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Waylon - 12 yrs.

$400 - Waylon is a 12 year old grade gelding. He is a big bulky boy at 16  hands tall. Waylon is current on everything for 2016. He is ultra-mellow, super laid back and his manners are near perfect. He is good for the vet, farrier, leads, loads, ties and rides, has even been ridden bareback. We are told that he was once a ranch horse out west, but do not have any proof of that. Waylon is a really nice, laid back guy and fit right in here at MHWF. We already like him and are sure his new adopter will as well. We will post updates on Waylon as we get to know him better and put a few test rides on him.

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Um, HELLO!  He is very pretty!!  I bet he don't last long, wish he was coming to our pasture!
Jodi N.
Be still my heart....Mae is thinking about retirement and Erin is looking for a new partner. She loves the stockings and the long mane (more braids!!) Hmmmm....
Jenni O.
Wowza! You'll get noticed on him. Curious to see what he knows.
Jane Liess
That is one fine looking horse!
Ok, he is a hunk. Does the Marlboro Man know his horse is up for adoption?
Donna R
Love this guy's looks!  Another great horse up for adoption.
Wow!  What a nice fellow!
Carol K.
Wow!! Waylon is a beauty!
Jodi N.
Anything new with this handsome boy?

UPDATE: 7/7/2016

Last night (Wednesday) we finally had a chance to pull Waylon out of the pasture to spend some time with him and evaluate him. We were told that he might have a sore back and that he had not been ridden in about a year, so we wanted to give him at least a good once over and a short ride to see how he did and felt. On inspection of his back, we did find a spot right behind his withers that he was not crazy about us touching, but not enough of a response to say he might be sore or tender there, just enough to warrant keeping a close eye on. Under saddle he did pretty well. He walked, trotted, stopped when asked and backed. We were not able to get him into a canter and when he was asked for a canter, he would get a little jumpy and balky. We are not yet sure if this was from him not being ridden in so long, if something hurts or if he has just never cantered under saddle. He was ridden for about 35 minutes and for the most part, except for the canter, he was rusty, but did pretty well.

Nice update on a nice horse! 
...annnd, that didn't take long!  Who's the lucky person?
Michelle S.
In my experience with ranch horses they don't always want to lope in smaller spaces, especially right away.  I even rode a few that were very unsure of going into the barn or indoor arena as they weren't used to that.
We will post the official adoption day pictures when his adopters come to pick Waylon up.  [smile]  Waylon is a really nice horse, super sweet and laid back guy.  
I am going to make one post about Waylon and Sammy and copy it to both of their threads since they went to the same home.  [smile]  Waylon and Sammy are both wonderful horses and we are thrilled that Laura B., Tim and their daughter Jadyn are taking these 2 great equines into their family.  Laura has adopted horse, Ben the STB, and has recently lost her adopted horse Timely Gal.  Ben needs a buddy and they need another riding horse since they both ride, and Jadyn is ready to start learning on a pony too!  We really look forward to hearing about these 3 adopted horses and their life together, and look forward to seeing them at the MHWF Fun Show this year again too.  [smile]  

I was still working when the official adoption took place this evening, so Scott took a couple of cell phone pics to share.  

A big thank you and congratulations to Laura, Tim and Jadyn!  

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Congratulations to all!
Congrats on Waylon & Sammy! Sorry to hear about Timely Gal. She was another example of the success of the MHWF program and all Scott & Karen do to ensure these horses have a good home for life. Wasn't Fancy also part of the family?
Ben (adopted STB gelding) and Waylon last night.

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Jenni O.
Congratulations! So cool that you adopted two at a time, and you're already hitting the trails with Waylon. Have fun.
Laura B. taking lessons on Waylon.

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Jenni O.
I hope you enjoy your lessons. I enjoy mine, although some days when I leave I feel like the worst rider ever. I see Waylon has "stop" mastered.
Waylon and Laura

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Jenni O.
Such a talented guy!
Nice job Laura. Hey...wait a minute..isn’t this suppose to be Tim’s horse?
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