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Two Socks - 4 yrs.

$500 - Two Socks is a 4 year old Rocky Mountain Horse gelding. He stands at 14.1 hands tall and is sound, healthy and very well-behaved, plus really nice looking. He came to us through the court system and was part of a very well-known court case in the Fox Valley area. Many people will probably remember Two Socks and even recognize him. He is now officially part of MHWF and we can begin to look for his new permanent home. Two Socks was a stallion up until May 6, 2015. He is now a gelding, but will need to be quarantined for another month or so to make sure we do not end up with any unwanted pregnancies and to give him time to shed some of his more manly desires...hehehe. He is now in good weight, has his feet trimmed, has been on a normal de-worming program and will be fully vaccinated in the next couple of days. So far we have found him to be very sweet, likable, respectful of his handler and of course, beautiful to look at. His adopter will need to be someone who can take him the rest of the way in his training and break him to saddle. Right now he leads, loads, ties and seems to have his ground manners in place. Someone with the right experience and willingness to put a little training into him will end up with a stellar horse for sure.  


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Mary H.
THIS news just made my day.  The little man is safe with MHWF and his life can now begin!  Thanks Scott and Karen for giving a very deserving horse his chance!! 

What a doll face!  Such expression!

WOW!!!  Lucky for him that he is in the MHWF program!! What a looker!
HOly Crapola.  He is a looker.  
Jenni O.
OMG. He's cute! The phone will be ringing off the hook.
Really wonderful news for a stunning guy!!!  Thank you Scott and Karen for being his safe haven [smile]
Scott: MHWF
If you think he looks good in a little photo, you should see him in person. We already really like this guy, so sweet, so well-behaved, big soft eyes.....
I'm in love.  
*Two Socks* reminds me of an indian name... love it too. He is one handsome/beautiful boy. He is that very unusual looking horse, and I agree, he has a beautiful face...and those eyes.!! Wow.
He really is a sweet horse, just got dealt a crap hand in his early years.  He has come around awesome in the last year and a half, with minimal work.  He's very smart and wants to please and I think will learn quickly.  
Two Socks is doing very well, and we also want to thank you for all you have done with him, Dawn.  He is very easy to handle and a real sweetie.  

It is such a good thing that he is so easy to handle, because he has an infection from his geld surgery that we are treating now.  He lets us handle him and touch the area without problem, so treating him is made so much easier because of this.  When pulling the scab off of the swollen side (which he had no problem with), some foul-smelling pus and blood came out, so now that this is draining that will help clear it up too.    
Barb S.
I'm SO happy for Two Socks, and his life is just beginning. Karen & Scott...you guys are awesome. What happened to the other horses?
Thank you Barb!  I believe the other horses were placed some time ago, already in adoptive homes.    
What a good boy!  Hope he heals up quick without any further issues.
He's cute. I like his eyes.
Scott: MHWF

UPDATE: 5-25-2015

Two Socks is doing very well and he is looking and feeling good. The reason for this update is to say how impressed we are with this guy. He is sweet, loves attention and is about as easy going as they get. Since arriving here, he had not once done a single thing wrong. We can lead him anywhere by simply holding onto his halter. You can walk under, over and around him with no worries. He has never nipped, bitten, kicked out, pulled away or done anything other than show what a wonderful horse he is going to be for the right person. In about two more weeks it will be safe to turn him out with the other horses. We do not expect any trouble with him at all and are really happy he ended up here. We like him very much.

We are also surprised that he has not gotten more attention from our readers. Not only is he the color everyone likes, but he is a gaited Rocky Mountain horse that came from a very widely know case. 

Barb - the 3 mares have all been adopted.  Two Sock's mom was adopted out with her new born foal (which may or may not have been his).  
A quick pic of Two Socks from a few days ago at sunset in his paddock, dreaming about being out in the pasture with the other horses.  [wink]  [smile]  

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Oh my gosh! I LOVE that picture!!! I sure hope it makes it on next year's calendar!  That would be beautiful framed! You really do wonder what he is thinking.
Kim B
He is such a gorgeous guy...I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him.
Kathy, there are times it is pretty clear what he is thinking, even though he has some of those parts missing now.  LOL!  
Karen - thanks for the smile [biggrin]  - too funny.  I do still really like the picture.

Two Socks is really fun to groom (that mane!), and he really loves being groomed.  He has a spot on his withers that he particularly likes and you can really get his lips going.  As mentioned above, he is really well behaved.  We need to take more pics of him to share very soon.  
Kara B.
I can't get over that mane. To beautiful.
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