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Jenni O.
He looks GREAT!!! Not that I'm surprised. He has a couple of cool people to dote on him, when they aren't busy taking pictures of chickens. πŸ˜‚
Thanks you guys πŸ™‚ He really is looking good which makes me really, really, happy! Hey Jenni, he digs eating with company πŸ˜‰ πŸ₯

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Great shot of Ty and his buddy!
Ty has really settled in. He is so calm and comfortable, and that makes me very happy ❀️

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What a very cool shot!
Ty is doing really well, but seems to be protesting having his picture taken πŸ˜›

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Do I look like a penguin to you? Enough already!

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Donna R
Ha Ha! Ty, you are adorable!  I agree.  Enough already.
You know it's too much rain if I have puddles! I never have puddles 😳
Way too much rain...yuck
Barb S
Love the pictures of Ty sticking his tongue out. Kinda like a little kid. Lol. The rain could definitely stop for a while. It’s bad here and we got a lot less rain than most of you.
Ty the garbage picker!

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Barb S
Ty looks fantastic! Perfect heading into winter body!
Jeff B.
I finally figured out how to find Ty on the computer. I'm so glad he looks happy!!!!! I'll miss him forever. Raised him from birth it was a joy really, a lot of trials and tribulations that we got thru. Does my heart good to know he is safe Thank you Christine for loving my guy,.Jeff
And that is why I love MHWF and all they do and stand for!
Christine, Ty looks great. Jeff, that's cool you found Ty on here. And Ty hit the jackpot being adopted by Chrstine.
I'm honored to be able to give Ty a loving, forever home! He's a joy to have around and truth be known, I'm the lucky one ❀️

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Jenni O.
That sweet face...how could you not love it? I'm sure he's really low maintenance and eats very little anyways, right?😁
Donna R.
Jeff, it is really heartwarming to read that you found this thread to put your mind at ease about Ty. I echo what Jurita said that Ty hit the jackpot being adopted by Christine and Nick.  This is a perfect example of the great work MHWF does for the horses that come into their program as well as their donors and their adopters.

Ty enjoying the sun and celebrating the fact that we can see the ground, even if it is a sloppy mess for now πŸ˜‰

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Such a beautiful guy.
Enjoying the sun before it goes away for a few days πŸ™‚

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Ty, Sully, Amos

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