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Tye - 17 yrs.

Tye is a 17 year old QH gelding. He is 15.1 hands tall. Tye is current on all his shots, has a brand new Coggins and just had his feet trimmed. He is a very experienced, been there, done that trail horse, but he just arrived, so we will let him settle in then put a few test rides on him. He is sound, healthy, well broke and is a very respectful and likable horse. Stay tuned for updates.

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Heike B.
Nice!  Perfect age, perfect size for a nice partner.
What a nice eye!  Lovely boy!

Thank you, everyone, for your patience.  We do have riding evaluations done on both Rowdy and Tye and I have a bunch of video to render and get uploaded.  I will get it all posted up as soon as I can. 

Briefly, Tye will make someone a great trail horse but he definitely needs someone with confidence to maintain his confidence.  He's not for the absolute beginner type rider.  

Stay tuned for more soon along with videos!  
Donna M
What a stunning boy. Be still my heart!

Tye's video is uploaded and ready to share!  

Tye is a wonderful boy.  He's very easy going in the herd, and is towards the bottom of the herd but also won't take any guff from other horses either (very natural for a newer horse to the herd to be towards the bottom rank).  

Tye came out of the pasture for a nice riding evaluation by Priscilla.  Thank you Priscilla!  Tye was very respectful on the ground and very light.  Being new, he was a little bit concerned about his buddy over in the paddock, but definitely not overly concerned like we see sometimes when a horse is a new arrival.  Tye listened to his handler all the way through the evaluation process very well.  If he got a little nervous about something, he was very quickly calmed when he could see his handler had no concerns.  

Tye saddled up very nicely, stood nicely, held his feet up to be picked out nicely and listened to his handler well for lunging.  

Tye did walk, trot and canter with no issues at all.  Tye is very responsive to rider aids and he would turn and stop with seat and leg cues.  He did not seem to neck rein, but would turn on seat and leg cues and I'm sure neck reining would come very easily for Tye.  

Here is a video of Tye that was taken on 5/23/2020.  

Click on the video to play it, or click here

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Barb S
Very nice! It shouldn’t take long for Tye to find his home.
Tye was such a good boy for everything I asked of him, and was very fun to ride! He definitely tries hard to do what's asked of him, but does feed off the energy and confidence of his rider/handler. I was impressed with his ground manners, and he was easily redirected if he got distracted. I'm know he will make a super fun horse for somebody!
Donna M
Again my eye is drawn to him. Someone is going to get a wonderful companion. He seems to have it all.
He is such a nice guy..and will make someone a very nice partner.
Tye adopted?  Great news!

Tye did get adopted!!  Tye is such a good boy, and we found that each time we took him out of the pasture to work with him he was even better and better each time.  He was never pasture sour or buddy sour at all and such a gentleman.  

Cap and Susan came to meet Tye yesterday and he was exactly what they were looking for in a good trail horse.  They have been familiar with MHWF for years, and we are so happy they chose adoption to find their boy.  They came back today and picked Tye up.  Tye got to ride home on the trailer with one of their horses, so he already has a buddy.  We have word that he made the trip home well and is settling in nicely.  

Thank you so much to Cap and Susan, and big congratulations to you and Tye!  

Here is a cute official adoption day picture of Tye with his new family - and he will be Cap's boy.  

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❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations!!
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