No bridle or saddle, just a Parelli halter and reins. Nice thing about riding bareback is that it is warm year round : )

I hope you and everyone involved with MWHF have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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Donna R
Thank you for sharing Amy.  I'm glad Sunny (Tristan) has become such a positive light in your life.  Wishing you many good years together.
Seems you picked the right horse. Those burros/ donkeys (and mules) are so intelligent and so sensitive it’s amazing. You kind of have to experience it first hand I think. Your story is sad but very interesting and glad your burro is happy now
Jenni O.
What sweet (and happy) faces. Seems Tristan worked his magic on burros and humans alike.
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