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Donna R
I love that last photo of him!  Just gorgeous-the horse AND the setting!  Love those Palominos!  Two Socks looks like a wonderful horse for some lucky adopter.
He is absolutely stunning!

beth s
 I want!!!!!Oh my pitter patter!!!
A horse with those looks - well behaved - gaited, PLEASE SOMEONE ADOPT HIM SOON so I don't have to keep having these lil arguments in my head [confused]
There is something about him - I keep coming back to his page.  Love this horse!
Thought I'd post a quick update on Two Socks.  He continues to do just great.  He has his routine down and loves it.  He gets to spend time in the paddock area, in the round pen once in a while (where he loves to kick up his heels) as well as in a stall.  He actually loves going into his stall, he knows he can rest in there.  He goes in his stall during the day time, going in there in the morning, and when we go back out in the morning to let the other horses out after eating their grain, he is already laying down and taking a nap in his stall after eating his breakfast.  He is still showing some manly behavior once in a while, but that takes time.  We look forward to when we can turn him out with the herd and see how he does in that situation, which will be a while yet.  

I snapped a quick picture of him a few days ago during one of his trips from stall to paddock just for a quick picture update, posted below.  We had a lot of rain, so he had some mud on him, but the boy is looking and feeling fantastic.  

Also, Scott received an email from Barbara T. and she would like this information posted here:  
"BB is the sire of  Rebecca's palomino baby Robby!!!"

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Kara B.
He is such a pretty boy.
*Two Socks* looks like a VERY EXPENSIVE horse.. standin there so REGAL... it is fun to hear you tell how he is acting, and I am wondering if you could EVER get a video of him doing some of his routine/antics and just BEING a horse/himself??
Wow, he is gorgeous!!
Terri and Priscilla came out yesterday to help us out, and after the day of working with and riding horses, we brought Two Socks into the round pen for some fun.  Two Socks always has a blast in the round pen.  I took some pics that I have to share.  

I think I mentioned above somewhere about how Two Socks loves his stall time, he comes in and eats his breakfast and then takes a nice long nap.  Yesterday afternoon he was in his stall because of the commotion around here with new horses and needing his paddock space.  Even with all of the commotion and noise, he decided to take a nice afternoon nap, and I snapped a pic of sleepy boy.  

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He is STUNNING! I love looking at him so much! Those round pen photos are amazing.
I am with you on that Terra, I love looking at him.  [smile]  I think I took about 300 pictures of him yesterday, and I'm not exaggerating.  LOL!  
I have to share that I took my daughters Rocky Mountain gelding on a trail ride last weekend.  It was friggin awesome!!!  I had such a blast!!  I came home and told my husband, we need 3 more Rocky's.  Not sure if all Rocky's gaits are the same but he has the best and funnest canter ever.  It is so easy to sit and so much fun.  I am not real familiar with the Rocky Mountain breed but I plan on looking more into them now.  Anyway just a plug for Two Socks.
Donna R
WOW!  He sounds like a fun character as well as being absolutely stunning!!!
WOW!  He is gorgeous! Love the pictures!  Look forward to seeing more of the 300 pictures you took [smile]
Heike B
Maybe Two Socks will hijack the calendar this year and there will be a MHWF Two Socks calendar haha.  Certainly there is enough beauty and personality to last all year.
I can be pretty certain that Mr. Two will make an appearance on the next MHWF calendar.  [smile]  You are right, he could fill 12 pages with ease.  
Jenni O.
I have to show these photos to Andrea, my German friend that you met when I came for Diamond. She will go nuts over all that mane flying around!
Scott: MHWF
Two Socks came to MHWF with his feet trimmed, so we were not sure what to expect when it was time to get trimmed here. Today was that day and we are happy to report that he was just about perfect for the farrier. His feet look great too.  He had one incident of being distracted by a mare that came out to be next in line, but as soon as the mare was gone he behaved perfectly again.  

Two Socks still has some studdy behavior, and we will see how he does with a herd.  We cannot answer how he will do with a herd and with other horses and those types of questions for potential adopters until we find that out for ourselves.  

As soon as we can find the extra time to walk all the fencelines, we plan to turn him out to pasture as well. Should be fun to see him get to run and finally get to socialize with the other horses. We are really looking forward to it and will certainly get some photos, maybe even some video to share when it does finally happen.

Someone better come and adopt this horse soon or I am keeping him for myself. I have a great connection with him and really, really like him.
Well, Scott maybe you should just adopt him.
This guy is just gorgeous and seems to have a great head on his shoulders.  Someone is going to have a fantastic partner.
Two Socks has been meeting horses at the farm since he has been here, but has not been able to be turned out yet.  Today we decided to turn him out, not into the big herd, but over in the small pasture that has just three other horses (Sheba, Cherokee and my Diva) for a bit to see how it would go.  We had a lot of help at the farm today getting things done, and one of the big projects was to walk all of the fence on the whole property to take care of anything that might have gotten knocked down by deer, etc., and we want to thank Tricia, Christine, Dean and Tracy for coming out to help us today!!  We really appreciate you guys so much!  (and wow, my sunburn is steaming now!)  With all the fencing intact and double checked, we then let Two Socks into the smaller pasture.  We got the other horses out of the paddock area and let him in there first and then out into the pasture with the others.  We were expecting some fireworks, and who knows what else, and what we got was just pretty boring.  LOL!  We loved boring!!  There was a little jockeying and running around, but my horse, Diva, decided that she is the keeper of Cherokee and Sheba in that pasture and she took over as the boss role very quickly...in fact, immediately.  She told Two Socks just how things were going to be, and he listened to her.  Two Socks is now out to pasture and loving it!  

Here are just a couple of quick pics from today, and I will surely add some more as I get time.  

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Jenni O.
Lol! He's thinking, "Finally!!!!" Probably good for him to have someone boss him around and keep him in line.
Scott: MHWF
He has been an angel and so far, has shown no signs at all that he is the least bit interested in his three female pasture mates. Cherokee instantly went into full blown heat and still no real interest in her from Two Socks.

He sure looks happy finally being able to be out to pasture with friends, eating grass, running and rolling.
He has to be one happy gelding [wink] at least he can move around, eat, grass, and have interaction with other horses!  Also happy to hear it was uneventful!!
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