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Kara B.
Sounds like great things are in store for Two Socks! Good luck with everything. He is such a pretty boy.
congratulations to Two Socks and his new family!  love the pic with the little pony legs in the background.
From Bobbie: 

Two Socks, now renamed Prince, is transitioning nicely, getting along with my mares beautifully. We didn't get any pictures of him yet, we are hoping this weekend we will get that chance. Thank you so much for trusting us with these two wonderful horses.
Jenni O.
Glad things are going well! Can't wait to see pictures.
Beth s
Oh please send pics!!!  He's my eye candy... and I'm having withdrawls!!!
Am anxious to see photo's of *Popcorn* & *Two Socks/Prince*. [smile][thumb]
Got this update and photos of Two Socks tonight.......[smile]

Prince (Two Socks) is doing wonderful! We are so happy with him and feel very lucky to have gotten him. His groundwork has been coming along a lot quicker than expected. Prince is very smart and a fast learner. Today, just to see if there would be a reaction, we put the saddle on him. Amazingly he did perfect, no nervousness. I am hoping to ride him by the end of the week, since I don't like to push horses too fast. His lessons are somewhat short only because he completes them so quickly and just seems to automatically do what I ask. We are completely satisfied with Prince! 

I attached 2 pictures for you and hope you like them. We will keep you posted.

Have a great weekend.


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Donna R
What a gorgeous horse!  Glad he is doing so well.  Sounds like one in a million.
Ahhhh ha!! *Prince* KNOWS he hit the jackpot. He aims to please, and ENJOYS your undivided attention/love. He does sound like one in a MILLION.. better buy a LOTTERY ticket, you are having great/phenominal LUCK... GO FOR IT!!! [smile][thumb]
Jenni O.
Great update! I bet it's nice to have a quick learner, especially at this early stage where you never know how they'll be. Have fun!
Jan N
Really relaxed body language in these pics. So glad to see him comfy in himself [smile]
Just got this update and photo!

I rode Prince (Two Socks) today!

I ponied him with my mare for a 2 hour walk trot workout with saddle on his back. When we got back my sister had him on lead line and I hopped on and rode him for 15 minutes. He did perfect. He was tense at first but relaxed quickly. We are so proud of our Prince. Thanks again so much for letting us adopt him.

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The smile on your face, SAYS it all. *Prince* is one gorgeous hoofer. Hope you have more updates and photos.. Each day will be a blessing. GOOD LUCK.[smile][thumb]
Looks like you have the new Noble gloves on, too.  Saw Noble people on RFD TV promoting their products and they emphasize that they listen to the customer.

Jenni O.
Woo hoo! [smile]
Nice work!
I am trying to figure out whom has the bigger smile; Bobbie or Prince [smile]

Nice update [wave]
Awesome updates!  Glad Prince is doing so well.
Prince, aka Two Socks sure is a beautiful horse! He looks so happy and comfy in his new home! Keep up the good work [smile]
Beth s
Updates on this beautiful guy please????
Scott: MHWF
Funny you should bring his thread up Beth. I talked to Bobbi last night and an update and pics are coming soon, if not today.
Two Socks (Prince) is doing great. He is completely broke to ride now, goes on trail rides and does all 5 gaits. As you can see he has definitely put on some muscle, especially in the neck and shoulders. We love Prince very much. He is one spoiled boy.

Thanks for letting us have him.

Bobbie S.

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His mane is gorgeous
Jenni O.
He's beautiful!
beth S
Any new updates on this guy? I drooled over him for quite a while... how's he doing?
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