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Donna R
I'm so happy to hear about this wonderful match for this sweet, gorgeous horse!  Congratulations Dave and Willow.  Please send updates from time to time.  Getting a horse to trust after a horrific past can be the most rewarding experience.  You sound like the perfect person to get Willow to where she is meant to be.
Another wonderful match!! Congratulations!!
Since Dave doesn't like the computer thought I'd give you an update. We walked Willow and my old Mare Mariah (pasture mates) on the trail Sunday. Willow was a champ and though she was looking around she was not the least Bit worried. Granted my old Mare is the ultimate dont give a rats ass kind of horse, I have to give Dave and Willow their props. She trusts him and was happy for the walk. Kind of cute now because Willow is glued to Mariah for now. FYI, Mariah is 33 yrs o.d and is the lowest status horse in her herd and pretty much avoids most horses ' cause she's old,been there and does't care. She is being a good mentor to Willow until she works her way up in the herd. Only 6 horses in the pasture and Willow has already given one geldings his walking papers. Lol
Dave took Willow on her first ever trail ride this morning. What a wonderful horse she is. No spooks, no refusals, went down a steep hill and was was o.k. With my big TWH right behind her. She and Dave are a good match. He switched her bit and she seems happier as well.
Donna R
Thanks for the update on Willow.  It is great to hear what a wonderful match she and Dave are for each other!
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