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Denise S - WW
Was thinking about you guys yesterday & wondered how the turn out went. Glad it went well! He is a gorgeous boy!!
Kara B.
I bet thats a pretty picture of the 4 together [smile]
Donna M
Um, I have never heard Scott utter the words, "Someone better adopt him or I am keeping him myself." My guess is we might see Two Socks on a future MHWF camping trip with Scott as his rider. Couldn't blame you for that Scott. Two Socks is beautiful and looks like he is loving life. 

I love pictures of rolling horses. 

And this one says "See? No balls!"
Scott: MHWF
You are right Donna, while I do sometimes tend to just say what is on my mind, I rarely just type it [smile] And if I do type it, I delete it right away.

Anyway, there was a long conversation last week on this thread about my thoughts on keeping Two Socks for myself. I kind of felt like it took away from his info and I ended up deleting it....probably shouldn't have.

Here are my thoughts on why I will NOT be adopting Two Socks, as much as I like him and feel like he is one of those once in a lifetime horses.

1. He is a little too small for a heavy guy like me.

2. I got Pride (my Polish Arab) when he was just a weanling, knowing that someday I would have to retire Festivo. Pride would then be my riding horse someday and probably the last horse that I will ever own. We can grow old together.

Last fall we officially retired Festivo, sad day for me, but it's part of life. It is now time to let Pride get his turn. I have kept him and built a relationship with him for 15 years now. I really like Pride and he is going to be a great horse for me when I do finally find the time to actually ride. So as much as I really like Two Socks and as much as I feel he and I have a great connection, I also have that connection to Pride, who I have raised and known for 15 years. It is time for Pride to become my riding horse and let Two Socks be someone else's once in a lifetime horse.
Jenni O.
Oh, someone is going to be so lucky! Glad to hear his studliness has diminished. Now he's just happy to be part of a herd again.
Tricia - No. WI
Sounds like the transition to the new pasture was uneventful.  Yippee!  I'm assuming that being with other geldings wouldn't be an issue for him either.

It's apparent from the posts from Karen and Scott really think the world of this horse.  That speaks volumes.  Any potential adopter should be prepared for an extra-rigorous pre-screening, I think!!!!!
LOL!  I should probably be a little more detailed and clear about the introduction.  Two Socks definitely has a little studdiness type behavior in him yet, but he is very controllable with his handler, very much a gentleman.  On introduction into the pasture, my horse was not letting him get away with any of that type of behavior. Bluntly, she kicked his a$$ and made him stop any shenanigans, without anyone getting hurt.  She really exerted her dominance over him and let him know that she was going to be the boss of him and that he was to absolutely leave Cherokee and Sheba alone.  (it was very funny, because I was right there and ready to take him out if he was going to hurt my baby in any way, and she totally took charge of the situation)  If she hadn't been in there, I don't doubt we may have had to take him out again, because Cherokee and Sheba would not have been able to handle anyone with a studly attitude.  When bringing Two Socks over to that pasture, Scott led him there, and before getting into the gate and waiting for me to get the horses out of that paddock area, he acted full-on stud, but like I said, very controllable for his handler (the typical posturing, the studly noises, etc., but a gentleman listening to his handler and not losing his head at all).  He went in with a big attitude, and he had no idea he was going to meet someone with a much bigger attitude than him, but he did.  
Having said all that, it got straightened out very quickly and he knows his place in that herd.  As soon as they got done with their posturing and figuring out who is the lead in there, Two Socks was just having fun looking around, running around, stretching out and rolling and grazing.  He is loving it!  Add a gelding to that mix, I have no idea what might happen, we will have to check that out some time in the near future.  Not having a very strong personality to have backed him away, I also have no idea what might have happened.  It worked out very, very well, and this was the perfect transition he needs to a herd.  There is no way we would have wanted to turn him out into the big herd with that mix of mares and geldings, and that is the reason we put him with just these girls, but we think at some point down the road when all of that extra testosterone has left his body and he has learned all about herd life, he will do well.  

He is a very intelligent horse (got to see his brains in action yesterday with a few scenarios and I am impressed, and I am not impressed that easily) and very, very sweet to boot.  Someone is going to be very lucky to have him.
Scott, that post made me smile.  It would be so easy to grab this guy as he looks splendid and seems to be near perfect with all his qualities.  You made a commitment to Pride and are standing by it, very admirable!

I really wish I could share time with this lad but for similar reasons can not.  I am just amazed your phone is not ringing of the hook on this one, not that all these horses are not worthy of a partner.
I admire those that adopt those with issues, a certain mini mule comes to mind, along with the others. This guy needs to go to someone that truly can appreciate the skill set - IMO, I am with Tricia on this one.

Alyssa R.
Just happened to stumble across this website and decided to look at the horses. Saw Two Socks and instantly had to know more about him. After reading every reply, wow he is a prize piece, so stunning. what a great horse! I would do anything for him to be mine! Someone is going to be extremely lucky!
Hello I'm Alora and I was looking at this horse and I am interested in looking at him.
MHWF, Inc.
Hi Alora, the adoption horses page has instructions on what to do when you are interested in one of the adoption horses, and also here is a link to another thread here on the forum with information about how to go about adopting.  Thank you for your inquiry!  


Oh My Gosh!!  Two Socks is ADOPTED!!! Happy for him and his adopter!  What a pretty boy, so excited to hear who it is and hope they keep us updated on him!
Two Socks is still with us, and we will do the adoption day pics and all of that good stuff on the official adoption day coming up this weekend.  [smile]  
Do you by any chance have a photo of *Levi* and *Two Socks* together? They seemed to be almost the same size, and that palamino color? Two very beautiful hoofers.[angel][angel][smile]
No, I don't have any pictures of Two Socks and Levi together because they lived in different pastures here and were never together.  Two Socks doesn't live with the big herd, he lives with the small herd with Cherokee and Sheba.  
Oh wow! Exciting news [smile] Congratulations!
Barb S.
Congratulations! Two Socks is such a handsome boy. I can't wait to see what his future holds.
Tricia - No. WI
What fantastic news! So happy for him!
Denise S - WW
Great news! What a handsome boy! Looking forward to hearing more & seeing adoption day pics!!
Ditto to what Denise said... This weekend will be EXCITING... [thumb]
This was the ending I needed to see!  For all of the group to have their happy ending!  It made it all worth while!  I miss that face, but not his ability to find the one pile in his pen and cover himself in it.  Very excited for his adopters, this guy has a personality all his own and a willingness to please.  Thanks Scott and Karen for taking him in, and getting him ready for his home, and for Waupaca County for not giving up on these guys.
Two Socks left for his new home today, and Popcorn pony went along with him.  Bobbie and Robin came to meet Two Socks, Bobbie worked with him and he was what she was looking for.  Bobbie has trained a BLM Mustang before as well, and she will be doing the training on Two Socks and getting this boy riding.  Bobbie's son needed a pony he can dote on and care for, and Popcorn really fit the bill for him too!  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures when they were here, it was a really busy day that day with multiple people here and we didn't think to do any pictures, thinking they'd be coming back to pick up the horses.  They have a trailer but not the truck to haul it, so they hired our friend Dean to come and pick up the horses today.  

We very much look forward to the updates on both Two Socks and Popcorn and wish everyone well!  Two Socks is on his new journey now, and we wish everyone the best!  

I snapped a couple of pics of Two Socks today as we were saying good-bye to him and sending him off with Dean.  We are really going to miss this boy.  

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Good for Two Socks. And the fact he is going to someone who has that training experience he will be in great hands I'm sure.
Lisa B
Great to hear that Two Socks AND Popcorn have new homes.  Best wishes all around!
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