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Ty came home last night, but spent the night in the barn since it was after dark. Introduction this morning was very boring! Oreo is completely smitten, and won't stop following him around. The girls are indifferent. Ty does not seem to care much about the other horses. The only thing that even got him to trot was seeing me with a bale of hay.

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Jenni O.
Maybe Oreo is happy there's another guy around.
Scott: MHWF
Thank you Holly!
They are a cute pair!  Congratulations!
Little update on Ty. He's settled in beautifully, and is a dream to handle. Cherokee has decided they're lovers, which is pretty darn cute considering she's around 13hh. I'll try to snap a picture today.
Looking back at Ty's thread and also Big Dan's, it really seems the girls go for tall, dark and handome guys.
13hh, give or take, next to 17.2hh. They're lovebirds and go everywhere together.

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That is so adorable!
How is Ty doing?
Ty is doing good! He's still completely smitten with Cherokee, and keeps her away from Oreo. We haven't really had the time to ride lately so no updates there unfortunately. But he's doing really well, and thinks he owns the place!
Penelope and Ty, adopted by Holly and Garrison K.

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Jenni O.
He's such a moose, lol! What a cute pair.
Ty, adopted by Holly and Garrison K.

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Ty, Percheron gelding, hoping that this was the last storm of winter.

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Looks like he's trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue!

Ty - 20 years 

$400 - Ty is a 20 year old 17.2 hand Percheron gelding. He is sound, healthy, has good manners and stands great for the vet and farrier. Ty had been in the same home since he was a baby and came to MHWf when his owner fell on tough times. He is big, beautiful and has never been worked hard and was never owned by the Amish. So no heavy wear and tear and his tail has not been docked. Ty has never been driven, but has been ridden and is broke to ride.  Sadly, Ty had to come back to MHWF for personal family issues. Just about anyone that is not afraid to get up on this big boy can ride him, but do not let Ty's age fool you. He is in excellent shape, no special needs other than some daily grain and is not an old plug.

P.S.  We are hoping to hear from some of you who expressed interest in Ty when he first arrived at MHWF!  Now is your chance!!  

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[love][love][love]  Can't believe no one has commented on him that he is back.  

Judy - IA
He is stunning!!  
Kathy....don't you have a weakness for these big, soft, sweet guys?  Hmmmm He'd look pretty cute out there with Chubby Checkers.
Meghan R.
Just learning about your organization!  My family and I would like to submit an application so we can learn more about this guy.  I will be calling today during the hours listed.  Eager to learn more about him if possible.
Jenn - you are right, Chubby could probably walk underneath him!
How to Adopt a Horse from MHWF

The process of adopting a horse from MHWF is simple, print out the application. Send that in along with a $5.00 processing fee and photos of your farm. Once it is received we will get in touch with you via telephone and will answer any questions you might have, whether they be about our program and policies or a particular horse in our program. 

If after that phone call both parties feel like one or more of the horses is a possible match, we will set up an appointment for you to meet the horses. If the horse is a match, you may choose to adopt it and take it home after a little paperwork.

1. You must have an application on file to inquire about adoption horses, no exceptions. 

2. You must call during our posted hours and not on off hours.

3. You must set an appointment via telephone with us before planning on coming to the MHWF farm. Calling or emailing to let us know you are coming is not setting an appointment and will not be honored.
4. You must be at least 18 years old to inquire about adoption horses or to file an application.

We try our best to make adoption as easy and fun as we can make it. It is for that reason that we have set these policies. Everyone at MHWF has a regular daytime job and we must make good use of our limited time as this is a volunteer job and the people who take their time off to spend with the horses and potential adopters do it because they love it and believe in it.  

There is a little more reading on this thread to explain it all:  
Meghan R.
Wonderful!  Yes.  We are already in the process on completing the application.  I will be taking some pictures tonight and will hopefully be putting it in the mail tomorrow!
Thank you to Chloe and Deb for coming out today and helping out!!  

Chloe had a blast riding Ty, and I thought I'd share a cute picture.  Look at Ty's face, he's so adorable!  

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That's so nice that Deb and Chloe came out today! And yes Ty is so cute and freaking amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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