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Link to adoption application:  

Willow is a 14-year-old mare (2004), Pinto (Quarter Horse type) who stands around 14.3-15 hands.  Willow has had some handling in her past, but has been basically unhandled for quite a few years and was never trained to ride.  

Willow is part of a herd of 13 horses that included 4 stallions (who are recently gelded) that the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation took responsibility for and ownership of when the owner could no longer care for them. Willow was never trained to ride and has just been out to pasture over the years.  Willow has tons of potential and we are all thrilled that she has been accepted into the Trainers Challenge and being given such a great second chance in life.  

Willow left today with Brianna for the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge!  They will begin their journey of training, and the event finale takes place at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Park on September 22, 2018.  Willow will be up for adoption at the event!  Please watch the progress through the 90 days of training that Willow and Brianna have embarked upon, and we sure hope you come out to see all of the wonderful horses at the event!  You can get your adoption applications in now.  

Willow had all of her vetting done during the herd vetting on June 13 and 14, and left the MHWF farm with her current Coggins, vaccinations, deworming, hoof trimming and she had an ultrasound to ensure that she was not pregnant as well.  

We are very excited to watch Willow blossom with her trainer, Brianna!  



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Lisa B.
Yay for Willow and Brianna!
How exciting it will be to watch their journey!
We will be posting updates on Willow right here on her thread, but she also now has a Facebook page to follow too!  


or click here

Brianna was on vacation this past week, but we will be hearing an update from her soon!  
Note and pictures from Willow's trainer, Brianna:  

"Sorry to keep you all waiting for an update on miss Beautiful Willow! After picking her up Monday, I got her settled in to her new home for the next 3 months and headed to Ohio for a wedding where I was this entire week! So miss Willow got a nice chance to settle in! I finally got to play with her a bit last night just to get to know her a bit! Shes relaxed amazingly from the day we picked her up! Showed a ton of potential for a lot of different things, she's pretty athletic! Very excited to see where this girl goes!"  

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Update: 9-1-2018

$400 - Unfortunately Willow had to drop out of the Midwest Rescue Horse Trainers Challenge. This news is very disappointing, but she did get some good training right up until she came back to MHWF. She is now easy to catch, leads, loads, halters, picks up her feet, takes her shots and wormers, etc. She is ready to begin some saddle training. Willow is here at MHWF looking for her new home with someone who can take her the rest of the way and teach her to be a good saddle horse. She is sound, healthy, well-behaved, easy going and gets along really well in the herd. She is a nice horse and has a great start for someone looking to teach her to ride.

Even though Willow is not going to be in the Trainers Challenge, she does have some exciting news to share.  We will share that in the next couple of days.  She is not adopted, but the news is almost as exciting as that!  For now, Willow says hello!  

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Hello, Willow!!  Cant wait to hear the exciting news!

Update: 9-13-2018

Willow will be going to Anna F. for more training today and will be made available once her training is done. Anna has done an excellent job with every horse we have ever sent her and we are excited about her training and being able to make her available for adoption once she is ready.  This was made possible by very kind and generous supporters, Donna and Len, and we can't thank them enough!!!  

Jan N
Donna, Len,

Thank you so sooo sooooooo much!  This is truly teamwork we are seeing here to get these various "need more training" horses what they need to find permanent homes. YOU TWO ROCK !!
Had a feeling that was the news
Anna WI
The girls are reunited. Welcoming Willow into the herd.

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Sue J
I can't wait to see what Anna does with Willow! Thank you Anna for doing this and of course Donna & Len for making it possible!
What a wonderful thing for Len and Donna to do! Anna will make such a positive impact on Willow's future! Win-Win!! Thanks to all!!

Anna had Kendal and her friend handle Willow and Faith for the obstacle course they have and they both did great!  (learning to trust other people)  

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Donna M
Anna is a gem hidden up here in the north woods! She will be key to Willow’s future adoption. What a wonderful opportunity in large part made possible a great couple. Thanks Len and Donna!
Big Thanks to Donna, Len and Anna!  Cant wait to see how things go with Willow! Great pics of the reunion as well.
Anna WI
I know everyone always likes to hear how a horse is progressing so Willow experienced a rider tonight. Had Jesse help encourage her to move but there was no funny business. She seems to be a very sensitive horse to stimulus so we did have a fair amount of bucking and overeactions to ropes around her during prep work. Tonight was a far cry better that her session yesterday so I'm happy to report positive progress with her. No pictures because we were doing this as the sun was just about gone.
Anna WI
1 week out and I have 3 rides on her. She's very sensitive and a little reactive at times but she has done just fine with me being on her back. I've kept it to our round pen for now but hope I can get her into the arena soon. Tonight is was cold and dreary but I wasn't able to work her last night so had to tonight. So far she walks and trots with a little encouragement.

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Anna WI
Willow is now walking and trotting fairly well under saddle. 5 rides so far. Still a little goosey at times but getting less reactive each session.

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I'm so thrilled with how well you two are doing!  

I have to add these picture too.  😉  

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Anna WI
Willow is progressing. Still patching up a few holes in her foundation but she seems to remember each lesson. She almost lost me the other day during a ride after she slipped and freaked herself out which resulted in her head never coming up as she started hopping. We don't have the lope down yet due to a wet arena but she walk, trots, is starting to back and I'm getting control over her shoulders and hips. She's very good at side passing on the ground so it's no surprise she's picking it up well under saddle. She is content to walk and really hasn't been fazed by much. The neighbor kid and his friend were obnoxiously riding their dirt bikes past us the other night but she could have cared less. Our arena is right next to the road. I know the other gal who was working with her mentioned buddy sour issues but I'm not noticing any.
Scott: MHWF
We really appreciate the updates Anna, thank you! it is the updates that will get her adopted. 

In the meantime, if there are people out there who will be interested in her once her training is complete, get in touch with us because that time will come soon!
Anna WI
Sticky feet and sensitive sides resulted in me being pitched last night and almost coming off a day prior when trying to lope. Talked with my mentor and she suggested getting out of the arena so Willow had a little more reason to move out and we finally had a successful canter. I hadn't realized until tonight that with her sensitive sides, additional leg pressure was too much for her. I took extra time to desensitize her sides to my legs and then paid closer attention to my position and we finally loped for more than 2-3 strides out a wide open hay field. This was ride #10 I think and the first time outside of an enclosure. We had a very nice, freeing ride!

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Scott: MHWF
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