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Sky and Waylon, adopted by Laura B. 

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Waylon lookin' good!

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MHWF, Inc.

Waylon - 16 yrs.

$600 - Waylon 16 year old grade paint geldling. He has been part of MHWF for a few years now. He is now back at MHWF. He is current on everything, Coggins, shots, de-wormers, trims, dental work, etc. He stands at 16 hands tall and is a big boy. Waylon is a veteran trail horse and we have ridden right alongside him at a few of our annual MHWF trail rides. He is not a horse for a complete beginner, but does well with anyone who has a few hours in the saddle. His rider needs to have reasonably quiet feet and hands; he knows who is on his back. No special needs, no soundness issues, ready to hit the trails tomorrow. A veteran trail horse with no history of injury or health issues....and a big boy to boot!

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We're so happy to announce that Waylon has found himself a great home and left for his new home today with a wonderful family!  

Saige and Trinity brought their parents, Gloria and Jeremy, to come and meet Waylon last week and they all loved him and did great with him.  They were looking to add a horse to their family and Waylon fit the bill for exactly what they needed in a horse.  Saige is in lessons too and did great riding Waylon.  I think they are supposed to share Waylon, and it'll be fun to see who winds up being Waylon's main person.  πŸ˜‰  

Big thank-you to Saige, Trinity, Gloria and Jeremy for choosing adoption, and a big congratulations to all!  

Gloria didn't make it with the family today to pick up Waylon, but here is a really cute picture of Trinity, Saige and Jeremy with Waylon on official adoption day today.  

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Congratulations! It's going to be fun to see how this all plays out!
Heike B
Waylon looks proud and happy to be joining the family!  Congrats!
Barn S
Congratulations 🎊
Wow, what a day for Waylon and his new family. Congratulations to all. Beautiful photo!
Fitting in nicely! He’s a joy to have.

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