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Congratulations on the canter!  It is always a win when you get it!  
Anna WI
The weather over the last week has been less than spectacular so Willow had a full week off. I'm excited to say, the week off resulted in the best session thus far!! Oh, and she remembered the loping lesson and was eager to do it without getting bunched up. My tail bone is very sensitive yet but thankfully riding is one thing that doesn't hurt odd enough. Tonight I let her graze before leaving the field for a job well done.

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I think horses enjoy time off just like we do!  Glad she came back into work so nicely and remembered her lessons.
Anna WI
We've been catching up on rides since having 2 weeks of horrible weather and this girl is coming around!!
Anna WI
Willow went on her first little trail ride last night. Was a little concerned about what might jump out behind her but overall not too bad. Loose rein the whole time. We had partridge fly out from next to us 4 different times and she barely batted an eye. Walked over the bridge going over the river and didn't care either. Ill be bringing her back this weekend and I really hope someone will give her a chance.

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Update: 10-21-2018

Willow is now back from training and Anna did an excellent job with her, mellow, leads, loads, ties, stand for the farrier, not to mention rides, walk, trot, canter very well. We can now make Willow available for adoption and someone with a little experience is going to get a really nice, laid back, healthy horse with some very good training.


As it says above, Willow is back at MHWF and now the journey to find her person begins!  Anna did such a fabulous job with her and Anna was also kind enough to not only deliver Willow back to us, but also stuck around and rode Semper and also rode Willow.  We got some video of both and I will get to posting Semper's video soon.  

Willow is coming along sooooooo nicely, and she is one of the sweetest horses you could ever want to meet.  Here is a video of Willow being ridden, her first time in our indoor arena.  

This was just roughly 30 days training. In a new environment, what a rock star!
Willow did awesome in the arena!  Good job, Anna!
Anna WI
Anyone out there interested in this girl? She has an excellent start and winter is the perfect time to build a relationship with her! I honestly miss riding her and having her around!
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