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Tucker - 15 yrs.

$400 - Tucker is a 15 year old Pinto gelding. He stands at 14.3 hands tall and ha s a fresh trim and brand new Coggins. Tucker is about as well broke as a horse can get, having been ridden by kids as well as adults, and a lot of bareback riding as well. He is a solid, safe, and very well-behaved horse, ultra mellow and very sweet. Tucker has had one owner for most of his life and has been treated the right way. He's an all around good guy and is very likeable. Tucker has had a mild case of Navicular for most of his life, which has been very well-managed with just a 1/2 pill of Equioxx daily and regular trims. He moves very well and if we did not tell you, you would not know he has Navicular at all. Obviously we do not want to see him used for anything other than short trail rides, but that is all 1/2 of our adopters are looking for anyway. We will be giving Tucker a round of Osphos in the next week or so and if the results are anything like they have been for us in the past, his Navicular will all but go away (strongly encourage you to do a little research on this miracle drug for Navicular). If he needs a second round, we will provide that as well. Do not let his Navicular deter you from looking at this guy. He is a heck of a horse and has a lot to offer, good personality, good manners, good training, super sweet and easy going.

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What a great horse!! Very well broke and gorgeous to boot?! Wow!!! And I just love his name too 😍
Tucker got vaccinated this morning and got de-wormed as well. We will booster him again and he will be ready for the 2019 season. Whoever does adopt him will need to have his teeth floated sometime before winter.
Nice boy!!
He would look good on the trails with Bella

Tucker got his treatment of Osphos today and had no reaction to the treatment. 😉

You will see the post above that Tucker got his Os-Phos today, and he also got adopted!  Tucker is still here at MHWF and will be leaving for his new home soon.  

Tucker met a really great family today and we know them well, have known them for years (they have adoption horse Rose from the ASPCA case in 2017 as well as Sunny adopted in about 2009 and also were the proud adopters of Shrea also).  We're thrilled for Tucker that he is going to be living his best life, being loved on by the whole family.  Jenny, Jesse, Brenda, Grace, Tom and the littles came and met Tucker today and every single one of them were in love fairly instantly.  Tucker is a super good boy and we know he's going to enjoy all the doting on that he's going to get.  Everyone has such a good time playing with Tucker and the awesome ground work that he knows.  

We did take an adoption day pic today since everyone was here, and we'll be sure to share a pic of when Tucker arrives to his new home too.  

A big hearty thank you and congratulations to everyone!  Happy Mother's Day!  

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Donna R
Congratulations to all on a great adoption!
Oh man, somebody finally got her black and white horse 😉...love this adoption! Congratulations!!
Amanda M
Congratulations to Tucker and his new family! I can tell that he'a going to get a lot of attention and love.
Jenny B
We’re so excited to bring Tucker home! He is such a calm, kind, and patient guy. We really won the jackpot with him! While I was riding him, a huge peacock came flying out of the barn and almost to the arena. Tucker didn’t flinch, didn’t move, just raised his ears and watched it land in the grass. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t on the ground with broken bones! We still weren’t 100% sure, even though we should’ve been after that! Luckily Karin Harris was there! We asked her to try him out and see if he had any more talents up his sleeve. Of course he did... He moved and stopped perfectly with just leg and seat cues. Then she did some ground work with him and he followed her like a dog. That was it. As Karin said, that sealed the deal. Both little girls walked him and he lowered his head to their level. He is going to be pampered and loved by two little girls. We’re talking about them showing him in hand maybe not this year, but we’ll aim for next year! He took his shots today like a tough guy and we’re glad he didn’t have a reaction! Thank you to Scott, Karen, and Karin!
Sandy K
Congratulations to Tucker on being adopted by such a wonderful family.
Barb S
Sounds like a fantastic match!
Huge Congratulations!
I'm super happy that Tucker has found his new family.  He will be greatly missed.  Please feel free to contact me any time to learn more about him. I would love that!  
Jenni O.
Wendy W - WI
Congrats to everyone!!

Jenny B
Tucker made an easy transition into the herd here. He buddied up with, Pepsi, the black & white Halfinger/Paint. Tucker has been feeling pretty good and didn’t overdo it meeting our lazy herd! I know it’s a short update, but things have been pretty uneventful! Which I see as a good thing.

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Nice and easy transitions are always good!
Jenny B
Tucker has been doing really great! He’s been having many more good days than bad days and his bad days are barely noticeable. He’s honestly the best behaved horse I’ve ever been around. He puts up with my antics and is great with all the kids! We really got lucky with Tucker!

Adopted Arab cross, Rose, is in the background of the selfie of me with the blonde girl in the swimming suit. That little girl had never ridden a horse before! Of course we throw her on the new guy and he was an angel!

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Great pics, great update!
Jenny B
I’m 100% sure Tucker is an angel on Earth. He’s the most patient and sweet horse I’ve met. We took his blankie off for a bit today and brushed him all over. He looks great!

The only problem is that on and off he’s been walking very slow and stiff. I asked my parents if it’s when it’s icy or cold out. They said they haven’t noticed a pattern, but it doesn’t last long. And even today I noticed that. He walked okay coming out of the pasture, but when I put him back after getting brushed and his hooves cleaned out, he walked like an old grandpa. Very stiff. But then hours later when I went out to say goodbye, he was walking pretty well.

Our farrier has seen a lot of horses and he thinks Tucker has Navicular Syndrome and not Navicular Disease. I googled it and couldn’t find a difference... Tucker does seem better after a trim and he’s due to get one here on the 10th. I am all for getting a lameness exam done and whatever else needs to be done to help this sweet, sweet guy move better! I think I found a good equine vet too and will be scheduling an appointment. Does anyone else have experience with this or have any idea what could be going on with him?

The nosy redhead is Rose, the MHWF adopted Arab. The dog riding Tucker is Denny, the CCHS adopted puppymill rescue CairnPoo.

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Scott : MHWF

There is no difference between Navicular disease and syndrome.......they are one in the same. 

Anyway, we have a ton of experience with Navicular. Tucker was given a dose of Osphos when he was here, and we talked about keeping his heels trimmed down and his toes trimmed back all the way to the white line. That should do it, but if not, then he might need a second dose of the Osphos. Get ahold of us and we can figure it out.
Jenny B
Thank you so much, Scott! I forgot about the trimming instructions! I’ll make sure our farrier knows when he comes! I’ll keep you guys updated on how that goes!
The whole crew looks great!  Hopefully you can get Tucker feeling better without too much trouble.
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