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Willow - 14 yrs.

$500 - Willow is a 14 year old buckskin QH mare. She stands at 15 hands tall and is strikingly beautful.. She is current on all her shots, a brand new Coggins, de-wormed and just had all her 2017 vaccinations. Although she has had a great life the past 8 years or so, Willow has a past full of abuse and neglect and because of that, she will need a rider/handler who is experienced, confident and patient. This is not a beginners horse and we will not entertain inquiries from young or green riders. Willow is trained English/Dressage and has been used for arena work. We have a great deal more information on this wonderful mare, and will share that information with the right person, who has experience working with horses that have had bad experiences who can work with her and not against her. She is polite, sweet, obviously very good looking and needs a partner to bond with and trust. Willow was being ridden twice per week by her trainer until coming to MHWF.

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Don and Marianna
What a beautiful buckskin !!!   Would be very flashy in the show ring.... 
Leslie V
And WOW squared!  Another beauty!!
Nice looking horse. I'm sure she will find someone who understands her and is calm and patient.
I'm in LOVE!![love]. But she wouldn't be good horse for my because I'm not the most patient person LOL[crazy] I need a lazy horse,like a fat pony[biggrin]
Well hello beautiful.....
Sandy K
She is absolutely beautiful !
What a stunner!  Such an absolutely beautiful face, with an expressive eye.  Wow.
Very pretty - I bet she don't stay long
I just wanted to share a picture here of Willow since we were a little concerned as how she would react when her friend Abby, the Morgan mare, left for her new home.  Willow looked for a couple of minutes, but went right back to pasture and her buddies right away with no concerns at all.  We are very happy about how Willow has settled in here already!  

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Wow...that was easy!  

Update 6/5/2017:  

We are happy to report that Willow continues to do great and she has integrated into the herd here beautifully!  Willow now has multiple friends in the herd and is really loving life.  We have just patiently been letting Willow settle in before asking anything of her and letting her adjust to her friend Abby having left the herd as well.  

As mentioned in her brief bio, Willow has had some bad things happen in her past and is not for a beginner person and came with some issues.  One of her issues it sensitivity when putting things over her ears, such as halter and bridle.  Willow has made tremendous progress in this respect and Terri was able to catch Willow and put a halter on her with no problem.  That is significant because Terri has only handled Willow one other time since Willow's arrival, so it wasn't someone Willow was really very familiar with.  Terri took her time and was patient, and that went very well.  

Willow also came out this weekend and was ridden.  She did very, very well with her rider who had the confidence that Willow needs.  Willow was able to be bridled the regular way with putting the headstall up over her ears.  Patience, and it wasn't that big of a deal.  We do believe this is something that will be worked through when Willow has her own person and this is done time and time again (I believe Willow had the bridle put on by unbuckling and rebuckling rather than over the ears up until now).  Willow seemed a little fussy with the bit...it was the bridle and bit that came with her, but we are going to be trying a different bit with her next time out (it is a thick French link type of bit).  

Willow is a beautiful, kind and sweet mare.  She needs her own person to bond with her for once in her life, and we really hope that person is out there for her!  

Here are some pictures from Willow's time out of the pasture this weekend, 6/4/2017.  Thank you to Sherri for coming and spending the time with Willow this weekend!!  

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Willow looks pretty happy under saddle!  Beautiful girl.
Jenni O.
She is beautiful. Ooh, you can try out your lozenge bit on her...maybe she would like that better.
We will definitely try another bit.  What threw me about her not seeming to like the bit is that she came with her bridle and bit that she was supposedly used to and that is what we used.  We'll see next time how this goes and try something else.  It wasn't anything really bad, but she really didn't seem to like it.  
Love her.
Sandy K
Willow is such a beautiful mare . I was there for the weekend and got to see her being ridden . She behaved very well .
Did anyone notice that Willow got adopted?  Yes, she did!  We are so happy for Willow and her adopter, Dave!!  

Dave came up with our dear friend Mary E. to meet Willow the other day, they did great right from the start.  Dave went out in the pasture and Willow came up to him.  Dave had zero issue haltering Willow and brought her out and then they tacked up and rode and did fabulous together.  Dave and his wife own the facility where our friends Mary and Frank board their horses, and we've been there to do a photo shoot in the past.  We will probably be doing a photo shoot there again in the future as well, and I'm sure Willow will be a part of that.  Dave has lost his riding partner and has been looking for a special horse to fill in that void, and we hope that Willow is everything he dreamed of.  
Thank you for choosing adoption, Dave, and a big congratulations!  

Here is our official rainy day adoption photo from today.  Dave, you can bill me later for your modeling services.  [smile]  

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Yippie!! Nothing makes a rainy day better than a great adoption.
It had to be love at first sight, for both!!  Happy riding days Dave. [biggrin]
Congratulations to Dave & Willow!
Lisa B.
Oh happy day!
Sounds like a great match! I like how he color coordinated the shirt and halter.
I'm not a Karma expert or even a half assed expert but Willow allowed Dave to handle her and she almost buried her head in his chest right away. He had no issues bridling her and she was so patient while she was tacked up,despite our human fumble fingers. Today she loaded well and had a quiet ride home. Feeling like a proud mom but I think this gal is going to have a great life at Little Lake with a super guy and horseman. She's not mine but I'm looking forward to spending many hours with her as she transitions to a trail horse and lives in the best stable ever. If you ever want to go to sleep with a smile you just have to have a day like this.
Jenni O.
Congratulations! I noticed the shirt and halter too.
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