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What Makes a Good Adopter 

When someone is considering adopting a horse, usually the first thing they think of is the care of the horse and how does the adoption program feel about how well they can care for that horse. While that is and should be the number one concern when adopting a horse, there is a lot more that goes into what makes a great adopter other than the quality of care that person can give.

The volunteers of the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation always make it clear to each adopter how important it is to us that they let us know how things are going, good or bad, and that they send updates from time to time. Many adopters do this and we like to think they understand why we ask for photos and updates, but sadly, some adopters do not share updates and stories and we feel that in most cases, it is because the adopter is taking proper care of their adopted horse and that is all that matters.

Updates, Photos and More Updates

The truth is that it is important to us that every horse we place does end up in a good home and when we place the horse with the adopter, we feel as though the horse will get good care. But, there is a lot more to it than just good care.

What a lot of adopters do not consider is that the people who donate their horses to MHWF, do so because they know that we care and know that we always do our best to make sure that every adoption is the right one. The people who donate their horses do so because they care for that horse and wanted to see it go to a good home. The volunteers of MHWF take this very serious. Not only do we answer to the donors of these horses, but the volunteers themselves also have spent time and attention with these horses and care for them as well. So, all along the lives of these horses were people who cared for them and loved them. 

What makes MHWF so different from most other adoption programs is that the people who have been part of the horse’s lives can simply email us or hop on our forum and check that horse’s thread or watch our Adoption Horse Photo of the Day on our forum and Facebook page.

Not only do the volunteers watch the forum and Facebook page and enjoy seeing photos and updates, but we find that the vast majority of people that have donated a horse to us, also watch for photos and updates.

Most adopters probably feel as though updates and pictures are just another way we make sure horses are in good homes and stay in good homes, and that is true, but equally important is the fact that in most cases, there were people who loved these horses and want to see how they are doing and enjoy seeing them thrive in their new homes. Not only do we, and our website followers enjoy seeing updates, stories and pictures, but the donors and people who once knew these horses do as well. Sending updates and photos is not only important to us, it is also important to the donors, people who are considering donating their horses and it reflects well on MHWF as a program and shows people that we do care about each and every horse that comes through our gates.

From time to time we will hear from a past adopter who is now inquiring about adopting another horse, and one of the first things we consider, besides getting yearly health reports in on time and the care they have given the horse they adopted, but did they let us know how things were going from time to time. Did they share photos and updates, so the people who were once a part of this horse’s life can see how it is doing. Sadly, some adopters are shocked when we are not excited about giving them another horse because we never hear from them. We are often equally shocked when we ask for updates over and over and do not get them. Placing a horse in a program like MHWF is much more than simply taking a horse in, evaluating it, then sending it down the road to the first qualified home. Not only are we invested in the horses and take personal responsibility for every horse we place, but we also want to show the donor of that horse that we did our best to place it in a good home, and have photos, stories and updates that they can see anytime they want to email or hop on our forum and Facebook page. 

While we know some of our adopters get sick of hearing us ask for photos and updates, we only ask because we care and because the donors care, the people who knew the horse care, the people who donate their hard-earned money to keep MHWF going care. That is why we always ask for updates and photos. Some of you will read this and smile, knowing that you are one of the adopters that not only takes great care of your adopted horse, but also shows the courtesy of sending in a photo or update once in a while. A couple minutes a few times a year to simply share a story or a photo goes a long way to making a lot of people happy and comfortable with their choice to donate a horse to MHWF and reflects well on the job MHWF does in matching horses with adopters.

If you donated a horse that you could no longer keep for whatever reason, wouldn’t you appreciate an update or photo once in a while? Please consider that when adopting from any program. The paperwork and picking up the horse is only a small part of the adoption. The rewards of that adoption come after the horse is in its new home and those little rewards are every bit as important as the rest. Please consider this when adopting from MHWF or any program, whether it be a dog, cat, horse, keep in mind that someone loved this animal before you and your simple photo can make someone’s day.

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