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Ty - 20 years 

$400 - Ty is a 17.2 hand Percheron gelding that just turned 20 this spring. He is sound, healthy, has good manners and stands great for the vet and farrier. Ty has been in the same home since he was a baby and came to MHWf when his owner fell on tough times. He is big, beautiful and has never been worked hard and was never owned by the Amish. So no heavy \wear and tear and his tail has not been docked. Ty has never been driven, but has been ridden and is broke to ride. He has never had a saddle on though, always bareback. Ty has all his shots and we will get him de-wormed and a new Coggins ASAP. Do not let Ty's age fool you. He is in excellent shape, no special needs and is not an old plug.

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Barb S
WOW very handsome and sounds like a sweetheart!
Kristal K.
Oh my heart!!!♡♡ stunning does not begin to describe this boy!
Loreann F.
Wow what a handsome guy, would love to meet him.
Stunning stunning horse.
Donna R
So glad this guy found his way to you!  He is very handsome! 
Jenni O.
Hmm,I know a great bareback rider who would look great on him! (how many times can I squeeze the word "great" into one sentence?)
Someone is going to be super, super, super, super, super lucky! Yowza!!
 Wow!  Be still my beating heart!!!!!!
Debbie M.
He sure is handsome, and has a soft look in his eyes. Someone will be lucky to have him come home with them!
Scott: MHWF
It looks like Ty already made a new friend and found a new home!

Garrison has been helping me work on the indoor arena for quite a while now, so when Ty came in Garrison was one of the first people to see him and I could tell he liked Ty right away.

Last night was the official adoption appointment and Ty & Garrison connected right away. 

The photo we are posting will be instead of the normal adoption day photo, since we think it is a great shot. Look at the smile on Garrison's face!

Ty will head for his new home sometime in the next week or so and will be living with Oreo and Cherokee, two other horses adopted by Garrison's wife, Holly.

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Awesome!! You are a VERY lucky guy Garrison!! Woohoo!!
Donna R
That is great news!  Blink of the eye and Ty is adopted!  Congratulations Garrison, Holly, and family.  What a perfect photo.  It says it all.  Lucky horse!
Jan H.
Looks like a perfect match to me!  Glad you both found each other. 
Barb S
Love a good match!!! Congratulations!!!
Perfect!!!       Wow, they look just great together!  Good job.
Congrats, may you have many happy rides together!!  Ty is one handsome dude!
I am Ty's previous owner. I am so so glad someone else thinks he is as special as I do!!! Thanks Scott it was the right thing to do. Jeff
Congratulations to Ty and Garrison!  Cant beat that smile!
Wendy W - WI
A BIG congrats from me!!  Garrison you look great on him and I am looking forward to pictures of the big Black with the big White.  
Watching Garrison with Ty the other night was so fun. He was having a blast, to the point that when we were freezing and ready to go home, I had to kick Garrison off of Ty. I'm really looking forward to their future together. Thanks Jeff for trusting Scott and Karen with your boy!
Freaking awesome.
Leslie V
Big congrats to Garrison!!  Love the smile - you two look great together.  I'm with Wendy, looking forward to pictures of Ty and Oreo having fun together!!
Jenni O.
Congratulations! You two look great together-it's obviously meant to be. And how cool that he will be with two other adoption horses!
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