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I am going to start a new thread where we can highlight volunteers, such an important part of this organization!  

We'll kick this off with Karin Harris, who we celebrate 17 years of volunteering with MHWF!  

Today as I was going through some old pictures I came across the pic of volunteer, Karin, leading in donk named Shaggy with Hermioney following behind her… and Hermy positioned so perfectly to make it look like Karin was wearing donkey ears! This was waaaay back in 2009, and after I stopped laughing for long enough, it brought me to posting this. 𝐕𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐫𝐬! They are the lifeblood of this organization and really make things work and tick right along like a trusty clock, no matter what their capacity of volunteering is. Karin has been an all-around volunteer for MHWF for over 17 years now! Wow, that is absolutely amazing and she deserves a huge round of applause! She does everything from riding horses, working with horses, coming to help with farrier and vet days, helping with fundraisers and you name it, she does it. The other picture is of her riding horse named Annie in the MHWF Fun Show (costume class) in August of 2019. MHWF is so grateful to Karin for all of her years of service, and we are feeling a little “old” as we realize how many years have passed in the blink of an eye… Thank you Karin, for everything!! We applaud you today, and every day!
By the way, Shaggy and Hermioney are still in the wonderful home they were adopted into back in 2009 - thank you Katie!!! (that’s another whole post about great adopters!!) 

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What a great idea!  Seventeen years--wow!
Volunteer Spotlight!  Time for a bit of “feel good Sunday”.  The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation has so many special people who help in so many different ways, and today’s spotlight is on a very special person named Christine, who started her journey with MHWF in 2012.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization and really make things work and tick right along like a trusty clock, no matter what their capacity of volunteering is.  Christine discovered the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF) back in 2012 and has since not only become an adopter, but also a very important part of the organization, crew and family.  Christine started out on a volunteer day and that turned into an adoption, and then a few more adoptions over the years from an ex-racehorse to a draft (it is another post to highlight all of that!) and becoming a solid leader for MHWF.  Christine is always willing to lend a hand with any given task, comes to and works every event that MHWF puts on or is involved with and has taken the lead on working concessions at the Packer games for MHWF, completely making those events work and keeps everyone motivated on top of it all!  Always bringing smiles and laughs just when they are needed most is a most special talent as well.  Whether it is a fundraising event at MHWF, a cleanup and working day at MHWF, running concessions at Lambeau or out in the back woods helping us round up a feral horse, there she is.  We applaud Christine for giving her time, talents and dedication to the horses and being such a special soul in this journey with us, and playing a major role in the rescue world. Thank you Christine!!  

Highlighted with photos are: 
Christine proving to everyone that adoption really is the best option. What a beautiful herd!  The rescue mission of a little feral that came to be known as Calamity Jane..  No matter how much work the day brings, Christine always having some fun and bringing smiles and laughs to the day.  From feral donkey whose feet had never been trimmed to unhandled horses... Christine has seen and done it all in her years with MHWF. 

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Jane Liess
WOW!  Both Christine and Karin are rock-stars!  Thanks.
Awesome thread!  Awesome people!

Today is a combination type of post/update, combining an adoption horse update along with wonderful volunteers/supporters post.  We will highlight Bailey, adopted in 2019 by long-time supporters/volunteers and adopters Dan and Marisa!  Bailey is a 22-year-old Thoroughbred who owns Dan and Marisa now.  J  Dan and Marisa have been following Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MWHF) since the beginning of time…probably since about 2002 (wow, that is 18 years!).  They were on-line supporters and turned into volunteers who have helped tons over the years, even though they live about 6 hours away over in Minnesota (we’re in central Wisconsin).  They are always right there to help in any capacity they can and always spreading the good word about MHWF and horse rescue and adoption, always being sure to make it to MHWF events as well.  I could write a book on their whole story!  They adopted their first horse from MHWF in 2013 - a draft cross named Sergeant Bubba, called Forrest, as in Gump - long story, but  Forrest was shot in the buttocks in his previous career as a police horse (perfectly ok physically and mentally from the incident).  Then in 2014 they decided to adopt another horse to add to their family named Sarona, a beautiful Morab mare who is also now 21 years old.  I don’t want to gloss over these two great horses, but we will keep our update mainly focused on Bailey today.  Dan and Marisa have started a lesson program and they have Sarona for little kid lessons and Forrest for big people lessons, but some people are intimidated by Forrest’s size.  In Marisa’s words, “We also needed something with a solid canter under saddle that could be a step up horse for kids and a good lesson horse for those adults that are intimidated by Forrest.  We went to the MHWF Raffle Party (in June 2019) and I was talking with Scott and Karen about how I was interested in adding that elusive missing link lesson horse”.  Well, funny story… about 6 years previous, Dan and Marisa being the great supporters and volunteers that they are, volunteered to make a trip all the way to Texas to pick up a horse that had been adopted out by MHWF and needed to return to us.  At that time, they would have loved to have this beautiful horse named Bailey, but it just wasn’t in the cards then.  Fast forward to last summer, and Bailey’s adopter was moving out of state and getting out of horses all together, so Bailey found himself coming back to MHWF again after being in his home for almost 6 years, but this time Dan and Marisa were ready for him!  They came and met Bailey and adopted him at the end of July 2019.  Bailey has given some lessons now and even had a 10-year-old able to canter on him in a lesson, Bailey being a complete rock star!  The cycle of rescue includes “seizure or surrender--intake--rehab and/or training--ADOPTION”.  Adoption is the most important part of the rescue cycle…when you adopt, you are rescuing!  Never forget, there are so many more horses that are able to be helped after an adoption takes place.  A huge THANK-YOU to Dan and Marisa for being such great supporters of MHWF over the years and believing in our rescue and adoption program.  You two are absolute rock stars in our book!  

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Volunteer Spotlight!  Len and Donna Roach - The Dynamic Duo! 


The Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation has so many special people who help in so many different ways, and today’s spotlight is on two very special people named Len and Donna, who started their journey with MHWF back in about 2009.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of this organization and really make things work and tick right along like a trusty clock, no matter what their capacity of volunteering is.  When Len and Donna discovered the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation (MHWF), they started out with a bang and adopted 3 equines in 2010 (Trigger, Babe and Copenhagen, Trigger being one of the cutest tiny mini horses ever!) and they not only became adopters, but also a very important part of the organization, crew and family.  Len and Donna live a long way from MWHF, over the border down in Illinois, but you’d never know there was a distance…it is only in miles and that doesn’t stop them.  They have dropped what they were doing and drove across the state and back to bring needy horses to MHWF countless times, delivered horses from MHWF to where they needed to go, they come to all the MHWF events and help out with any given task at hand, and have even helped by watching and keeping an eye on situations that may have needed intervention.  You will meet Len and Donna at any given MHWF event and see them at the MHWF booth at the Midwest Horse Fair helping out every year.  We applaud this Dynamic Duo (Batman costumes in the future maybe?) for giving their time, talents and dedication to the horses and being such special people in this journey with all of us, playing a major role in the rescue world.  Please enjoy all of the snapshots that is just a glimpse into these wonderful people.  Thank you, Len and Donna!  

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Jane Liess
Yes, Len and Donna are superheroes, and you have the pictures to prove it!  Always there when needed, it appears to this observer.  You put out a call for help, and it's Len and Donna who respond.  I also just realized that i hadn't commented about Dan and Marisa, another pair of caped crusaders!  Well-deserved congratulations to all.
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